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Module2 What can you do? Unit1 I can play the piano.

What can you do? I can …./ I can’t ….

What can he/she do? He/She can ….

What can he/she do? He / She can….

play 和球类、 棋类 名词搭配时, 不用定冠词the play table tennis basketball volleyball football tennis cards chess

play和乐器类搭配时, 要用冠词 the. play the violin play the piano play the guitar play the drums

play Lute, Pipa弹琵琶 play Erhu 拉二胡 中国传统乐器前不 不用定冠词the

1.Match the words and expressions from the box with the pictures.
cook 4 dance 1 play table tennis 7 play the piano2 ride a bike 6 sing 5 speak Chinese 3
1 2





6 6


2. Listen and check (√)the things in Activity 1 which Tony’s dad can do.

3.Listen and read.

Now check (√ )the clubs they want to join.
Music Club Dance Club Table Tennis Food and Club Drink Club

Daming Betty

√ √


1. I’d like to join the Music Club because I can play the piano. 我想加入音乐社团是因为我会弹钢琴。 I’d like = I would like,
would like to do sth.=want to do sth 意 为“想要做某事”. join多指参加某组织、党派或社会团体, 成为其中的一个成员。

2. I like cooking, so I can join the Food and Drink Club.
Like doing sth.喜欢做某事(表示习惯性的动作) cook sth for sb. 为某人做饭,如: My father’s cooking dinner for me now. 我爸爸正在为我做饭。


3.What about you ,Betty ? what about…? = how about…?意为“……呢? ”后接名词、宾格代词或动词的-ing形式作宾语 ,用来征求意见或提出建议。如:

How about going to the park?
--- Good idea.

4. —I’d like to join the Chinese Club. I can’t speak Chinese very well. —Don’t worry about Chinese. —我想加入汉语社团。我汉语说得不好。 —别担心汉语。 想要表达说某种语言, 可以用speak + 语言。 这里 speak意思是“说, 讲(某种语言)”的意思。如: Do you speak English? 你说英语吗?

5.I think she’d like to jion the Dance Club because she can dance really well. 1)I think…变否定句时,在think 前加don’t. I don’t think she is a good student.

2) really 副词,意为“真正地”。形容词形式为 real.
3) well,此处做为副词,修饰动词。意为“好”, 它还可以做做形容词,表示“健康的”。 She is very well. 她身体很好。

6. Don’t aworry about Chinese.别担心汉语。 worry about+名词/宾格/动名词,表示 “担 心……”。Don’t worry about…意为“别担心… ”。 如: He worry about his history exam.

Don’t about about me。别为我担心。 7.We can teach you Chinese.我们可以教你汉语。 teach sb. sth.教某人… teach sb. to do sth.教某人做某事。

4. Complete the passage with the correct from of the words from the box. board cho

ose club music term

Can you cook? Join the Food and Drink (1)_______. club Can you play the piano? Join the (2) choose _______ music Club. What about dancing? (3) ______ the Dance Club. There are lots of new clubs every (4) _____ term . They’re all on the (5)_________ board and you can choose your favourite.

Pronunciation and speaking
5 Say the sentences aloud [k?n] [kɑ:nt] [k? n]

I can play the piano.
I can’t speak Chinese very well. Can you cook?

Now listen and repeat.

6. Listen and repeat.
? /i:/

Chinese she we ? /e/ egg tennis ? /i/ English

单元小结: 1.短语: play table tennis play the piano ride a bike speak Chinese on the board would like to do sth. that’s all what/how about worry about like doing sth. teach sb. sth.


1) play I can the piano.
2) I can’t speak Chinese very well. 3) Can you cook ? No, I can’t.

4) I’d like to join the music club.
5) How /What about you? 6) Don’t worry about Chinese.

? 情态动词本身有一定的语义,表示说话人的

情绪、态度或语气。没有人称和数的变化, can表示“能、会”,后接动词的原形。如: ? I can sing. ? He can swim. ? They can play football.

如:I can read. →I can’t read. 2.陈述句变一般疑问句直接把can提前。 如: She can swim. →Can she swim ? 肯定回答: Yes,主语+can. 否定回答: No,主语+can’t.

? 1、Lingling

can ride a horse. ? 2、He can speak Chinese. ? 3、Lingling and Daming can play the piano. ? 4、My father can play table tennis. ? 5、She can swim.

can not=can’t

二、把下列句子变为一般疑问句, 并作肯定和否定回答。

can ride a horse.

Can Lingling ride a horse? Yes,she can. / No,she can’t.
? 2、 I

can speak Chinese.

Can you speak Chinese? Yes,I can. / No,I can’t.

C 1、Can you play ____piano? A、a B、an C、the B 2、Can you dance? yes, I ____. A、do B、can C、 can’t B 3、Can he Write English? No,he ____ A、can B、 can’t C、does C ride a bike ,but I ____drive a car. 4、I __ A、can , can B、 can’t , can’t C、can, can’t

5、She can _____basketball . A A、play B、playing C、plays

play 1.He’d like to ________(play)football with his friends. having 2.What about ________(have) a break.

well 3.Tony can speak Chinese very_____.(good)
them 4.Miss Yao teaches ______(they) English.
5.I like singing ________(sing).

1. Can you fill in the blanks ?


1.____ you swim ? Yes, I can. 2.Can your can’t father play the piano ? No, he ______ . would 3. What club _____ you like to join ? 4. Can Lucy and Alice dance ? they Yes , _____ to can . 5. We’d like ___ join the English club .

2. Can you rewrit

e them ? 1. I can play chess .(改为一般疑问句)

Can you play chess ? 2. She can speak Chinese .(改为否定句) She can’t speak Chinese . 3. Can your brother play basketball ?(作肯定回答) Yes , he can . 4. Can Tom and Amy paint ?(作否定回答) No , they can’t .



1. I can play the p____. iano 2. She w_____ orried about her classmates last night. 3. We will take our PE exam this t____. erm 4. Which c___ lub would you like to join? 5. All the information about the programmes are written on the b____. oard

二、从方框中选出合适的词填 join dance choose piano cooking 空。
You can choose your favourite club. Can you _____? ___ the dance If you can, join piano Dancing Club. I can play the _____. It’s very interesting. If you like cooking you can join the Food and _______, Drink Club. There are English and Chinese Clubs. You can ______ choose it.

1. 你会打乒乓球吗? play table tennis Can you ____ ____ _____? 2. 那个男孩每天都弹一个小时钢琴。 The boy spends an hour _______ __ _____ playing the piano every day. 3. 我只会讲一点英语。 I can _____ speak _______ English a little. 4. 我选择我喜爱的汉语社团。 I choose my favourite _______ _______ Chinese _____. Club

5. 他一离开学校就参军了。 He joined _____ __ up after leaving school. 6. 她加入了芭蕾舞社团。她真的跳得很棒。 She join ___ the Dancing _______Club. She can _____ dance really well ____. 7. 我们可以教Sue中文。 We ___ can _____ teach Sue Chinese.

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