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Unit 2 Colours and Clothes

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Unit 2 Colours and Clothes

(lesson 9--12)

一. New words

black tea(红茶), green tea(绿茶), white house(白宫), green hand(新手)

1. colour→ color 颜色n. colours e.g. The colour of my car is red. 涂颜色 adj. Colour this picture, please.

2. orange→ (橘子)n.\(桔色)adj.

3. paper→ 可数名词: 试卷 papers

不可数名词: 纸

a piece of paper; two pieces of paper

4. rose→ roses→ Rose 罗斯(人名)

5. chair→ sit on a chair; sit in an armchair

6. black黑色→ Black布莱克; white白色→ White怀特

brown棕色→ Brown布朗; green绿色→ Green格林

7. umbrella→ an umbrella → two umbrellas → an X-ray

8. favourite→ favorite :adj.\n.

e.g. My favourite colour is orange.

This book is my favourite.

9. desk: 有抽屉的 table: 无抽屉的

e.g. He is at table(他在吃饭). He is at the table.(他在桌子旁吃饭)

10. walk = on foot ≠ on feet (找学生示范动作,两脚同时抬起,着地,象僵尸)

walk to … = go to … on foot

e.g. I walk to school. = I go to school on foot.


11. close (v.) →同义词shut (v.) →反义词open(v.)

closed (adj.) → 反义词open (adj.)

12. classroom→ classmate→ classmates

13. write (v.) → 同音词 right writer(n.)作家

二. Text

L 9. Red, Yellow, Blue

1. 问颜色: What colour is\are …?

It’s\They’re …(问颜色, 颜色前一般不加冠词, 颜色相间用and 连接) e.g. What colour is\are the book\books?

It’s\They’re yellow and blue.

2. like(v.): ① like sb.\sth. 喜欢某人某物

② like to do sth. 喜欢做某事

③ like doing sth. → V.+ing(动名词)喜欢做某事

like 后不能直接接动词

e.g. I like banbans.

I like to play football.

I like swimming.

3. 动词的一般现在时:

一般现在时, 一, 二, 复动原, 否定加don’t, 疑问do提前;

一般现在时, 三单加s(es), 否定加doesn’t, 疑问does 要提前.

e.g. They like red pen.

They don’t like red pen.

Do they like red pen?


She likes red pen.

She doesn’t like red pen.

Does she like red pen?

4. This is a red rose. → This rose is red.

L10. Pink, Orange, Purple, Green

1. What are they? \ What is it?(他们是什么?\它是什么? 其中they和 it指物) What are you? = What is your job? = What do you do?

What is he\she? = What is his\her job? = What does he\she do?


2. How many colours do you like?

How many colours does he\she like?

3. with 用法小结: a.用……




I walk to school Jenny.


B.with C.too

L11. Black, White, Brown

划问) What is your favourite colour? =What colour do you like best? (三单转换练习)


划问) What colour is the shirt?

3. My favourite colour is brown. (同义句) Brown is my favourite colour. 单数句型变复数规则

a. this → these, that → those;

he\she\it → they, I → we;

b. am, is → are;

c. 单数名词 → 复数名词;

d. a\an 要去掉(可加some或any)

L12. How many?

1. 祈使句→ 主语一般是你,你们(省略)

肯定形式: V. 原+ N.

否定形式: Don’t (Do + not) +V.原 + N.

1. 2. 3. (not be) late!


一. New words:

1. skirt → mini skirt, short skirt

2. new → old → young

3. from: be from=come from(来自于……)

4. no → know


5. whose: 谁的,对物进行提问

e.g. Whose hat is this?= Whose is this hat?

划问) Whose car is this?\Whose is this car?

6. see: 看见, 强调看的结果 e.g. I can see you.

look at: 看,强调看的过程 e.g. Look at me.

watch: 观看\观察 e.g. Watch TV.

1. Don’ 7. a pair of: 一双, 一对 + 名词复数

a pair of pants\trousers\shoes\shorts\socks\glasses\gloves

8. clothes: 本身即为复数

9. the same +单数名词→ 相同的,同一的

e.g. We are in the same class.

10. 在具体的某一天用on

e.g. on Sunday\Monday\Tuseday\Wednesday\Thursday\Friday\Saturday

11. 在星期几的早上,中午,晚上也用on

e.g. on Sunday morning\afternoon\evening

12. 在早上,中午,晚上用in

e.g. in the morning\afternoon\evening

二. Texts:

L13. Skirt and shirt


1. Is it new or old?

选择疑问句: a. or连接

b. or两边同类单词

c. 前升or 后降

d. 不能用yes或no回答,择其一回答 e.g. Is it red or yellow? It’s red.

2. 一般疑问句: a. 助动词,是动词,情态动词开头

b. 声调

c. 必须用yes或no回答

e.g. Is it red? Yes, it is.\No, it isn’t. L14. Dress and hat

1. whose≠who’s

whose→ 对物提问; who’s→对人提问

2. too: 太; 也

太: a. too + adj. 太……

b. too + adj. + for sb. 对某人来说太……

c. too + adj. + to do sth. 太……而不能…… 也: a. too肯定句句尾 e.g. I like this hat, too.

b. either否定句句尾 e.g. I don’t like this hat,either. c. also肯定句句中 e.g. I also like this hat.

3. I see.= I understand.

L15. Shorts, pants, shoes, socks

1. 复习a pair of用法


Is there a pair of socks on the bed?


2. me too ≠ I too

3. same: A and B are the same. A和B一样.

A and B look the same. A和B看起来很像.

The same to you. 你也一样.

4. wear: 表示穿着的状态

put on: 强调穿的动作

in +颜色: 指穿着什么颜色的衣服. e.g. The girl in red.

5. 现在进行时: 现在正在进行的动作或发生的事情.

结构: be + V.ing

V.ing 变法: a. 直接 + ing e.g. looking washing drinking

b. 去e + ing e.g. closing taking making

c. 双写辅音字母 + ing e.g. sitting running putting

特殊: show - showing play – playing buy – buying

标志词: listen, look, now


肯定: 主 + be + V.ing (be: am is are) e.g. I am swimming now.

否定: 主 + be + not + V.ing (be: am is are) e.g. I am not swimming now.

一般疑问: be + 主 + V.ing (be: am is are) e.g. Am I swimming now? 特殊疑问: W词 + be + 主 + V.ing (be: am is are)

e.g. Where am I swimming? What am I doing?


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