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深港版新教材 7年级复习题

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1. He was 2. Mike will 3. My father (go) to work by bus every day.

4. The sun outside is shining (bright.)

5. Shenzhen in the south of China.

6. I 7. I’m blind. I can’t go anywhere by 8. John woke up and 9. There are (many) people in this tall than that one.

10. We all know that smoking is


1. When I grow up. I want to be art teacher.

a.a b. the c./ d.an

2. ---Who is Tina?

a. a b. The c. An d. /

3. We don’t go to school on schools.

a. a b. An c. The d. /

4. Tom likes eatting fruit, appples, bananas, pears and grapes. a. such as b. with c. in d. Beside

5. I made this cake a. me b. myself c. ourselves d.we

6. We haven’t been to this summer.

a. somewhere b. Nowhere c. Anywhere d. Everywhere

7. The disease killled people last year.

a. millions b. millions of c. million d. million of

8. We must fight the pollution from now on.

A against b for c in d. To

9. They having supper when i came in.

a. was b. weren’t c. wasn’t d./

10. They for shanghai on Friday. Shall we go to see them off at the train station?

a. left b. were leaving c. have left d. are leaving

三. 翻译

1. 我父母总是对我要求很严格。

2. 他作业做得很慢,但你不应该嘲笑他。

3. 你能照顾好你自己吗?

4. 他想成为一名医生,但是他最终放弃了。

5. Lisa的节节让她卓很多家务活。

6. Peter的父亲是一个足球运动员。他还是一个老板。

7. 这个玻璃杯里面装满了水。

8. 我鼓励她去参加这个会议。

9. 不要忘记回了的时候买张报纸

10. 你很聪明。但是你还需要有些耐心。

11. 伦敦是英国的首都。

12. 吉姆是一个优秀的医生。

13. 巴黎以埃菲尔铁塔而闻名。

14. 香港是完美的购物之地。

15. 比起香蕉,我更喜欢苹果。

16. 明天就是星期六了,我们为什么不去动物园呢?

17. 爱丽丝上周末去滑雪了。

18. 今晚我们尝试法国菜好吗?

19. 这道题目的答案可能是B。

20. 我们在飞机上坐了十个小时,终于达到了法国。



1. Can you open 2. Can I ask question?

3. We live in old house near station.

4. Beijing is capital of China.

5. We don’t go to school on 用and, but, so 填空。

1. .The watch was cheap, it goes quite well.

2. My sister is expecting me, I must go home.

3. I have short, black hair, I wear glasses. 写出下列方位介词的汉语意思

Beside between in in front of on under

Next to above among over across


1. Do you buy food?

2. Paula hasn’t got money.


1. Look! They (ride) a horse.

2. She (play) the piano when the bell rang.

3. They (not, do) homework at 9:00.

4. Tom and his teacher (talk) over there.

5. What you to do ?


Little a little few a few lots of a lot of plenty of any

Mustn’t needn’t can’t shouldn’t may shall must need

改写下列句子为what 引导的感叹句

1. The ship is big.

2. These people are very brave.

3. Tom has strong arms.

改写下列句子为how 引导的感叹句。

1. This film is very good.

2. He works very hard.

3. It is a beautiful city.

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