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1.I _____ shopping yesterday.

A. go B. goes C. went D. gone

2.Is there ______ you want to buy?

A. nothing one B. nothing else C. anything else D. else anything

3.Have you finished _____ your homework?

A. doing B. to do C. done D. did

4.You'd better not ____ Wei Wei about the news.

A. to tell B. telling C. told D. tell

5.I was born ____ the morning of June 1.

A. in B. at C. on D. for


1.C 这里是过去时,应该用 go 的过去式 went

2.C 这里不定代词前置

3.A 这里 finish doing sth.完成某事. 所以用 doing

4.D 这里 You'd better not do sth.表示“最好不要做...”,所以用 tell

5.C 这里指具体某一天的早上用 on


How much sleep do we need? We are all different. Some people need only three hours of sleep a night, others need ten hours of sleep a night. Most Americans sleep an average of seven to eight hours a night. After age fifty, the average sleep time goes down to 6.5 hours a night.

Most people have a night when they cannot sleep. About one in three Americans has a problem with sleep. Many of these people can not fall asleep. The name of this problem is insomnia.

This is not a new problem. Many famous people in history had insomnia. Some of these had special ideas to make them sleep. Benjamin Franklin, the famous statesman and inventor, had four beds. He moved from one to the other to fall asleep. King Louis XIV OF France had 413 beds and hoped to fall asleep in one of them. Mark Twain, the famous American author, had a different way. He lay on his side across the end of the bed.

1.The middle point between a high number and a low number is the ____.

A. idea B. invention C. average D. author

2.Most Americans sleep ____.

A. three hours B. ten hours C. seven to eight hours D. more than ten hours

3.People who have a problem with sleep ____.

A. are Americans B. are famous C. have insomnia D. are mad

4.Benjamin Franklin, King Louis XIV OF France, and Mark Twain all had ____.

A. insomnia B. four beds C. no ideas D. a large bedroom

5.A person who gets an idea for something for the first time is ____.

A. an inventor B. a scientist C. a physician D. a statesman


1.C. 高数值和低数值的中点是均值。

2.C. 大多数美国人睡觉为七,八个小时。

3.C. 睡觉有问题的人有失眠症。

4.A. 这些名人都有失眠症。

5.A. 第一个对某事物有想法的人是发明者。


Long ago people used bells more than they do today. The postman used to__1__ a hand bell when he delivered the letters. Fire engines had bells instead of sirens. People who sold things came past houses, ringing a bell and shouting what was for sale. Every village had its church bell to let people __2__ it was time __3__ to church. At night, this bell was rung __4__ travelers would find the village in the dark. In most countries, bells were hung around the necks of animals. The bells helped owners __5__ lost cows or goats. Today, in India, animals still wear bells. Now bells are used less and less. Buzzers, sirens and horns have taken their place. Now people try to keep the old bells in schools and churches so they will not lose their beautiful sounds forever.

1. A. have rung B. ringing C. has rung D. ring

2. A. to know B. have known C. knew D. know

3. A. go B. to go C. went D. have gone

4. A. so B. so that C. but D. however

5. A. found B. have found C. has found D. to find


1.D. used to+动词原形 (表示过去常常做某事, 现在已经不做了)

2.D. let somebody do something 意为 “让某人做某事”.

3.B. It is time to do something 意为 “是做某事的时候了.”

4.B. so that 意为 “以便”.

5.D. help somebody to do something 意为 “帮助某人做某事.”



W____ d_ y__ u______ h___ l_____


W_____ t__ m_____ w___ y___


W____ y__ l___ a c__ o_ c______


W_ o____ p____ t____ o_ M____ 1_.


S_______ i_ a g___ s____ i_ s_____.



Where do you usually have lunch?


What's the matter with you?


Would you like a cup of coffee?

4.我们经常在三月十二日植树。 We often plant trees on March 12.

5.在夏天游泳是一个好的运动。 Swimming is a good sport in summer.

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