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八年级英语What’s the weather like

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Module Four
What’s the weather like ?
Unit 2

Practise A:What day is it today?

A:What day is it tomorrow? B:It’s...

A:My favourite day is...What day is your favourite day? B:It’s...

Let’s learn new words.
spring n. 春天 summer n. 夏天 autumn n. 秋天 (= fall ) winter n. 冬天 warm adj.暖和的,温暖的 hot adj. 热的 cool adj. 凉快的 cold adj. 冷的

weather n. 天气 like prep. 如同, 像 London 伦敦 Hong Kong 香港 Beijing 北京 New York 纽约

Let’s guess the season! 猜一猜 spring 春季
warm 温暖的

summer 夏季
hot 热的

autumn 秋季 cool

winter 冬季 cold 冷的

Ask and answer
1. What’s your favourite season? My favourite season is spring. = I like spring. Why? Because in spring, the weather is warm.

2. What’s your favourite season?

? My favourite season is summer. ? = I like summer. Why? Because I can swim in the river in summer. I like swimming. I also have a long summer holiday.

3.What’s your favourite season?
? My favourite season is autumn/ fall. ? = I like autumn/ fall. Why?
Because it’s a harvest season. It is also a cool season. I can go hiking.

4.What’s your favourite season?
? My favourite season is winter? ? = I like winter.

Because it is a snow world. The land is white. The air is very clean and fresh. I can go skating on the real ice.

1.What’s the weather like in summer, hot or cold? It’s hot in summer. 2.What’s the weather like in spring, warm or cool?

It’s warm in spring.

3.What’s the weather like in autumn, cool or warm? It’s cool in autumn.
4.What’s the weather like in winter, cold or hot? It’s cold in winter.

2. Listen and repeat.

1. It’s cool in autumn. d 2. It’s hot in summer. b
3. It’s cold in winter. a 4. It’s warm in spring. c

注: 在某个季节里 用介词in直接加 表示季节的词 Now match.

3. Listen and point

winter 冬季 cold

3. Listen again and say.

---- What’s the weather like in spring/ winter / autumn / summer/?
---It’s warm / cold / cool / hot .

注:What’s the weather like? = How is the weather? 询问天气情况如何?

Work in pairs. ---- What’s the weather like in …? ---- It’s …in…

warm It’s _______ spring in _________. hot It’s _______ summer in _________.

Work in pairs. ---- What’s the weather like in …?
---- It’s … in…

cool It’s _______ autumn in _________. cold It’s _______ winter in _________.

Let‘s chant:反复说唱
Spring ,spring,spring, Spring is warm. Summer ,summer,summer,

Summer is hot.
Autumn , autumn, autumn,

Autumn is cool.
Winter ,winter ,winter,

Winter is cold.



New York

5.Listen and write and check.
weather 1.--- What’s the_______like in London in autumn? --- It’s cool. like 2.--- What’s the weather___in New York in winter _____? --- It’s cold. What’s the weather like Hong Kong 3.--- ___________________in i

n summer? --- It’s hot. --- What’s the weather like Beijing in spring? 4 __ _________________in ___________. --- It’s warm.

Knowledge point
What’s the weather like + in + 地点 + in + 季节? = How is the weather + in + 地点 + in 季节? 如: --- What’s the weather like in Beijing in autumn? --- It’s cool. --- How’s the weather in Beijing in autumn? --- It’s cool.

Work in pairs. Ask and answer









A: What’s the Weather like in Harbin in winter?

B: It’s cold.

Harbin Haikou (winter) (summer) Beijing (spring) Shanghai (spring) Xi’an Dalian (autumn) (autumn) Lhasa拉萨 (winter) Guangzhou (spring)

hot warm cold cool


1. 单项选择 ( A) 1, What’s the weather ______ today? A: like B: on C: in D: / ( B) 2 , He will come ________ autumn. A: on B: in C: an D: a (D ) 3, --How many seasons are there in a year? ---_____________. A: One B: Two C: Three D: Four (B ) 4,--- What ______ the weather like today? ---It’s fine. A: is B: does C: do D: can (D ) 5,---“What’s the weather like in Guangzhou in summer?” ---“ It’s __________.” A: warm B: cool C: cold D: hot

2. 选词填空:walking , warm, favourite, yes, playing, football, too A: Hello, Jim. B: Hello, Lucy. It’s a fine day today! A: Yes _____, it is . It’s _______ warm in spring here. B: Do you like ___________? walking avourite Playing football is myf_________sport. A: Sorry. ________ football ____. B: Oh! I like playing ________, too Let’s play now ! A: Good idea!

1, It’s hot in Beijing in summer. (对画线部分提问) What’s______ the weather like in Beijing in summer? _______ ________ 2, cold, in, it’s , winter, New York, in (连词成句) It ’ s cold in New York in winter . ____________________________________ 3, The flowers are blue.(对画线部分提问) What _______ colour are ______ __ the flowers? 4, I can speak English. (改为一般疑问句) Canyou ______ speakEnglish? _____ 5, Is it cool in autumn?(作肯定回答) ______________________________. Yes, it is.

Home work
? 1. Listen to the tape and read Unit 2. ? 2. Finish Exercise book ( Unit 2) ? 3. Preview Unit 3.

Thank you!

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