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Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15,1452 in Italy. He is best known as artist today. One of his famous paintings is called Mona Lisa.However,Leonardo had many other natural abilities. He was Also a great inventor. Many of his inventions have become important in modern day life.

素描]we can see several objects. We consider them as modern flying machines.

Leonardo spent many hours thinking about how to make good use of time. He developed ideas for labor-saving machines like cutting machines.

Leonardo was a strange man. He didn't eat any meat, which was unusual in those times. He never published[发表] his ideas and scientific discoveries. He usually used mirror writing, which looks like writing in a mirror,starting from the right side of the page and moving to the left.

We have very little of his work today. Leonardo finished only a few of his paintings. He left many unfinished because he thought they were not perfect. No one in his life time knew how great Leonardo was. We now believe, however, that he

76. . A.an inventor

D.a musician

77. inventor.

A. The mirror writing D. The flying machine

78.Leonardo was strange, for example, A.he didn't eat any vegetables B.he usually used mirror writing

C.he liked to publish his discoveries D.he enjoyed drawing flying machines

79. Leonardo invented some machines to .

A.stop the war B.help paint pictures C.watch the birds D.make good use of time

80. From the passage, we can learn that Leonardo was very .

A.humorous B.serious C.clever D.lonely


Some people have a very poor sense of direction. Unlucky , I am one of them. I have visited a place many times but I may still get lost there the next time.

When I was a little girl, I never dared ask strangers the way. And so I used to walk round in circle and hope that by chance I would get to the place I was going to. Now , I am no longer too shy to ask people for directions, but I often receive helpless or even wrong information. So I try to avoid giving people wrong directions. If anyone asks me the way somewhere, I would say,"sorry, I am a stranger here."

Once on my way to work I was stopped by a man. He asked me if I could tell him the way to the Friendship

Building. I gave him my usual reply. But just as I walked on only a few steps. I realized that he had asked the way to my office building. However, I had no time to turn back and look for him. I was rushing to meet with someone at my office and I didn't want to keep him waiting.

When I just got to my office, the secretary showed in the man who had asked me for directions. Imagine how 81. The writer always refuses to give people directions because .

A.she's a strange to the city B.she doesn't know the people

C.she has no time to help others D.she's afraid of giving wrong directions.

82. A man stopped the writer on the way to .

A.sell her something B.ask for the time C.make friends with her D.ask for the directions. 83. The Friendship Building is the place where the writer .

A.lives B.studies C.works D.teaches

84. in the last paragraph means " " .

A.尴尬 B.困惑 C.激动 D.拮据

85. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The writer is too shy to give others directions The writer has a very poor sense of directions

B. The writer never got lost when she was young

C. The man was quite nervous when he saw the writer.



In our life, we may meet person with different personalities[性格] 。 What is your personality type[类型]? Read about the following and find out !

A Dreamer thinks there is a "right" way to do things. This person wants to live in the "perfect world". Many are good listeners and like to help others. Many Dreamers work as teachers, and often lead others. Famous Dreamers: Mohandas Gandhi, Angelina Jolie.

A Partner wants to be in a group. For this person, rules are important. They consider tradition to be of great value. Partners are often serious, careful people. Many do well as teachers, managers and police officers. Famous Partners: Queen ElizabethⅡ,Mother Teresa.

For Thinkers, understanding things is very important. They like to deal with problems and make new things. Thinkers can also be active. They like to win. They have very strong opinions[主张]. Many Thinkers work as scientists, inventors and engineers. Famous Thinkers: Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking.

Artists want to be free. They don't want to follow the rules all the time. They also like trying new things. Like Thinkers, many Artists have strong opinions. They are creative and do well as musicians and actors. Famous Artists: Cristiano Ronaldo, Madonna.

91. How many personality types are mentioned in the passage.

A. Three B.Four C. Five D.Six

92. According to the passage, when you need help, may give you a hand.

A. Dreamers B. Partners C. Thinkers D. Artists

93. You may choose a job as , if you are careful and serious.

A.a player B.an actor C.a police officer D.a scientist

94. If you are active and like to win, maybe you are similar to .

A. Gandhi B. Mother Teresa C.Bill Gates D.Madonna

95. Which could be the best title for the passage?

A. Famous People B. Personality Types C. Perfect World D. Job Choices

Popular music in America is what every student likes. Students carry small radios with earphones and listen to music

before class, after class, and at lunch. Students with cars buy large speakers and play the music loudly as they drive on the street

Adult(成年的) drivers listen to music on the car radio as they drive to work. They also listen to the news about sports, the weather, and the life of American people. Most of the radio programmes are music.

Pop or popular music singers make much money. They make a C D or tape which radio stations use in many places. Once the popular singer is heard all over the country, young people buy his or her tape. Some of the money from these tapes comes to the singer. Wherever the singer goes, all the young people want to meet him or her. Now the singer has become a national (国家的)star.

There are other kinds of music that are important to Americans. One is called folk(民间) music. It tells stones a-bout the common life of Americans. Another is called west?ern or country music. This was started by cowboys (牛仔 ) who would sing at night to the cows they were watching. Today, any music about country life and the love between a country boy and his girl is called western or coun?try music.

76. kinds of music are mentioned(提到)in this pas?sage.

A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

77. When pop singers , they will become national stars.

A. make much money B. make a CD or tape

C are loved by all the young people D. are wanted to sing on the radio

78. From the passage we know that country music is about the .

A. common life of Americans B. country life and love stories

C. life of cowboys D. school life in America

79. Which of the following is true according to this passage?

A. Most students in America like popular music

B. Students with cars in America like to listen to music while driving

C. Adult drivers in America listen to music all the time while driving

D. Everyone in America wants to meet pop singers wherever they go


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