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Colour: Purple Size: Large

1. What colour is it? 2. What size do you take? 3. How much is it?

1. What are they?
2. How much are they?

3. How many do you take?

1. What are they? 2. How much are they?




Look at the title of the passage. Think about the questions about online shopping. advantage anyone anything anywhere compare everything pay post product receive safe several

1. What can you buy? I can buy almost everything. Such as clothes, tickets, a mobile phone, and a computer. 2. How do you pay for it? I pay over the Internet. 3. How is it changing our lives? We don’t need to go to the shops to buy thing.

4. Is it good or bad? It is good.

Fast reading.
Read and match the main idea of each paragraph. Paragraph 1 How is the online shopping changing our lives? disadvantages of online shopping several advantages of online shopping how to shop on the Internet

Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3
Paragraph 4

Careful reading.
Read Paragraph 1 and fill in the blanks.

You can buy almost everything on easy the Internet, and it’s very _______. choose First, you _________ something and pay for then _______ ______ it. You receive ___________ it a few days later by ______. post

Careful reading.
Read Paragraph 2 & 3 and complete the table.

Shopping online
(The shops are always open.)
Second, you can save lots of money and time.

or try the clothes on.
2.Paying over the Internet isn't always safe.

First, you can shop at any time. 1.Can not see the product

Read Paragraph 4 and answer.
How is the online shopping changing our lives?
1.One day no one will go to the shops any more, because you’ll be able to buy anything on the Internet. 2. You will be able to reverie it anywhere in the world at any time.

Let’s enjoy watching and check the true sentences. 1. Online shopping is a new way of shopping. T 2. You pay for online shopping before you T receive it. F easy 3. Online shopping is very difficult. 4. It’s It’s very not safe to shop over the Internet. F 5. Our way of life is changing because of online shopping. T

Complete the passage with the words from the box.
later out pay receive Internet shopping is easy. You buy something online, you (1) pay ___ for it, then a few days (2)____ later you (3) _______ it by receive post. But going ( 4) ___ and out shopping with friends is much more fun!

Complete the table.
Shopping online Advantages Disadvantages ?quick ?easy ?can buy almost everything … ?can’t see things first ?not safe to pay over the Internet ?less fun …

Write sentences describing the

advantages with first and second.
First, you can shop at any time…

Second, …

First, you can shop at any time. The

shops are always open. Second,
shopping usually takes a lot of time. But to shop on the Internet you only need a computer and a mouse! You can also compare the prices of the same product and spend a lot…or save money.

Now write sentences desc

ribing the disadvantages. Introduce the first disadvantages with but. But many people like going out… But many people like going out and shopping with friends. They don’t like shopping on the Internet because they can’t see the product or try the clothes on. Also paying over the Internet isn’t always safe.

1. Second, shopping usually takes a lot of time. 其次,购物通常需要花很多 时间。 take, spend, cost和pay的用法区别: spend, take, cost和pay都可以表示 “花费”,但用法却不尽相同。

1) take后面常跟双宾语, 常见用法有 以下几种: It takes sb. +时间+to do sth. 做某 事花了某人多少时间。例: It took them three years to build this road. 他们用了三年时间修完了这条路。

2) spend的主语必须是人, 常用于以 下结构: (1) spend time/money on sth. 在……上花费时间(金钱)。例: I spent two hours on this maths problem. 这道数学题花了我两个小时。

(2) spend time/money (in) doing sth. 花费时间(金钱)做某事。例: They spent two years (in) building this bridge. 造这座桥花了他们两年 时间。 (3) spend money for sth. 花钱买……例: His money was spent for books. 他的钱用来买书了。

3) cost的主语是物或某种活动, 还可 以表示“值”, 常见用法如下: (1) sth. costs (sb.) +金钱,某物花了 (某人)多少钱。例: A new computer costs a lot of money. 买一台新电脑要花一大笔钱。

(2) (doing) sth. costs (sb.) +时间,某物 (做某事)花了(某人)多少时间。 例: Remembering these new words cost him a lot of time. 他花了大量时间才记住了这些单词。

4) pay的基本用法是: (1) pay (sb.) money for sth. 付钱(给某 人)买……。例: I have to pay them 20 pounds for this room each month. 我每个月要付20英磅的房租。

(2) pay for sth. 付……的钱。例: I have to pay for the book lost. 我不得不赔丢失的书款。 (3) pay for sb. 替某人付钱。例: Don’ t worry! I'll pay for you. 别担心, 我会给你付钱的。

中考链接: 1. It took me two weeks ________ B reading the novels written by Guo Jingming. (2012广东) A. finish B. to finish C. finishes D. finishing

2. I enjoy playing computer games, but I can’t ________ too much time B _______ that. (2012广东梅州) A. take; doing B. spend; doing C. spend; for doing D. take; to do

3. — I’ve shown you all the interesting and important places of our school. B — Thank you for _______so much time. (2012湖北荆州) A. taking B. spending C. costing D. having 4. Cathy spend a lot of money on her son’s study. (2012湖北黄冈) A. cost; about B. took; for C. spent; in D. D paid; for

2. Online shopping is changing our way of life. 网上购物正在改变我们的生活方式。 way在这里表示“方式,方法”,它还 可以表示“道路,路线”,例如: I don’t know the

way to the post office. 我不认识去邮局的路。

一、翻译下列短语: online shopping 1.网购 __________________ everything 2.几乎所有的东西 almost ________________ on the Internet 3.在网上 __________________ choose something 4.选择一些东西 __________________ pay for 5.支付 __________________ a few days 6.几天 __________________

by post 7.通过邮递 __________________ several advantages 8.几个缺点 __________________ at any time 9.在任何时候 __________________ take a lot of time 10.花费一些时间 __________________ compare the prices of 11.对比……的价格 ________________ the same product 12.同样的产品 __________________ spend a lot 13.花钱 __________________

save money 14.节约钱 __________________ like going out 15.喜欢外出 __________________ try the clothes on 16.试穿衣服 __________________ paying over the Internet 17.网上支付 __________________ change one’s way of life 18.改变生活方式 __________________ not… any more 19.不再 __________________ be able to 20.能够 __________________

二、完成句子: 1. 网购是一种新的购物方式。 ______________ Online shopping is a new way shopping. 2. 很容易在网上买到几乎所有的东西。 It’s very easy to ____________________ buy almost everything on the Internet.

3. 你可以对比同一产品的价格。
You ___________ can comparethe prices of the same product. 4. 网上支付不总是安全的。 Paying over the Internet isn’t always _______ _____. safe

5. 你可以在世界上的任何地方收到它。 You will ________________ be able to receive it anywhere

in the world.
6. 你在买这件上衣之前应该试穿。

You should _______ try on the coat before
buying it.

Write a paragraph about shopping at a supermarket. Begin like this: Supermarket shopping is not difficult. First, you choose the things on your shopping list… List the advantages. List the disadvantages. Finish like this: Shopping at a supermarket is fun.

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