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第一部分 听力 20分

I. 听句子,找出所听到的单词。( 共5小题,计5分)

( ) 6. A. Jim B. Tom C. Jenny D. Jane

( ) 7. A. book B. card C. clock D. backpack

( ) 8.A. this B. that C. it D. it’s

( ) 9. A. game B. call C. ring D. key

( ) 10.A. watch B. ruler C. pen D. book

II. 听句子, 选择相应的答语。(5小题,计5分)

( )11. A. It’s an eraser. B. No, it is an eraser. C. Yes, it’s my eraser.

( )12. A. K-E-Y B. A key C. No, it’s a key .

( )13. A. It’s an eraser B. Yes, it is. C. No, it’s an eraser.

( )14. A. Yes, it’s my watch. B. No, it’s my watch. C. Yes, it’s his watch.

( )15. A. No, it’s her ruler. B. Yes, it’s a ruler. C. It’s my ruler.

( )17.A. 555-4768 B.444-5768 C. 544-4768

( )18.A. note book B. English book C. backpack

( )19. A. Emma B. Eric C. Alice

( )20.A. 685-9150 B. 785-9150 C. 635-1950

笔试部分 80分

I. 比比看,谁的小银行里储藏的单词多 10%


Unit 2--1

II. 单选题。 (共15小题,计15分)

( )1.—What’s this in English? A. It’s B. This is C. That is

( )2.—Is this your backpack? --- A. Yes, this is B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, it isn’t

( )3.---Is it English book? --- No, it is A. a, a B. an, a C. an , an

( )4.---Is this A. your ; Yes, it is B. your; No, it isn’t C. My; Yes, it’s

( ? ---Yes, it is.

A. notebook B. baseball C. eraser

( )6.---Is this your baseball ? ---Please call me 555-6879.

A. for B. at C. in

( the picture. What’s this A. on, in B. at, in C. at, of

( .

A. No, it isn’t an ID card B. Thank you C. It’s my ID card

( ? --B---A---S—E---B---A---L---L.

A. What’s that B. Is this your baseball C. How do you spell baseball

( )10. ----I ---Sorry, but you can go to the lost and found.

A. lost B. found C. have

( )11.Excuse me. Are Mr Read?

A. I B you C they

( )12.---Are you six? .

A. seven B. fine C .Bill

( )13. I see my computer game _______ the lost and found case.

A. in B. on C. of

( )14.在数学中.

A. v, h B. h, r C. s, r

( )15.在购买衣服时, 你知道表示大号表示小号, .

A. L, S, XL B. X, S, XXL C. XL, L, S

III. 完形填空。(共10小题,计10分)

that ? It’eraser. I think(想) it’ I write a notice If (如果) find the keys, please me name is ( )1. A. What B. It’s C. What’s

( )2. A. the B. a C. an

( )3. A. case B. eraser C. keys

( )4. A. gold B. set C. nice

Unit 2--2

( )5. A. eraser B. cases C. keys

( )6. A. I B. you C. he

( )7. A. call B. meet C. found

( )8. A. in B. on C. at

( )9. A. My B. His C. Her

( )10. A. See B. Thank C. Meet



It’s five o’clock in the afternoon. It’s time to go home. Bill Eddie is still in the classroom. He is looking for his watch.

Eddie: Hi, Sam. Do you see my watch? I put it in my desk. But now I can’t find it.

Sam: You must look after your things!

Eddie: You’re right. But I must find my watch .Where can it be?

Sam: Is it in your backpack?

Eddie: Let me see. No, it isn’t.

Sam: Is that in your pocket? I can see something in your pocket.

Eddie: No, it isn’t. It’s my pen.

Sam: Sorry, I think you’d better(最好)ask Mary. Maybe she knows.

Eddie: OK. Thank you all the same.

( )1.Who is looking for something in the classroom?

A. Eddie B. Sam C. Mary

( )2. What’s he looking for?

A. A pen B. A backpack C. A watch

( )3. Where is his watch?

A. In the desk B. In the pocket C. We don’t know

( )4. What’s that in his pocket?

A. A pen B. A watch C. A ring

( )5. Who may help Eddie find the watch?

A. Sam B. Eddie himself(自己) C. Mary


This is Mike’s bedroom(卧室). You can see a desk and a bed in the room. On the desk, there is a backpack and three books. One is a Chinese book, the other two are English books. There is a clock on the desk, too. You can see a baseball under(在?下面) the desk. On the bed there is a box. Can you guess what’s in the box? Ah, it’s a new computer game. It’s the present(礼物) for Mike’s seventh(第七) birthday.

( )6. Whose(谁的) room is this?

A. May’s. B. Mike’s. C. Simon’s

( )7. How many(多少) Chinese books are there on the desk?

A. One B. Two C. Three

( )8. What’s that under the desk?

Unit 2--3

A. A clock B. A bed C. A baseball

( )9. What can’t(不能) you see on the desk?

A. Book B. Backpack C. Computer

( )10. How old is Mike?

A. 5 B. 6 C.7


1. 想知道对方的年龄:2. 想知道一物体在英语中的说法:

3. 让别人拼出“双背包”这个英语单词:

4. 询问这快手表是否是对方的:

5. 想询问对方的电话号码:


有几位学生遗失了一些物品,请根据以下信息为他们写完布告山海关的寻物启事。 Peter: I lost a gold watch. If you find it, call me at 680-7432.

Jim: I found a computer game. My phone number is 512-8843.

Henry: I lost a set of keys. Who found them, please call 476-3539.

Sam: I found a notebook with the name “Kenvin Clark”. My phone number is 555-0287.

Lost & Found



1. This is my pencil.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

---______ ______your pencil? ---______, it ______.

2. That

’s his backpack.(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

---_______ ______his backpack? ---______, it_______.

3.What is this in Chinese?(

用缩写形式改写句子) VIII.书面表达。(计10分)

昨天Eddie 将他的英语笔记本遗忘在教室里,本子上有他的名字。请你替他写一份寻物启事。他的电话号码是63308121。

Unit 2--4



I. 听句子,找出所听到的单词.

1. What’s your name? My name is Jane. ( D ) 2. What’s this in English ?It’s a clock. ( C )

3. Is this your ruler? Yes. ( A ) 4. How do you spell game? G-A-M-E, game. ( A )

5.This is my watch. ( A )

II. 听句子, 选择相应的答语.

6.What’s this in English? ( A ) 7 .How can you spell “ key”?. ( A )

8.Is this an eraser? ( B ) 9.Is that your watch? ( A )

10. Is your pen in the lost and found? ( C )

III. 听对话完成表格.

M: Excuse me. I’m looking for my gold ring. W: So what’s your name, please? M: My name is Peter. W: What’s your telephone number? M: 555-4768. W: OK. I’ll call you if someone finds your gold ring. M: Hello, I’m Jason. I found a backpack. Please call me at 750-3329.

W: OK. Thank you, Jason. It’s really kind of you.

M: Good afternoon, Miss. I’m Eric. I lost my computer game this morning. Can you help me? W: May I have your phone number?

M: It’s 635-1950.

W: OK. Don’t worry. I’ll call you if we find it. 11—15. BACBC


I. 看图写单词: 1. backpack 2. eraser 3. boy 4. clock 5. watch

6. dictionary 7. pen 8. pencil 9. pencil-case 10. girl

II. 单选题 1—5. ABBBC 6--10 BBBCA 11--15 BAACA

III. 完形填空 1--5 CCBBC 6—10. BACAB

IV.阅读理解 1—5. ACCAC 6—10. BACCC

V.根据以下情景,用英语说出一句话。1 . How old are you? 2. What’s this in English?

3.How do you spell backpack? 4. Is this your watch? 5. What’s your telephone number? VI.完成下例任务 1. 512-8843 2. A set of keys 3. Peter

4. notebook 5. 555-0287

VII.赶快热身,随我闯关 (句型转换)

1.Is this…..Yes, it… is 2. Is ..that No, isn’t 3.What’s this in Chinese?



My notebook. My name is Eddie.

It is on the notebook. Please call me at 63308121

Unit 2--5

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