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一. 词语运用:根据句意及所给提示,补全单词或用单词正确形式填空。

from school, he is always the first to get to school.

2. The boy is too heavy. His weight is 78 (kilo).

3. I think you must be cold in this coat. You’d better put on a 4. It’s raining. There isn’t (任何人) playing outside now.

5. The two brothers (轮流) to look after their mother in the hospital last week.

6. The Great Wall is (locate) in the north of China.

7. Can you tell me the whole

8. The Grand Hyatt Shanghai in Pudong is the it?

9. Zhai Zhigang was the first Chinese (walk) in space.

10. Can you name some famous (build) in China?

二. 单项选择选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

( )1. I want to learn to play guitar during the winter vacation.

A. a

A. tons

A. less; less B. less; more A. who A. If C. more; more D. more; less D. where D. Since D. easy B. an B. grams C. the D. / C. kilos D. centimetres ( )2. Mr. Black is very heavy. His weight is 120 . ( )3. The Palace Museum is famous the world. A. for B. as A. long B. wide C. over D. around C. tall D. high ( )4. The girl with glasses is more than 1.70 metres . ( )5. — What’s the world’s animal? — The cheetah. It can run 100 kilometres per hour. A. fastest B. fast C. quick D. most quickly ( )6. Eating vegetables and meat is good for the old. ( )7. The player kicks the most will win the game. B. whose C. what B. Because C. When C. necessary ( )8. you keep walking to work, you will be thinner and healthier. ( )9. I thought it was for the man to pull the plane with his teeth, but he really did it. A. impossible B. important


( )10. — Where is the donut that I left on the table?

— Oh, sorry. I it already. A. will eat B. have eaten C. eat D. ate ( )11. Jim said this book was that book. A. as thick as three times B. as three times thick as D. three times as thick as C. three as thick as times tonight. A. how A. isn’t he and see it? A. How about B. Why don’t we C. Let’s D. You’d better B. whether B. is he C. why C. has he D. when D. hasn’t he ( )12. You’d better ask him he can come or not ( )13. He’s never been to New York, ? ( )14. —There will be a new film tonight. go —That’s a good idea.

( )15. — —No, I have my own apartment.

A. On the way B. In the way C. Out of the way D. By the way

( ) 16. Beijing is one of in China.

A. bigger city B. the biggest cities C. the biggest city D. biggest cities

( ) 17. My classmates to look after the old man.

A. take place B. take care C. take turns D. take photos

( )18. Did you read in the newspaper?

A. anything interesting B. interesting anything C. something interesting D. interesting something

( )19. Snakes can sleep for a winter without anything.

A. to eat B. eat C. eating D. ate

( )20. — Would you like some water?

— , but I’m not thirsty. A. You’re welcome C. That’s all right 2 B. That’s very kind of you D. You are right

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