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Unit 3 Language in use

These are my new clothes. mine The new clothes are _____.

The monkey has eight apples. The apples are _____. its

He has a gray car. His ______car is gray. The gray car is his ___.

Whose bike is this?
theirs This is ________. their This is ________ bike.

The big classroom is ours. _____ Our desks are new. That old classroom is theirs. ______ Their desks are old. What about yours?

Work in pairs. Are and answer questions.
bag camera gloves crayons eraser football wallet watch

----Whose bag is this? Is it yours? ----No, it’s not mine. It’s his.

Complete the sentences.
her hers his its mine my whose your yours
1.-- Is this _______sweater, Daming? your -- Yes, it is ? 2.-- Are these gloves ______ hers ,Betty? --Yes ,they are. 3.--whose ______ watch is this? -- It’s Tony’s. mine .Is it yours? 4.--This wallet isn’t ______ --Yes, it is .Thank you. 5.-- Tony is looking for his crayons. -- Are these ______ his ?



his its mine my whose your yours

6. -- Is this bag Betty’s?
-- No, it’s not_____ his .It’s Lingling’s. 7. --Is this the girl’s football? -- No ,it’s not______ her football? 8.--I can’t find_______ camera. my

--Where is it?
9.-- What’s the name of the dog? its --______ name is Blackie.

Match the words.
her his your our my its






ours yours


It’s my book. = It’s mine. It’s your hat. = It’s yours. It’s his jacket. = It’s his. It’s her ruler. = It’s hers. It’s its apple.=It’s its. It’s our football. = It’s ours. It’s their notebook. = It’s theirs.

形容词性的物主代词+名词 名词性的物主代词后不跟词

人称代词 I you
he she

形容词性 物主代词 my your
his her

名词性 物主代词 mine yours
his hers





一、单项填空。 1. This is my book, that one is ___. A. she B. her C. his 2. ____ pen is this? A. Whose B. Who C. Who’s 3. This is not ____bag. A. mine B. my C. he 4. ___ pencil is here, and ___ is there. A. My, he B. Mine, his C. My, his 5. That is not ____ jacket. A. yours B. hers C. his

6. ___ school is big, but ___ is much bigger than ____. A. Yours, our, your B. Your, our, your C. Your, ours, yours 7. A friend of ___ has gone to another school. A. me B. mine C. my 8. I wonder whose bike it is. It might be my__. A. neighbour’s B. neighbours’ C. neighbours 9. I’ve got a cold. I had to stay ____ yesterday. A. at the doctors’ B. at the doctor’s C. at the doctor his 10. —My watch keeps good time. What about _____? —Mine? Oh, two minutes now. A. Your B. hers C. yours

1. A: ______ jacket is this? Whose B: It’s mine _____ (我的), sir. 2. A: Is thishis ___ (他的)jacket? his B: Yes, it’s ___. yours 3. A:Whose _____ football is this? Is it _____ (你的)? B: No, it’s not mine _____. It’s ____ hers (她的). 4. A: Are theseyour ____ (你们的) books? theirs B: No, they are

n’t. They are_____ (他们的).

三、完成对话。 your (you) camera? A: Is this ____ my camera. Mine B: No, it’s not ___(I) ____ (I) is at home. A: Whose camera is it? B: Perhaps it’s Helen’s. It’s ____ hers (she). yours (you)? A: Helen, is this camera _____ C: Yes, it’s ___ my (I) camera. Thank you. A: Not at all.

Around the word
The Internet lost and found There are many lost and found websites, such as

www.lostandfound.com and www.lostbin.com .You can’t
find your dog, your cat, your favourite watch…or your brother? They can help you find them! You can search

“found items” or post your “lost items”. Go to these websites
and find your things.

Work in pairs
Student A: Think of three or four things you have lost or you can choose from the box. Describe them.
Student B: Think of five or six things you have in your lost or office or you can choose from the box. Describe them.

boat camera computer crayons duck football glove mobile phone pig wallet watch

Now ask and answer questions.
Student A: Ask Student B if they’ve got the things

you have lost. Answer question about details.
Student B: Answer questions about the things Student A has lost .Ask questions about details.

在这个模块里,你学到了什么? 1. 描述人物: 2. 人称代词和物主代词: 3. 有用的句型:

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