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1.It's time _____ go back ______ home.

A. for, to B. to,for C. to,to D. to ,/

2.Put the rubbish ______ the bin.

A. on B. in C. into D. at

3.I am thirsty, I want ____ water.

A. a B. a glass C. glass D. a bottle of

4.I like going _______ in summer.

A. for swim B. swimming C. to swimming D. swim

5.Water is everywhere ______ us.

A. on B. in C. at D. around


1.D 这里 to go back home (动词不定式) 表示 “返回家”

2.C 这里 put...into 是指 “把...放入...”

3.D 这里 a bottle of 是量词,表示“一瓶”

4.B 这里 go swimming 意为:游泳 “固定搭配”。

5.D 这里 around 表示 “在周围”


Jack was a young boy. He was playing football in the street. He kicked it too hard and it broke the window of a house and fell inside. A woman came to the window with the ball and shouted at Jack, so he ran away. But he still wanted his ball back. A few minutes later he returned and knocked at the door of the house, and the woman answered it, he said, “My father is going to come and repair your window very soon.”

After a few more minutes a man came to the door with tools in his hand, so the woman let Jack take the ball away. When the man finished his work, he said to the woman, “You must pay two dollars for that.”

“Aren’t you the father of the boy?” the woman asked, looking surprised, “No,” he answered, also surprised. “Aren’t you his mother?”

1.The ball broke ____.

A. a few windows B. one of the windows C. the woman’s house D. in the street

2.The ball hit the window and fell into the woman’s ____.

A. garden B. house C. door D. family

3.Jack ran away because he was ____.

A. afraid B. pleased C. angry D. upset

4.Who asked the man to come and repair the window?

A. The woman B. Jack’s father C. Jack D. Jack’s mother

5.The man thought the boy was the woman’s ____.

A. student B. neighbor C. child D. friend


1.B 球击破了一扇窗.

2.B 球击破了窗户落到了妇女的房子里.

3.A. Jack逃跑了因为他很害怕.

4.C. Jack要这个男人来修理窗户.

5.C. 这个男人认为男孩是妇女的儿子.


One day a woman went into the laundry __1__. She wanted to see the owner. “__2__.What can I do for you, madam?” said a man kindly. He had stood up. “One of your assistants said that this could be cleaned here, “said the woman to the man,” Just look at what your have done1” He’s just made it __3__instead.” With these words she threw it across the table. The man __4__ and looked at it for a few minutes and then said quietly, “I can’t see what’s wrong with these colours, madam. It’s quite OK.” “Colours? It’s OK?” the woman became angrier. “When I __5__here to be cleaned, it had no colours like those!” she shouted.

1. A. angry B. angrier C. angrily D. more angrily

2. A. I am B. He is C. She is D. There he is

3. A. clean B. dirtier C. cleaner D. dirty

4. A. chose it B. hanged it C. put it on D. picked it up

5. A. took B. took it C. brought D. brought it


1.C. go into the laundry angrily 意为 “生气地进了洗衣店.”

2.A.I am 意为 “我是”.

3.B. dirtier 意为 “更脏的”.

4.D. pick it up 意为 “捡起来.”

5.D. bring 意为 “带来”. (这里为过去时).



W____ y__ l___ t_ j___ u__


M__ I u__ y___ b____


I c____ u__ a c_______.


D____ w____ t__ m___ T__


I___ b__ f__ y___ e___.



Would you like to join us?


May I use your bike?

3.我不会使用电脑。 I can't use a computer.

4.不要看太多的电视! Don't watch too much TV!

5.它对你的眼睛有害。 It's bad for your eyes.

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