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( )1. The teacher gave us a few math problems. He asked us to ______.

A. work them on B. working them on C. work on them. D. working on them

( ) 2. ---I have to get to the club before three o’clock. Could I ___________?

---Sorry, I’m not on the way there.

A. use your car B. go for a ride C. get a ride D. in your car

( ) 3. I think the price is _________in the clothing store.

A. cheapest B. the cheapest C. lowest D. the lowest

( ) 4. The room is __________ , but it doesn’t have ____________.

A. enough big, enough windows B. big enough, windows enough

C. enough big, windows enough D. big enough, enough windows

( ) 5. Did you have any __________ in learning English?

A. successful B. success C. succeed D. successfully

( ) 6 . --- Can I get you a cup of tea? ----- _______________________.

A. It’s very nice of you. B. With pleasure C. You can, please. D. That’s all right

( ) 7. ---What are you going to do tomorrow? -----____________________.

A. I’m sorry. B. I’m not sure yet. C. I’ll have no time D. I can’t tell you

( ) 8. Could you please try________ in class?

A. to not sleep B. not to sleep C. not sleep D. not sleeping

( ) 9. He’s going to move ____________ interesting with his family after retiring.

A. to anywhere B. to somewhere C. somewhere D. some where

( ) 10. They do eye exercises twice a day, so________ of them________ glasses.

A. few;put on B. few;wear C. a few;put on D. a few;wear

( ) 11. She looks ________ younger than she is.

A.a lot B.very C.much too D. quite

( ) 12. If you do that, you’ll feel ________ soon.

A.more healthy B.more healthier

C.much healthy D.much healthier

( ) 13. The clothing store________ to my home is usually_______ at this time of day.

A. closed; close B. close; closed C. close; close D. closed; closed

( ) 14. The Yellow River is ______________ river in China.

A. the second longest B. the second long C. the longest D. longest

( ) 15. Of all the students, Li Ming is ________________________.

A.hard-working B.the most hard-working

C.more hard-working D.the most work hard



Who’s your idol? Why do you like the person? Cool looks? A lot of talents? Shanghai teenagers say they than those things. Most of them say their idols are hard-working and brave.

This summer, Shanghai’s Xinwen Evening News1,000 middle school people in six different groups: leaders, young heroes, teenagers, writers, artists and business people. Students were asked from each group. Yao Ming was the No. 1 Chinese of all the votes. Popular singer Jay Chou is the teens’“Jay is so kind to his mother and grandma. care of them. Shanghai students also like US businessman Bill Gates. More than half regarded him as their idol. A junior student who likes Gates said,” Bill was rich. He works hard. And he doesn’t like to tell everyone how he rich is. He also has school to start his own business!

1. A. up 2. A. asked 3. A. help 5. A. writer 6. A. in 7. A. most 8. A. looks 9. A. kept 10. A. left

B. after B. talked B. take B. pick B. star

B. with B. funny B. pays B. hoped B. returned

C. at C. put

D. for D. told D. play D. think of D. leader D. for D. pleasant D. takes D. wanted D. finished

C. spoke C. put on C. by

4. A. take

C. businessman C. favorite C. draws C. born C. went to

III.阅读理解:(共10小题,计20分)。 (A)

It is the duty of every man to work. The life of a lazy man is of no use to himself and to others. If the man is too lazy to work, he will usually become a unuseful man. Everyone, when he is young, should learn some useful work. But it is not enough for a man to learn some kind of work. He should put his heart and soul into his work, and not waste his spare time. “Work while you work and play while you play” is as good rule for young people as old. There is no better to help to diligence than the habit of early rising, and this, just like all other good habits, is most easily formed in youth. There is an English saying “Lost time never returns.” This means that everyone must be diligent, and make good use of time. One must study hard when one is young so that one can make great progress, succeed in life and become useful to one’ s country. So we can say that diligence is the mother of success.

( )1 .After reading the passage we know that a diligent man will ______.

A.lose time

B. succeed in life

D. make little progress

C. lose his life

( )2. If a man wants to be of use to himself and to the people, he should ______.


A. learn some useful work B. do something in his spare time

D. try his best to work without rest C. put his heart and soul into everything

( )3..In order to learn to be diligent, it’ s very important for the young people to ______.

A. work while they work and play while they play B. work all the time without playing

C. form the habit of getting up early D. learn some good subjects

( )4.One will be successful in life if he ______ when he is young.

A. spends some time learning B. is diligent in his study

C. loves his school D. gets up early

( )5.Which of the following may be the best title for this passage?

A. Lazy Boy Can Learn to Be Diligent

C. Diligence, the Mother of Success B. Young People Should Rise Early D. Lost Time Never Returns


As teenagers, you have many dreams. These dreams can be very big, such as winning the Nobel Prize ,or they can be small. You may just want to become one of the ten best students in your class.

Once you find a dream, what do you do with it? Do you ever try to make your dream real? “Follow Your Heart” by Australian writer Andrews tells us that making our dreams real is life’s biggest . You may think you’re not very good at some school subjects, or that .it is impossible for you to become a writer. These kinds of thoughts stop you from getting your dream, the book says. In fact, everyone can make his dream come true. The first thing you must do is to remember what your dream is.

Don’t let it leave your heart. Keep telling yourself what you want. Do this step by step and your dream will come true faster because a big dream is, in fact, many small dreams.

You must also never give up your dream. There will be difficulties on the road to your dreams. But the biggest difficulty comes from yourself. You need to decide what is the most important. Studying instead of watching TV will lead to better exam results, while saving five yuan instead of buying an ice cream means you can buy a new book. As you get closer to your dream, it may change a little. This is good as you have the chance to learn more skills and find new interests.

( )6. “Follow Your Heart” is __________.

A. The first thing you must do to make your dream real

B. The most important dream to have for teenagers

C. The name of a famous Australian writer

D. The name of a book by Andrew Matthews

( )7. If you want to make your dream real ,you should__________.

A. remember what your dream is first

B. keep telling yourself what you want

C. never be afraid of the gig difficulties

D. try to start with all the things above

( )8. From the text, we know the word "challenge ”means__________.


A. 变化 B. 挑战 C. 决定 D.态度

( )9. What shouldn’t be done to make your dream come true?

A. Always remember what your dreams is.

B. Do what you should go step by step.

C. Watch TV so that you can get better exam results.

D. Read more books, learn more skills and find new interests.

( )10. What is the best title for the text?

A. Keep your dream in your mind. B. How to find your real dream.

C. Never stop dreaming of success. D. Teenagers have many dreams.


1.Jack did well in drawing and he was also the first________________________. 2. At that time, he played the violin in a _______________ group.

3. How about _________________ our classroom at once. It’s messy.

4. Some people like to buy _________________ to eat during the meals.

5. I gave him my souvenir in exchange for ___________________.

6._________________, she visited a museum and Central Park. She had a wonderful day.

7._______________ need to help their parents do some chores.

8. I think Lucy is _________________ than her twin sister Lily.

9. They ____________the big company and retired together when they were 60.

10. I think Saturday is my _____________ day in a week. I have lots of things to do.

B) 根据短文内容及首字母提示,完成下面短文。(10%)

good holiday there. I to the seaside bike. It was not my

bring some , water, sometimes clothes. It’s you to find a hotel there if you

there all the year round.

John sent his mother expensive on his mother’s birthday every year to show that

he had much money.

I must find something wonderful for her. John thought.

He advertised in the “ Wanted-the best presents for the woman who has


For many days his did not stop ringing. People phoned him from all over the

world. They wanted to sell him “ the best present”.

Then less than a week before his mother’s birthday, a man came to his He was

carrying a ,and in the cage there was a large bird.

“ This bird,” the man said. “can speak ten kinds of languages and any pop songs.


“If what you said is true, I will buy the bird from you.”

“ Tell me a joke in ,” he said. The bird told him a in Japanese. “Sing a famous pop song,” he said. The bird sang a famous pop .

“I will buy it,” John said. “ How much do you want?”

“ One hundred thousand dollars,” the man said. This was a lot of money but John paid him. Then he sent the bird to his mother with a birthday card.

The day after his mother’s birthday, he phoned her. “ Well, mother,” he said. “ Is the bird wonderful?”

“ Oh, it was , dear,” she said.

V. 任务型阅读:(共10小题,计10分)。

A) 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,完成下列各句。

A hobby can be almost anything a person likes to do in his or her spare time. Hobbies offer enjoyment, friendship, knowledge and relaxation.

Then, what’s my hobby? Well, what I like most is singing. I began to sing songs when I was young. My uncle could sing a lot of songs, and he taught me several songs. I showed great interest in music then, for it is pleasing to ears. Later, my music teacher found that I had a good voice, so she sent me to the Children’s Place to study vocal music. From then on, I began to make up a dream of becoming a famous singer in the future.

As time goes by, I come to realize that my dream won’t come true, for there strict conditions of being a singer. But I still take singing as my hobby. When I put all my emotion into singing a song, it gives me very pleasant feelings, and a good chance to relax. I’m often deeply moved by the melody(旋律) or by that these words come from the bottom of their hearts.

I love singing, and I think the warmest thing in life is sitting in the sunshine, listening to the walkman and singing together with the singer. So, this is my hobby. I hope everyone can enjoy his or her own hobby and enjoy the simple, good things in life.


1. Hobbies can offer enjoyment, ______________________ and relaxation.

2. I showed great interest in music, for________________________________.

3. I began to make up a dream of _______________________ in the future.

4. Singing gives me _____________________________, and a good chance to relax.

5. ______________________ I think is sitting in the sunshine, listening to the Walkman and singing together with the singer.

B) 阅读下面短文,将方框内所给句子填入短文的适当位置,使短文意思完整。

When you want to go shopping, decide how much money you can spend for new clothes. label for a shirt may tell you to wash it in warm water. A sweater label may tell you to wash by washing in cold water. The label on a coat may say “dry clean only”.Washing may ruin this coat. If you do as the directions say on the label. You will save money if you buy clothes that can be washed.

after they have been washed many times. Clothes that cost more money are not always better 5



A: Hi, Kate!

B: Oh, I’ve been to many places, such as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guilin and Tibet. A:

B: Really? What places have you been to?

A: Very few. I’ve only been to Pingyao.

B: A: It’s in Shanxi. It’s a small place, but it has a long history. It’s one of the oldest towns in

China. There you can see a well-kept wall.

B: I’ve just seen a lot of nature beauties, but not much old Chinese

culture yet.


VII. 智力题:(共5小题,计10分)

1.What has fingers but can’t type? _____________________

2. What season is the most dangerous? _____________________

3. What are the strongest days of the week? _____________________

4. What starts with T, ends with T and is full of T? _____________________

5. Peter is 15 years old. Three years ago, his younger sister Kate was half Peter’s age. How old is Kate now? ______________________


八年级 英语答题卷

班级______ 姓名_________

Ⅰ.语言知识:(15%) 1. 6. 11. 1. 6. 1. 6. A) 1.4.

____ 2.

__ ____3.


____ 4. ____9. _____14. ____ 4. ____9. ____ 4. ____9.

___5. __10. __15. ___5. __10. ___5. __10.

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ _________


____ 7. ____8. ____ 12. ____ 2.


__ ____3.

____ 7. ____8. ____ 2.

__ ____3.


____ 7. ____8.




7. ___________8. B) 1.6. C) 1.6.

.. __________9. ______10.

.. ______9.



____ 7. ____8.

.. ______9.



____ 7. ____8.

V. 任务型阅读:(10%)

A) 1.___________________________ 2._________________________


_______________ 4.


5. ________________________ B) (只写英文字母所代替的句子序号)




VII. 智力题:(10%) 1.4.


__________ 5. ________

参 考 答 案

单选: 1-5 C C D D B 6-10 A B B C B 11-15 A D B A B

完型: 1-5 C A C B B 6-10 B C D C A

阅读理解: 1-5 B C C B C 6-10 D D B C C


A) 1. to hold an art exhibition 2. musical 3. cleaning up 4. snacks 5. his

6. On her day off 7. Teenagers 8. more creative 9. left 10. busiest

B) 1. at 2. very 3. usually 4. by 5. far

6. difficult 7. food 8. easy 9. expensive 10. travelers

C) 1. presents 2. newspaper 3. telephone 4. office 5. cage

6. sing 7. Japanese 8. joke 9. song 10. delicious


A) 1. friendship, knowledge 2. it is pleasing to ears

3.becoming a famous singer 4. very pleasant feelings

5. The warmest thing in life

B) C D E A B

补全对话: G A E D B

1. What places have you been to in China?

2. You’ve been to more places than I have.

3. Where’s that?

4. I’ve never seen such a place in China.

5. Well, you’ll have a lot of chances if you like.


1. Gloves. 2. Autumn. (It’s also fall.)

3. Saturday and Sunday. (the others are weekdays.)

4. A teapot. 5. Nine. (Nine years old.)


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