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Anorexia 导学案

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Anorexia 导学案

Anorexia 导学案

Part 1 Pre-reading

Warming up

Part 2 While-reading

1 Fast—reading

Activity 1 Decide whether the following statements are true or false

1) Anorexia nervosa can only affect young women. ( )

2) People with anorexia nervosa often see themselves as fat, when they are not fat at

all. ( )

3) Kevin has cancer. ( )

4) Kevin’s GP was the first person to see that he was ill. ( )

5) When Kevin suffered from anorexia, he was 15 years old. ( )

6) Now kevin has a good relationship with food. ( )

Activity 2 Match the main idea with each paragraph

Para 1. Kevin started to receive loads of treatment

Para 2. The reason for Kevin’s stopping eating

Para 3. Some basic information about anorexia nervosa

Para 4. Kevin has lived his normal life again

Para 5. A boy– Kevin suffered from anorexia

Para 6. Kevin’s mother took her son to see the doctor

2 Detailed—reading

Activity 3 Answer the following questions about Paragraph 1

1 What does “disorder” mean in the reading?

A refuse to obey the order

B a state of being tidy, badly prepared, or even badly organized

C a problem or an illness which affects someone’s mind and body

D command and request

2. What do people with anorexia nervosa do?


Activity 4 Read paragraph 2--6 carefully and fill in the table with your partner


Anorexia 导学案

Task Guess the following words

1) pots, tools and weapons.

A 地理学 B 生态学 C 心理学 D考古学

2) (服从) to

rules, discipline and order.

A专制的人 B软弱的人

C强硬的人 D 要求严格服从纪律和命令的人

3) Though Mr. Smith has been general manager for just 3 months, he has already

A上级 B 前任 C 同事 D 下级

4) The football game was getting more and more exciting, however, the old lady

A 昏昏欲睡的 B 亢奋的 C 欣喜若狂的 D 麻木的

5) key.

A 成功的 B 徒劳的 C 有效的 D 匆促的

6) She did not hear what you said because she was completely in her


A 心不在焉的 B 紧张的 C 全神贯注的 D 睡意浓的

7) A 症状 B疾病 C 恐惧 D 威胁


Anorexia 导学案

8) A 流泪 B 乞讨 C 呻吟 D 颤抖

9) A 兴奋 B 厌恶 C 清醒 D 疲倦

10) (诱惑).

A 不可抗拒的 B 可抗拒的 C 接受的 D 不可接受的

11) Being considered a leader in our society is indeed of high praise. Leadership means power, commands, respect and most important, encourages achievement. Unlike vitamin C, leadership skills can’t be easily swallowed down. They must be (05广东)

Different from popular belief, most good leaders are made, not born. They learn their skills in their everyday life. But which do they develop? How do they (and how can you) get others to follow?

The underlined word “cultivated” roughly means________.

A encouraged B compared C examined D developed

12) Is it possible to beat high blood pressure without drugs ? The answer is “yes”, study of 800 persons with high blood pressure, they found that after 6 months those devoted to weight loss-exercise and eating a low-salt, low-fat food-lost about 13 pounds and became fitter. Plus, 35% of them dropped into the “normal” category. This week, Dr. Alan Duckworth will tell you how people reduce their blood pressure to a level similar to what’s achieved with Hypertension drugs.

The underlined word “Johns Hopkins” is ________.

A a famous university B a medical center

C a well-known doctor D a drug company

Part 3 After-reading( Homework)

Task —role play

Now Suppose you are kevin who once suffered from anorexia nervosa, our local TV station--Qiannan TV wants to tell people the dangers of anorexia and how important to be healthy by interviewing you. Please work in groups to prepare the interview and then some of you act it out.


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