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第一讲 人性本善还是恶?

? 雅思教师培训师 ? 首席雅思读写分析师 ? 国内雅思界十三年资雅 思教师 ? 擅长帮助学生短期提分 和VIP辅导 ? 塔罗高手 ? 客串偶像剧《我的青春 谁做主》

Nature? Nurture?
? Nature n.禀性;天赋 ? nuture n. 养育;培育 ;教养;(总称)环 境因素 ? human nature ? 人之本性

Milgram's Background
? Stanley Milgram (August 15, 1933 – December 20, 1984) was an American social psychologist. ? He conducted various studies and published articles during his lifetime, with the most notable being his controversial study on obedience to authority, conducted in the 1960s during his professorship at Yale. ? Milgram was influenced by the events of the Holocaust in developing this experiment. ? His dissertation while at Harvard, small-world experiment, would later help researchers articulate the mechanics of social networks and explore the mathematical relation to the degree of connectedness, most notably the six degrees of separation concept.

在故事的开头 四十个人走进了实验室
? A few years ago, in one of the most fascinating and disturbing experiments in behavioural psychology, Stanley Milgram of Yale University tested 40 subjects from all walks of life for their willingness to obey instructions given by a ‘leader’ in a situation in which

the subjects might feel a personal distaste for the actions they were called upon to perform.

? Specifically, Milgram told each volunteer ‘teacher-subject’ that the experiment was in the noble cause of education, and was designed to test

whether or not punishing pupils for their mistakes would have a positive effect on the pupils’ ability to learn.

language Point
? Specifically ? [sentence adverb] ? used when you are adding more exact information: ? Specifically, the department wanted

answers to the following questions.


? Milgram’s experimental set-up involved placing the teacher-subject before a panel of thirty switches with labels ranging from ‘15 volts of electricity (slight shock)’ to ‘450 volts (danger - severe shock)’ in steps of 15 volts each.

? The teacher-subject was told that whenever the pupil gave the wrong answer to a question, a shock was to be administered, beginning at the lowest level and increasing in severity with each successive wrong answer.

? The supposed ‘pupil’ was in reality an actor hired by Milgram to simulate receiving the shocks by emitting a spectrum of groans, screams and writhings together with an assortment of statements and expletives denouncing both the experiment and the experimenter.

language Point
spectrum 系列 范围 幅度 复数形式 spectra

a complete range of opinions, people, situations etc, going from one extreme to

its opposite
different opinions from all sides of the political spectrum 来自各种政治派别的不同意见

? Milgram told the teacher-subject to ignore the reactions of the pupil, and to administer whatever level of shock was called for, as per the rule governing the experimental situation of the moment.

? As the experiment unfolded, the pupil would deliberately give the wrong answers to questions posed by the teacher, thereby bringing on various electrical punishments, even up to the danger level of 300 volts and beyond.

? Many of the teacher-subjects balked at administering the higher levels of punishment, and turned to Milgram with questioning looks and/or complaints about continuing the experiment. In these situations, Milgram calmly explained that the teacher-subject was to ignore the pupil’s cries for mercy and carry on with the experiment.

? If the subject was still reluctant to proceed, Milgram said that it was important for the sake of the experiment that the procedure be followed through to the end. ? 这里省略了should

? His final argument was, ‘You have no other choice. You must go on.’



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