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一、1. B.2.C. 3. A.4. A. 5. B.

二、1. A. 2. A. 3. B. 4.C. 5. B.

三、1.C. 2. C. 3. A. 4. B. 5. A.


四、1.√ 2. ×3.√ 4. ×5. ×6. 7.√ 8. √9. √10. ×

五、A)1. quiet2. New/young3. Mrs. 4. who’s 5.so many

B).1. 在将来 2. on the right 3. flying a kite 4. each other 5. 向……学习

六、1. A.2. D. 3. A. 4.C. 5. C. 6.D.7.A. 8. B. 9.B. 10A.

七、1. dancer, dances2. do,shopping3. farmers 4.singer, sings5. writer,writes6. interested 八、1.A→my2.B→does3.B→help 4. B→on the left 5.A→How


1. Let me introduce my parents to you./Let me introduce you to my parents. .

2. She wants to be a dancer like her mother.3. What is your dad?

4. The girl on the right is my sister.5. Do you love your father and mother?

6. Do you know the boy with long hair?7. Where does he come from?

8. What a good-looking boy he is!9. The old woman looks friendly.10. Does she like flying a kite? 十、1. These are books.

2. Is this an English book?

3.This boy is nine.

4. Are these their spoons ?

5. That book is yours.

6. Is Tom in Class One, Grade Five ?

7. What’s that uncle ?

8. My name is Jim Green .(同义句)

十一、1.F 2.T 3. T4. T5. T


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