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1.Follow your doctor’s advice,____ your cough will get worse. (辽宁30)

A. or B. and C. then D. so

2.They wanted to charge(要价) 1000 for the car, ____we managed(设法做到) to bring the price down. (全国I 27)

A. but B. so C. when D. since

3.--Somebody wants you on the telephone.

-- ____ no one knows I’m here. (北京 22)

A. For B. And C. But D. So

4.Paul had to write a history paper(论文,报告), ____ he couldn't find time to do it. (04全国IV)

A. but B. so C. because D. if

5.There are many kinds of sports, ____ my favorite is swimming . (04辽宁)

A. as B. then C. so D. but

6.The shop doesn’t open until 11 a.m., ____ it loses a lot of business. (04北京春招)

A. for B. or C. but D. so

7.It's no good ________ over split milk.

A. to cry B. crying

C. cried D. cry

8.__________ clean is a safeguard against


A. To be keeping B. Kept

C. Keep D. Keeping

9. It took us over an hour ______ along the street.

A. walk B. to walk

C. walking D. walked

10. Many people now make _______ a rule to

buy cards for their friends before Christmas.

A. themselves B. it

C. that D. this

11. _________ is very clear to everyone that he is round and tall like a tree.

A. This B. What

C. That D. It

12._______is a good form of exercise for both

young and old (NMET1992)

A. the walk B. walking C. to walk D. walk

13.It took the workmen only two hours to finish ________ my car.

A. repairing B. repair

C. to repair D. repaired

14. Jack said that he wouldn't mind

___________ for us.

A. to wait B. wait

C. waiting D. waited

15. My brother keeps _________ me with my work.

A. to help B. help

C. helping D. helped

16.Those oranges taste__________(MET 91)

A. good B. well

C. to be good D. to be well

17.----Can I join the club, Dad.

----You can when you _________a older. (NMET 94)

A. get B. will get C. got D. will have got

18.What you have said_______.

A.is sounded interesting bit

B.sounds interesting

C.sound interested

D.listens interested

19.The class begins. Please keep________.

A.silent B.silence

C.the silence D.silently

20.Her feeling about the marriage ______rather strange.

A. is looked

B. is seemed


D.is appeared

21.The new shirt______ right.

A.doesn’t feel B.isn’t felt

C.isn’t feeling D.doesn’t touch

22. The pen __ well. It__ well, too

A. is writing, sells B. writes, sells

C. write, is sold D. write, is selling

23. one more year, ____ he will finish the job.

A. and B. so C. but D. or

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