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1.More than _______ of passengers in the bus are going to Shanghai.

A. two fifth B. two-five C. two-fifth D. two-fifths

2.Which T-shirt do you _____, the red one or the white one?

A. better like B. like better C. like best D. best like

3.He is shortsighted. He always has got his glasses ____ him.

A. to B. for C. with D. at

4.How much do you know ____ the Moon?

A. about B. on C. in D. of

5.We must stop _____ the Earth.

A. pollute B. polluting C. polluted D. pollutes


1.D 这里是分数的表达, two-fifths 五分之二

2.B 这里用“比较级”意为:比较喜欢

3.C 这里 with 是表示伴随状态, 意为:戴着眼镜

4.A 这里用 know about, 表示 “了解”

5.B 这里 stop doing sth. 意为:停止做某事,所以用 polluting


Dolphins are very clever animals. They are usually not more than 3.3 meters long. They are found in many parts of the world. Dolphins like living together. Sometimes people can see groups of them swimming and playing in the water. It is impossible to tell how many there are around one ship, but there may thousands. Dolphins live on fish, but they do not spend all their time looking for them. They can spend more than six minutes below the surface of the water without coming up for air. Scientists say that dolphins are very much like humans. So it might be possible to teach them to talk. Some of the habits of dolphins are not the same as those of men, though it is certain that dolphins enjoy being with human. Perhaps, that is why they often go round after ship.

1.Dolphins like living ____.

A. in groups B. alone C. near ships D. together with humans

2.Dolphins ____.

A. are very light. B. live in a lot of places C. are not more than 3.3 meters long D. stay away from the water for a long time.

3.They are able to ____.

A. live with men B. stay under the water for more than 6 minutes C. got on ship themselves. D. stay away from the water for a long time.

4.Maybe men can teach them ____.

A. to swim B. to speak C. to play D. to catch fish

5.Dolphins like ____.

A. looking for fish all the time. B. staying with humans. C. coming out of water for food. D. Playing individually


1.A. 海豚喜欢群居.

2.C. 海豚的长度不超过3.3米

3.B. 他们能呆在水里超过6分钟.

4.B. 可能人们能教他们讲话.

5.B. 海豚喜欢与人呆在一起.


Dogs can hear sounds better than men. For this __1__they make good watch-dogs. Trained dogs lead __2__people and act as their eyes. Dogs are intelligent animals, so it is __3__to train them.

A dog named Barry saved 40 persons when they __4__in the snow about 150 years ago. Dogs have also helped in scientific research. The world’s first space-traveller was a dog named Laika. Russian scientist sent it __5__in a man-made earth satellite in 1957. Dogs have been film stars, too. A dog called Lassie was the star in the number of American films.

1. A. reason B. sound C. man D. why

2. A. blind B. young C. lame D. old

3. A. important B. necessary C. easy D. difficult

4. A. lost B. were missed C. were fallen D. were lost

5. A. down B. out C. for D. up


1.A. for this reason 意为 “以这个理由”.

2.A. lead blind people 意为 “指引盲人.”

3.C. it is easy to train them 意为 “很容易训练它们.”

4.A. lost in the snow 意为 “在雪中迷路.”

5.D. send up 意为 “发射”.



Y__ m___ e__ p_____ o_ v_________ e____ d__.


T____ a__ f___ s______ i_ a y___.


W_ m___ s___ p________ t__ E____.


H__ m___ d_ y__ k___ a____ t__ M____


H__ i__________ t__ f___ i__



You must eat plenty of vegetables every day.


There are four seasons in a year.


We must stop polluting the Earth.


How much do you know about the Moon?

5.这部电影是多么的有趣啊! How interesting the film is!

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