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1.You can ______ to the People's Park.

A. by bus B. by a bus C. take a bus D. on a bus

2.I would rather _____ some orange juice.

A. to have B. have C. having D. has

3.____ you like to have dinner with us tonight?

A. Would B. Do C. Are D. Will

4.My mother's job is _____ sick people better.

A. make B. makes C. to make D. making

5.Mr Wang is good at _____.

A. drive B. drives C. driving D. to drive


1.C 这里 can + 动词原形, 所以用 take a bus “乘车”

2.B 这里 would rather + 动词原形,意为:宁愿/宁可,所以用 have

3.A 这里 Would you like to do...? 是“你想要....?”所以用 Would

4.C 这里 be to do sth. 是指 “是去做...”所以用 to make

5.C 这里 be good at + doing 是指 “擅长做某事”,所以用 driving


Sidney wanted to buy a new watch because his one wasn’t working very well. He looked at an expensive watch and asked the saleswoman to show him one that cost under $100. She showed him one and told him that it would last a lifetime.

Two days later, the watch stopped and he could not make it start again. He took it back to the shop. “The watch doesn’t work.” he told the saleswoman, “You told me it would last me a lifetime.” But the saleswoman said that she hadn’t thought he would live very long.

1.Why did Sidney want to buy a new watch?

A. Because he didn’t like his old watch. B. Because his old watch wasn’t working very well.

C. Because he wanted to another type watch. D. Because he wanted to send his watch to his sister.

2.How much did Sidney’s new watch cost him?

A. More than $100. B. Less than $100.

C. More than $50. D. Less than $50.

3.What did the saleswoman tell Sidney?

A. He could not use his new watch all his life. B. He could use his new watch all his life.

C. He like his new watch all his life. D. He doesn’t like his new watch all his life.

4.What happened two days later?

A. He lost his new watch. B. He got another new watch.

C. His new watch stopped. D. He sent his new watch to his sister.

5.What do you think Sidney would feel after he heard the saleswoman’s words?

A. He would be very happy. B. He would be very excited.

C. He would be very angry. D. He would be very nervous.


1.B. 因为他的旧手表坏了。

2.B. Sidney的新手表低于$100。

3.B. 他的一生能用他的新手表。

4.C. 他的新手表停了。

5.C. 他可能很生气。


Many people like watching TV. Watching TV is one of the most important activities of the day. TV __1__the outside world closer to people’s home. Some people say the world is now smaller than before because of TV. __2__they are right. What’s going on in the other countries? How do people live in places far away? Is there a good sports game somewhere? Well, just turn __3__the TV. Turn it on and watch. And you can see a lot. Of course people can also learn a lot on the radio. But with TV they can learn __4__and more quickly. Why? Because they can hear and watch. Too. TV helps to open our eyes. TV also helps to open our minds. TV often gives us new __5__. TV is a wonderful thing.

1. A. bring B. brings C. to bring D. brought

2. A. Perhaps B. Surely C. May D. Can

3. A. off B. of C. on D. in

4. A. Amany B. more C. most D. much

5. A. thing B. people C. information D. sign


1.B. bring outside world closer to people’s home 意为 “把外面的世界带近了人们的家庭.”

2.A. Perhaps they are right. 意为 “可能他们是正确的.”

3.C. turn on 意为 “打开”.

4.B. more and more 意为 “越来越多”.

5.C. give us new information 意为 “给我们新信息”.



T_________ b_ b__ i_ n__ v___ c__________.


P______ t____ w___ b_ m___ r____ i_ t__ f_____.


I t____ m___ p_____ w___ t_____ b_ p____.


I t____ i_ i_ v___ e___.


W___ a__ y__ g___ a__



Travelling by bus is not very comfortable.


Perhaps there will be more roads in the future.

3.我认为更多的人将乘飞机旅行。 I think more people will travel by plane.


I think it is very easy.


What are you good at?

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