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八上Unit1 Topic 2

Michael,could you please do me a favor?

But one of my teammates fell ill.

I’d be glad to.

Would you mind teaching me?

Let’s go and practice.

I’ll put it somewhere else.

Would you mind not throwing bottles around?

Could you tell me which bus goes to the Capital Stadium?

Would you mind making your bed?

I’ll play it more quietly.

I can manage it myself.

Michael,you’re always so careless!

You missed a good chance!

You shouldn’t shout at me.I didn’t want to miss the goal,either.

Kangkang, Michael,please don’t fight.

Kangkang, don’t be angry with Michael.He did his best.

It’s nothing.

Keep trying!

You often keep me waiting a long time. Would you mind serving the food soon? Sorry. It’ll be ready soon.

I can’t hear clearly on the phone. Would you mind turning down the music? Your room is too dirty. Would you mind cleaning it? Sorry I’ll do it in a minute. I’m quite sorry I broke your pen. Never mind. I have another one.

I’m sorry I’m late for class.That’s OK .Please take a seat.


In March, I’m going to take part in the games in France. In June, I’ll be in Korea. And in August, I’ll be in Russia. That’s a lot of traveling.

You have a very exciting life now.

But very tiring as well.

How many gold medals did you win in competitions? When and Where?

Do you know who invented basketball?

Basketball,one of the most popular sports in the world, has a history of over a century. Many people like to play it because they can play it indoors and outdoors.

It was James Naismith,a Canadian.

He was a P.E.teacher at Springfield College in the U.S.A.

He invented an indoor game for his students so that they could play even in bad weather. Do you know how to score in the game? Well, just put the ball into the other side’s basket. You can throw the ball into the basket from any part of the court and you can throw it with one hand or both hands.

But you must follow the rules.

Now basketball is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

I am a 15-year-old boy and I’m quite healthy. However, one year ago I was fat. I loved chips and chocolate, and I got tired easily.

Now I have a 1.5-mile run every morning.

I drink milk and eat fresh fruit and vegetables instead of chips and chocolate. Healthy eating habits and running help to build me up.

I have great fun running and I feel well and look fit.


八上Unit1 Topic1 Are you going to play basketball?

I saw you play basketball almost every day during the summer holidays.

We are going to have a basketball game against Class Three on Sunday.

And this is the first basketball game in our school this term.

Would you like to come and cheer us on?

I hope our team will win.

Which sport do you prefer, cycling or rowing?

Do you row much? Yes, quite a bit/ a lot. /No, seldom.

Are you going to join the school rowing club?

Who’s your favorite player?

He plays for the Houston Rockets in the NBA.

That’s my dream.

What are you going to be when you grow up?

I’m going to be a dancer in the future.It’s her dream job.

Liu Xiang is an active young man from Shanghai.

He is one of the best runners in the world.

He broke the Olympic record and won a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics. But in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he had to give up the race because his foot was hurt. What a shame!

He is the first athlete to win so many medals at a single Olympics.

She goes cycling twice a week and often goes mountain climbing on sundays. She spends half an hour doing exercise in the gym every day.

She learns baseball on Saturdays,and now she plays it pretty well.

She is also good at jumping.

There is going to be a school sports meet next weekend.


She is going to take part in the high jump and the long jump.

It makes me strong and it is popular all over the world.

It is good for his legs, heart and lungs.

What are you going to do the day after fomorrow.

It help to keep her heart and lungs healthy.It is a good way to keep fit.

It help them to relax.

David Beckham, a famous soccer star,arrived in Beijing with his teammates yesterday. The team is going to play against China’s national team tomorrow.

The fans are very excited.

They are leaving for Japan the day after tomorrow.


Unit1 Topic3 I will take part in the school sports meet.

My foreign friend will come to cheer me on.

I think I’ll have lots of fun.

I’m ready for the long jump.

I’ll join in the teachers’ relay race.

Maybe I’ll make many friends during the sports meet.

Maybe/Perhaps she sill win.

Yeah, what shall we take?

Picking apples

Fuzhou Theater

Mount Tai

Kangkang passes the stick to Michael.

Michael hits a boy from Class 3.

Here are two pages from Kangkang’s diary.

Everyone in our class felt very excited because we were the winners.

We’re sorry that we did badly in the high jump,but we’re sure we can do better next time. I did my best and was the first to cross the finish line.

This encourages me a lot.

I will do more exercise every day and I hope some day I’ll be able to take part in the Olympic Games.

The People’s Republic of China took part in the Olympics for the first time in 1952. Beijing hosted the 19th Olympic Games.

More trees and grass

More visitors

Improve our environment


The modern Olympics started in Athens(雅典),Greece in 1896.

Its motto is “Faster, higher, stronger ”.

There are five rings, and they stand for the five parts of the world.

You can find at least one of these colors in the flag of each country in the world.


Unit2 Topic 1 You should see a dentist. I have a toothache.

You should see a dentist.

I have a bad cold.

She has a cough.

I have sore eyes.

I have a backache.

You should take a rest.

He has a fever.

He has the flu.

I have a headache.

I can’t sleep well at night.

You shouldn’t drink coffee or tea in the evening. You should drink plenty of boiled water. You shouldn’t lift heavy things.

You look pale.

I’m feeling terrible! I have a headache and a cough. How long have you been like this?

I cough day and night.

I don’t feel like eating.

I have a sore throat.

You had better lie down and rest.

You shouldn’t eat so much candy.

You should brush your teeth twice a day. You shouldn’t work on the Internet so long. 7

You should take good care of your eyes.

My left leg still hurts when I move it.

Oh! Don’t worry! Your X-rays show it’s nothing serious. Let me check it over again.

Here, take these pills.Two pills each time, three times a day. Have a good rest and don’t worry about your lessons. Follow the doctor’s advice,and you’ll get well soon. Call a taxi

Yours sincerely Michael.

My sister is also sick.

I’m very sorry to hear that both you and your sister are sick. You shouldn’t eat ice cream or candy.

You’d better take some cold pills.


Unit2 Topic 2 I must ask him to give up smoking.

I’m sorry to hear that .What caused it?

Staying up late is bad for your health.

I must have a good rest tonight.

I feel sleepy because I went to bed very late last night.

He should take some medicine.

Keeping fingernails long

Washing hands before meals

Going to school without breakfast

I’m reading an article in the newspaper about smoking.

Smoking may cause cancer.

You must put litter into the dustbin.

You must not walk on the lawn.

Breakfast gives you energy for the morning.

Walking is good exercise and it’s necessary for your health.

Drink enough water every day.

A headache is a pain in your head.

It’s not a disease itself, but it may show that something is wrong with your health. You can also get a headache when you exercise for a long time on an empty stomach. We are germs.We are very small.

We can get into the human body and cause diseases.

We can get into the human body through the nose.

We can get into the human body through the skin.

Ha! Ha! We win! The boy has an illness.

We must keep the air fresh.


We must not drink sour milk.

We should tidy our rooms and sweep the floor often.

We must not spit in public.

As we know,good health is more important than wealth.

We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meal.

But if we eat too little or too much, or if we choose the wrong food, we may become sick.


Unit 2 Topic 3 Must we do exercise to prevent the flu?

Mom, hurry up! Dad is on TV!

Dr. Li, is talking with a journalist on TV.

May I ask you some questions,Dr.LI? Sure, go ahead.

The flu is spreading quickly among people these days.

So what should we do to prevent it?

We should keep our rooms clean and the air fresh all the time. Finally, we had better not go to crowded places.

Keep away from crowded places.

Hello! Extension 6226, please.

Just a moment, please.

He is examining a patient.

I’ll ring him up later.

Can I leave a message?

Can he use your bicycle this evening?

Are you going roller skating tonight?

Fast food, like potato chips, will make you fat and unhealthy.

It’s necessary to learn about first aid.

Happiness is important for your health.

On the other hand, you may feel sick if you are always unhappy. You must avoid smoking and drinking.

The talk was interesting and helpful!

Smoking and drinking can be very dangerous,so we should say no to them. In 2003 SARS, a kind of serious disease, broke out in China.

It spread quickly and several hundred people lost their lives.


Many doctors and nurses took an active part in the battle against SARS.

They were kind, helpful and brave.

They left their families and cared for the patients in the hospitals day and night.

At that time, a reporter asked him, “Do you miss your family?” “yes, of course,”Dr Li answered, “but I’m a doctor, It’s my duty to save patients.”


Unit 3 Topic 1 I used to enjoy listenling to rock music.

What do you often do in your spare time?

It’s my favorite hobby.

And I also enjoy reading comics.

I am interested in playing basketball.

I am fond of acting.

Collect stamps

Plant flowers

Go hiking

Reading novels

Hi. Pleased to see you!

Some of them are of great value.

I used to enjoy listening to rock music,but now I love collecting paintings and telephone cards.

I love collecting stones.

I love collecting dolls.

I love collecting coins.

Do you share my interests?Let’s be friends.

My e-mail address is philip 1996 @renai-edu.com.

I used to listen to music,but now I hate it.

I used to enjoy pop music, but now I don’t enjoy it, I enjoy playing sports.

What did you use to do in the summer vacation?

I used to swim in the pond in front of my house.

Who taught you to swim. Nobody. I taught myself.

Aha, it’s a secret!


They keep pets, chat on the Net and collect things such as coins, dolls or stamps. Some of these hobbies are relaxing,and some are exciting.

Hobbies can bring people happiness,friendship and knowledge.

They help people relax affter their daily work.

He likes water and I often help him take a bath in the pond behand my house.

He enjoys eating fruit and vegetables, and he doesn’t mind whether they are good or not.


Unit3 Topic 2 What sweet music!

I’m going to a concer.

Celine Dion. Do you know My Heart Will Go On?

I am going to take English lessons in Ren’ai English Language School. I can lend you some tapes of her songs.

Want to enjoy exciting hip hop?

Want to see your favorite pop singer?

We can’t learn the violin in the club.

We can learn the drums in the club.

What kind of musical instruments do you know?

Do you want to become an artist, a dancer or a musician? Just come and join us! Price: 100 yuan each

Dance lessons ballet, disco and folk dance.

How many kinds of instruments can you find in the ad?

If you want to have a guitar lesson and a disco lesson,you will pay 180 yuan. Do you like classical music?

Li Xiang likes jazz best of all.

Kangkang thinks the music of the Beatles is noisy.

Pop music often comes and goes quickly.

It is usually about love and everyday life.

Folk music is simple but special.

Guo Lanying, Song Zuying and Tengger are famous for their folk songs. U2 is the name of a band from Dubin, Ireland.

At last he found another 3 boys and they set up a band.

They won several Grammies and became famous in the 1980s.


The four members are still close friends and they continue to make music. Place of birth: Hong Kong.


Occupation:MTV director

Weight: 47kg


What a lovely dog!

How carefully he studies!


Unit 3 Topic 3 What were you doing at this time yesterday?

I was taking a shower.

Listen to the radio

Eat Beijing Roast Duck.

I don’t agree.

Wasn’t the scene beautiful? I thought it was just so-so.

It was very pleasant!

I agree with you.

He was handsome.

I think the computer is useful.

You look so sad.

I made faces and made my classmates laugh when she was giving us a lesson. Sunday was the “holy day”

Rested and prayed on the “holy day”

They felt too tired to work on Monday mornings.

To solve the problem of “blue Mondays”.

At one o’clock, everyone stopped working.

By 1930,most American offices were closed on Saturday afternoons.

By 1940, offices and factories in the U.S.A. Were closed all day on Saturdays.



Unit4 Topic1 Plants and animals are important to us.

In the countryside, the air is fresher, the sky is blue,and there are also greener trees and clearer rivers.

People can enjoy the beauties of nature there.

Now he is talking about the photos above with his friends.

Because animals qre our friends. They give us joy.

I think roses are the most beautiful of all the flowers.

We share the same world with them.

Snakes are dangerous of all.

Foxes are stronger than frogs.

Insects feed on plants.

Birds and frogs eat insects.

There are many different kinds of living things in the world.

Rainforests cover 6% of the earth’s surface.

Thousands and thousands of animals live in rainforests.

It’s always dark and hot in rainforests and the ground is always wet.

They also help to control the climate.

Rainforests give us wood rubber, fruit, medicine and so on.

But, now, rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller,so we should protect them. What’s the main idea of the passage?

Water covers most parts of the earth. It is in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. It is important to all living things. We must save every drop of water.

There could be no life on earth.

Dig a hole in the earth and make sure the hole is deep enough for a tree.

There are many wild animals in danger,such as bears, wolves and pandas. 19

Pandas live in the forests and mountains of Southwest China.

They feed on bamboo.

But now they have less and less land to live on.

Blue whales live in ghe ocean.

Now they are in danger because some humans kill whales and make the ocean water dirtier. Chinese tigers live in the south of China.

Some people kill them for their fur and bones.


Unit 4 Topic 2 I’m not sure if there are UFOs.

Could you tell me something about robots?

I just went to the Science Center last weekend.

In 1921. But before that, something like a robot appeared.

Robots can take the place of humans to do hard or boring work in some situations. Repair machines

Lift parts of trucks

Mend roads

A UFO flew over my head while I was walking toward the bus stop yesterday.

It looked like a plate.

You see, there are no living things on other planets.

In fact, people can only get information about UFOs from books, movies the radio, the TV or the Internet.

People often mistake some man-made objects such as kites or balloons for UFOs. While he was trying to call for help,an alien come out of the UFO.

He woke up and saw his mother.

Who was the real “alien”?

For example, we can do some shopping without leaving our houses.

But we shouldn’t spend too much time on the internet.

Download useful information.

The words in English dictionaries are in alphabetical order.

When you look up a word in the dictionary.

You must pay attention to the first letter of the word.

When two words begin with the same letter. You have to look at the second letter to find the word.

If both the first and the second letters are the same,look at the third one and so on. 21

Please write to me soon.

It doesn’t work I pressed the “NO” button but nothing happened. Well, are you sure you plugged it in?

Of course. But it’s useless.


Unit 4 Topic 3 The workers used live models,didn’t they?

There are some old city walls near Beijing Railway Station.

Most old city walls were pulled down in the 1960s,because they were falling down. The government is trying to protect and repair the old city walls.

You visited Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Warriors last week, didn’t you?

They are one of the greatest wonders of the world.

The workers used live models, didn’t they?

There are many treasures in Qin Shihuang’s Underground Palace, aren’t there? Jim likes the West Lake best.

It’s 97 meters high and weighs 13.5 tons.

Long ago,a queen built it to tell the time.

It was built for the International Exhibition of Paris in 1889.

It’s the best-protected city wall in China and it has a history of more than 600 years. The pyramids in Egypt are world-famous.

Long ago, kings built them as their tombs.

It is one of the “Seven Wonders” of the ancient world.

The building is made up of two millon stones and each stone weighs more than two tons. How did the ancient Egyptians build the Great Pyramid?

Which is TRUE according to the passage?

From then on, people regarded the Great Wall as a symbol of the Chinese nation. But some sections of it are falling down.

So people recently began to protect and repair the Great Wall.



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