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I. 单项选择 ( )1. Jim, ______you have a TV? A. Do B. Is C. Are D. Does ( )2. --- Let’s play soccer, Jill. --- That _____ boring. A. sound B. is sound C. sounds D. sound is ( )3. --- ______volleyballs do you have? --- Three. A. What B. Where C. How many D. Do ( )4. --- Does your brother play ping-pong ball? --- Yes, _____.A. he is B. he does C. he doesn’t D.it does ( )5. Frank ________ English dictionary. A. is a B. have an C. has an D. have a ( )6. Let’s ________ computer games. A. playing B. to play C. don’t play D. play ( )7. ---Let’s play soccer. ---No, it’s _______. I want to watch TV. A. interesting B. relaxing C. boring D. funny

( )8. ---What do you _________? --- Tennis rackets. I have four. A. have B. do C. like D. let ( )9. We ______have a baseball. A. aren’t B. don’t C. doesn’t D. isn’t ( )10. I have a sister, a brother ________ a cousin. A. or B. for C. for D. and ( )11. Sonia Hall plays ______ basketball every day. A. a B. an C. the D./ ( )12. Ed Smith only _______ volleyball games _____ TV. A. watch, in B. looks, on C. watches, on D. sees, in ( )13. —Li Wei, do you have any pencils?—________! I don't have any. A. Excuse me B. Certainly C. OK D. Sorry ( )14. Every day _______ has a good rest and does his homework after school. A. Tom B. Kate C. Tom and Kate D. Tom’s sister ( )15. Lily and Liz _______ a cat. They like it very much. A. have B. has C. there is D. there are ( )16. – What’s Alan Smith’s first name? - His first name is _____. A. Alan B. Smith C. Alan Smith D. Mr Smith ( )17. – Do you have a TV? - Yes, I _____. A. am B. have C. do D. like ( )18. – Where is Kate? -- Sorry, I _____. A. not know B. am not Kate C. don’t know D. doesn’t know ( )19. – _____! Is this your pencil case? - No, it isn’t. A. Sorry B. I’m sorry C. Excuse me D. Hello ( )20. – Emily _____ TV every day. – That is not good. A. takes B. looks C. watches D. plays ( )21. – Dad, this is my friend, Jack. - ______. A. Thank you B. That sounds great C. How are you D. Nice to meet you ( )22. – Let’s play ping-pong. - ______! I don’t have a ball. A. Good B. OK C. Sorry D. Fun ( )23. – Your English is very good! A. You’re right B. Thank you C. You are good D. No, no. ( )24. – Are these your books? A. Yes, it is B. Yes, they are C. Yes, we are D. Not ( )25. -- _____ are his brothers. – I know. A. This B. It C. That D. These ( )26. -- _____ is in the bag? - Some apples. A. Where B. What C. How D who II.根据汉语写出单词。 1.She likes ________(体育运动)very much. 2.________(让我们) play tennis. 3.Sue has two ________ (篮球). 4.My mother ________(打) ping pong every day. 5.I have a computer game. It’s ____________(有趣的). 6.My mother _______(想要) a nice book. 7.That music ____________(听起来) good. 8.Do you want to ____________(加入) the English club? 9.To play soccer is ____________(困难的). 10.Welcome to ____________(我的) school. III.根据句意,用适当的词填空 1. ---_______you have a basketball?--Yes, I _______. 2. ---Does Gina _______ a math book?--No, he _______. 3.--- _______ Chi-Young have a tennis racket?-Yes, _____ does. 4. ____ play volleyball. 5. My brother ______ have a notebook. 6. She ______ sports every day. 7. That sounds ______. 8. My sister _____ five baseballs. 9. ---Do you have ______ ball? -- No, we_____. 10. I don’t like math. It’s ________.

Unit 6同步练习题



( )1. What do you have _____ lunch?A. on B. for C. in D. at

( ) 2. She likes eggs, tomatoes and bananas for _____ breakfast.

A. the B. a C. / D. are

( ) 3. --- Let’s play volleyball after class. --- _____.

A. Great! B. Are you OK? C. Here you are. D. Thanks a lot.

( ) 4. --- ____ Tom ___the new computer? ---Yes. He ____ it very much.

A. Does; likes; likes B. Does; like; likes C. Do; likes; likes D. Do; like; likes

( ) 5. I like _____ chess, but I don’t like _____ it today.

A. playing the; to play B. to play a ; to play C. to play; playing D. playing; to play

( ) 6. Are these _____ in the picture?

A. apple trees B. apple tree C. apples trees D. apples tree

( ) 7. Is there ________broccoli in the basket? A. some B. any C. many D. lots of

( ) 8. There aren’t ____ vegetables in the supermarket. A.a lots of B. lots of C. much D. many

( ) 9. __________ dessert, he likes __________ ice cream a little.

A.To; broccoli B. For; broccoli C. To; broccolis D. For; broccolis

( ) 10. How ________ chicken _________ there on the plate?

A. many; are B. many; is C. much; are D. much; is

( ) 11. I don’t like vegetables at all, ________I like fruit a lot.

A. and B. so C. because D. but

( ) 12. _______ David and Sandra like strawberries? A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

( ) 13. --- ________ do you have for dinner? --- Dumplings.

A. Who B. What C. Where D. When

( ) 14. It’s time for lunch. ______us ______to the dining-room.

A. Let; go B. Let; to go C. Let; going D. Shall; go

( ) 15. Playing computer games _____ interesting. A. are B. do C. is D. does


I. 根据中文意思填词:

1.For ______________(早餐), I like eggs and milk.

2.After dinner, we have _____________(甜食) like ice cream.

3.Bill runs very fast and he is a running____________(星,明星).

4. Do you like eggs, ____________(面包) and potatoes.

5.For lunch, she likes _____________(沙拉), chicken and tomatoes.

6.Please remember to eat______________(健康的)food.

7.---Let’s play volleyball._____Great!Let’s ask Jim,too.He plays_____.(好)

8.Jack_______(跑步)in the morning.

9.I want to have some fish for_________.(午餐)

10.I like eating ____________.(水果)

2. There are some_________in the basket.

3. Do you like French ________.

4. _________food is important.

5. She_________play sports.

6. My mother_________TV every day.

7. The little girl likes_______football.

8. Chicken________very delicious.

9. My daughter_______to school from Monday to Friday.

10. She_______many friends.


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