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Module3 Making plans
Unit2 We’re going to cheer the players.

Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and answers. —What are you going to do at the weekend? —I/She/He/It/They am/is/are going to…

play computer games

go over lessons


What are you looking forward to? 你正期待着什么?
? 注: 句中to 是介词 ?look forward to + 名词/动词-ing 期待某事/期待做某事

I’m looking forward to…

the Great Wall

I am looking forward to visiting the Great Wall .

I_____________________ am looking forward to visiting the Forbidden City.

Hong Kong 香港

Iam ___________________ looking forward to visiting Hong Kong and shopping there.

the Dragon Boat Festival

are looking forward to We _____________________ the Dragon Boat Festival.


am looking forward to ___________ I ______________________ going to Disneyland _______ because I like Mickey Mouse.

1 Listen, read the passage and match the people with the pictures.
① A ② ③



2 Check (√) what they’re going to do.
watch a football match spend time with family and friends go on a summer camp collect litter

Zhang Sijia


√ √

√ √

stay with an Australian family meet other football fans

3 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.
Tomorrow. 2 What does Martin hope? He hopes his favourite team win the match. 3 Why is it going to be a busy holiday for Zhang Sijia? Because she’s going to do a lot of things during the Holiday.

1 When is Martin going to watch a football match?

4 Why is this summer holiday going to be different for Lucy? Because she’s going on a summer camp in Sydney, Australia.

5 Who is Lucy going to stay with?
Lucy is going to stay with an Australian family.

Language points
1. look forward to + n. / v.-ing 期待某事/期待做某事 如: 我们期待去参观香港。 We are looking forward to visiting Hong Kong. 我期待你的到来。

I am looking forward to your coming.

2.make friends with sb. 与某人交朋友 3. I’m going to enjoy myself during the May Day holiday.

enjoy myself 的意思是“过的愉快”,=have a good time. 如:我希望你今晚过的愉快。 I hope you enjoy yourself this evening.

4. we’re going to take a walk in the country or go swimming. 我们将去乡下散步或者游泳。 take a walk 散步,英语中,常用take/have + n,组成词组,表示一个动作。如:

have a look 看一看 take a seat 请坐下 take a chance 抓紧机会 take a walk 散步 还可以是: have breakfast/lunch/supper 等

5. We’re also going sightseeing and going to have a picnic on the beach. 我们也在海滩上游览、野餐。 go sightseeing
= do dome sightseeing观光游览

类似结构: go shopping go washing

go swimming go running

6. Usually I spend the summer holiday at home.
(1) spend time /money on sth. 在?上花费时间/金钱。


两个小时。 I spent two hours on this maths problem.
(2) spend time /money (in) doing sth. 花费时间 (金钱)做某事。 例:造这座桥花了他们两年时间。

They spent two years (in) building this bridge. (3)spend money for sth. 花钱买??。 例:他的钱用来买书了。 His spent his money for books.

(1) take 常用it作主语。It takes sb. time to do sth. 如: It took me three hours to finish my work.完成这项工作用了 我3个小时。 (2) spend 则用人作主语,常用的句型是“sb. spends time (in) doing sth.”。 He spent 30 minutes (in) writing the letter.他用了30分钟写那 封信。 (3) cost 表示花时间 句型“It /sth. cost sb. + 金钱”,表示 “某人花……钱做某事”。 The TV set cost him 5000 yuan.这台电视机花了他5000元。 注意:cost—cost---cost 过去式、过去分词和原形一样。 (4) pay 多用于句型 pay sth for sth

4 Complete the sentences with the correct form
of the expressions from the box.

Australian beach camp cheer collect during forward fun hope litter player sightseeing something swimming win
Martin and his friends are going to watch their cheer the favourite football team play and (1)_____ players It’s going to be great (3)___ (2)_______. fun and they (4)_____ hope their team gets the best score and winsthe match. (5)____

something with her Zhang Sijia is going to do (6)_________ family and friends on May Day. They’re going to swimming There’s a lot of take a walk or go (7)_________. litterin the park, and on 2nd May, they’re (8)____ During her summer collect it. (10)_______ going to (9)______ campand holiday, Lucy is going to a summer (11)_____ is going Australian to stay with a(n) (12)_________ family. They’re going to the (13)_____ and are going beach sightseeing She’s really looking (15)_______ (14)__________. forward to her holiday in Australia.

5 Look at the question and answer.

— Why is Martin looking forward to tomorrow? — Martin is looking forward to tomorrow because he and his friends are going to watch their favourite team play football.

1 Why is Zhang Sijia going to a park near her friend’s house? Zhang Sijia going to a park near her friend’s house because they are going to collect litter. 2 Why is this summer holiday going to be very different for Lucy? This summer is going to be very different for Lucy because she’s going on a summer camp in Sydney, Australia.

6 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.
1 What are you looking forward to this weekend? 2 What are you going to do?

3 Why are you going to do it?


go sightseeing , look forward to make friends,walk up,on the beach go sightseeing 1. Many tourists come to ________________ in

our city every year. 2. You will feel cool and comfortable when you on the beach lie _______________. look forward to 3. We _________________ getting presents from our parents during the Spring F

estival. Walk up 4. _____________ the mountain and you can see the whole city. 5. Mary often helps others,so her classmates make friends like to _______________ with her.


1. They have never been to Beijing. They’re
going there to ___. A. go swimming C. go sightseeing B. go fishing D. go cycling

2. I’m ____ my summer holiday.

A. look forward

B. looking forward to

C. looking forward to D. look forward to

3. Mary is going to___ her email this evening. A. check B. look C. watch D. see 4. Tom is looking forward to ____ the new film. A. see B. to see C. seeing D. sees 5. I’m going to see some classic movies ____ the winter holiday. A. during B. after C. before D. until


1. 星期五是Lisa的欢送会, 我结识了一些 新朋友。 It’s Lisa’s farewell party on Friday, _____ ______ at this party. make some newfriends 2. 她喜欢躺在沙滩上。 She likes to lie __ _____. on ___ the beach

3. 这周我打算好好享受我的周末。 I’m going to enjoy ____ myself ______ this weekends. 4. 今年暑假我打算去观光。 sightseeing this summer I’m going to go __ __________ holiday. 5. 她期待新的机会。 She’s looking _______ ______ __ forward to new chances.

1. Review the new words and expressions in the passage. 2. Make plans for your weekend.

Words and expressions
May May Day late walk take a walk country second collect litter fun n. 五月 五一劳动节 adv. 迟; 晚 adj. 迟的; 晚的 n. 步行, 走 散步 n. 乡下; 乡村 num. 第二 v. 收集 n. 垃圾 n. 娱乐; 乐趣

Words and expressions look forward to fan make friends shirt cheer player hope win enjoy oneself myself during 盼望 n. 迷; 支持者 交朋友 n. 球衣; (男式)衬衫 v. 为……喝彩 n. 运动员; 选手 v. 希望 v. 赢, 获胜 过得愉快 pron. 我自己 prep. 在……期间

Words and expressions summer holiday camp Australian sightseeing go sightseeing beach
暑假 n. 营地; 帐篷 adj. 澳大利亚的 n. 观光, 游览 观光 n. 海滨; 海滩

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