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Module 1 My classmates
Unit 3

Language in use

要说明自己身份,年龄,身体状况 的时候,应该怎么说呢?
1. 我是一个学生。 I am a student.

2. 我12岁。 I am twelve.
3. 我身体很好。 I am very well.

从中不难看出,如果你要说明现在的状 态,就可以用am, is, are。
当主语是____ I 时,be 用 am; he, she, it, 名词单数 时,be用is; 当主语是____________________ we, you, they,名词复数 时,be用are。 当主语是_____________________

be的一般现在时的否定句式和疑问句式是 什么呢?请看下面的句子。
1. I am not Chinese.
2. He is not (isn’t) an English boy. 3. We are not (aren’t) from America. 4. Are you Chinese? 5. Is he an English boy? 6. Are you from America?

你能总结出动词be的一般现在时的构 成吗?

动词be的一般现在时 定义:

肯定句: 主+ be

is are +…

否定句: 主 + be + not + … 一般疑问句: Be +主+…? Yes, 主 + be. No, 主 + be + not. 特殊疑问句: 特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句?

be动词包括“am”, “is”, “are”三种形式。 第一人称单数(I)配合am来用。 句型解析:I am+… I am Snoopy. I am ten years old. I am a student. I am a boy.

第二人称(you)配合are使用。 句型解析:You are+… You are my good friend. You are a good person. You are beautiful.

第三人称单数(he /she / it)配合is使用。

句型解析:She(He, It) is +…

She is a good girl. She is so cute. She is tender.

人称复数 (we /you/they)配合are使用。 句型解析:We (You, They) are +…

We are in Class 5, Grade 7. They are my friends. You are good students.

1. Peter is from New York and he’s _________ American (美国人) . read 读) English books in the morning. 2. We ____( given name(名) is Liwei. 3. Yang Liwei’s _____ 4. Sunday is the f____ irst day of the week.

rom 5. Where is your father f_____?
6. Please p_______ ractise English every day. It’s very important.

1. Daming and I ____ are (be) friends. 2. I’m from China _____ and I’m Chinese _______.(China)

3. Lingling is not from England ________ and she isn’t _______ English .
(English) My (I) teacher is from America. 4. _____ a teacher (teacher) and we are________. 5. He is ________ students (student)

三、用be动词的适当形式填空。 1. My mother __________ a teacher. is 2. Your sister _________ ten years old. is are 3. His students _________ all in the classroom.

are good friends. 4. You and I _______
am 5. I _______ from Guangdong. 6. Lucy _____ is an English girl. 7. She _____ is in Class Two this year. are our Chinese teacher this term. 8. You _____

1. 写一篇介绍自己的小短文,用词恰当,词

2. 熟记本模块的单词。


ng is better than saying. 与其挂在嘴边,不如落在行动上。

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