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F. Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题): ( 12分)


English is an important international language, but that doesn‘t mean it‘s easy to learn. Many experts have tried to make English easier to learn — but they weren‘t always successful.

In 1930, Professor C.K. Ogden of Cambridge University invented Basic English. It had only 850 words (and just eighteen verbs) and Ogden said most people could learn it in just thirty hours. The problem was that people who learned Basic English could write and say simple messages, but they couldn‘t understand the answers in ?real‘ English! It was also impossible to explain a word if it wasn‘t in the Basic English word list.

R.E. Zachrisson, a university professor in Sweden, decided that the biggest problem for learners of English was spelling, so he invented a language with the name Anglic. Anglic was similar to English, but with much simpler spelling. ?Father‘ became ?faadher‘, ?new‘ became ?nue‘ and ?years‘ became ?yeerz‘. Unluckily, Anglic never became popular.

In the age of international communication through the Internet, who knows what will happen? ... a new form of English might appear. A large number of the world‘s e-mails are in English and include (包括) examples of ?NetLingo‘ like OIC (Oh, I see) and TTYL (Talk to you later). In another fifty years, English might not be used. We might all speak fluent Internetish!

104. Many experts have tried to make English easier to learn, haven‘t they?

________________________________________________________________________ 105. Who invented Basic English in 1930 ?

________________________________________________________________________ 106. How long could most people learn Basic English according to Professor Ogden? ________________________________________________________________________ 107. What was the biggest problem for learners of English according to Professor


________________________________________________________________________ 108. What might happen to English in another fifty years?

________________________________________________________________________ 109. What do you think of the experts‘ ideas of making English easier?

________________________________________________________________________ 1


Kyra Komac, 28 years old, now has 25 furniture stores all over the country. The new store, in London's Camden High Street, takes her back to where it all started. She tells us about how the business began.

When I was little, my mother began selling flowers in Camden Market. She couldn't leave me at home on my own, so I had to go to the market with her. "

To begin with, I didn't have to do anything. I just sat there, and my mum told me jokes and stories so I didn't get bored. When I got older, I gave my mum a hand and I really enjoyed it.

Then, one year, my grandma gave me a book for Christmas. It was all about making candles and I loved it. I was 14, and I didn't have to go to the market any more because mum could leave me at home on my own. I spent my free time making candles of all shapes and sizes. I made hundreds of them.

One day, my mother was ill so I had to goto the market on my own. I decided to take some candles with me and see if I could sell them. They were sold out in twenty minutes! The next week, my mum gave me some money to buy some wax(蜡)to make more candles. They sold out really quickly, too.

Nine months later, we decided to stop selling flowers. My mum and I couldn't make enough candles during the week, so some of my school friends started to help us. I paid them one pound for every candle, and we used to sell them for three or four times that. It was fun and my friends worked with me in the market.

At the age of 22, my uncle lent me some money and I opened my first shop in Portobello Road. Since then, I've never looked back, even in difficulties. In the first store, we only sold candles, but now we sell everything from designer furniture to paintings. Oh, and candles, of course. .

99. How many furniture stores does Kyra Komac have now?

________________________________________________________________________ 100. Where did Kyra's mother sell flowers?

________________________________________________________________________ 101. What did Kyra do in her free time when she was fourteen? '

________________________________________________________________________ 102. Did the candles sell well on the first day in the market?

________________________________________________________________________ 103. Who helped Kyra and her mum when they couldn't make enough candles during the week?

________________________________________________________________________ 104. How did Kyra's uncle help her to open her first shop?

________________________________________________________________________ 105. What do you think of this story?

________________________________________________________________________ 2


Mary Donaldson is worried about her 16-year-old daughter. Sophia. Six months ago. Sophia came back from a party, upset and unhappy. From then on. she thinks of nothing but how to lose weight and become beautiful. She refuses to eat and keeps on doing exercise. Sophia had always been a little heavy, so when he decided to go on a diet, Mary encouraged her. She felt that her daughter would look more attractive if she lost 10 kilograms. However, Sophia has lost over 20 kilograms until now. Her eating and exercising habits are having a harmful effect on her health. She is too thin and is often sick.

Her mother is trying to prevent her from going on a diet and losing weight, but Sophia thinks that she is still too heavy and refuses to start eating as usual. Sophia's mind is full of the idea of looking like a model (模特). Every day she goes to a club to do exercise. When she is not there, she spends her time reading magazines like Fashion & Beauty (《时尚与美》). The models in these magazines are very thin and beautiful. Sophia says. "If I look like these models, I will be happy and all the boys will like me"

Mary doesn't know how to help her daughter. She feels sorry for having encouraged her at first, because Sophia no longer feels good or pleased with her body. She's afraid that Sophia will never be happy if she keeps comparing herself with the models in the magazines. Mary tries to tell Sophia that true beauty comes from within. Common people are not supposed to look like models. The most ordinary face becomes beautiful when the person behind it is filled with confidence (自信), wisdom and the joy of life.

99. When did Sophia decide to lose weight?

_________________________________________________________________________ 100. Besides doing exercise, what else does Sophia do to lose weight?

_________________________________________________________________________ 101. How much weight has Sophia lost until now?

_________________________________________________________________________ 102. Did Sophia give up going on a diet after she had lost some weight?

_________________________________________________________________________ 103. Where docs Sophia do exercise every day?

_________________________________________________________________________ 104. Why does Mary feel sorry for having encouraged her daughter to go on a diet at first? _________________________________________________________________________ 105. In your opinion, what is "true beauty"?

_________________________________________________________________________ 11年

John Brown, an office worker, lives in Washington, He inherited(继承) $ 1,000, 000 when he was 23. He didn't feel happy at all His college friends were looking for their first jobs, but he didn‘t have to. John decided to keep living a simple life like everyone else. He didn‘t tell any of his friends and gave $ 100, 000 of his money to a charity(慈善团 3

体)that helped poor children to live better lives. Today he is 36, the still wears cheap shoes and clothes and owns a small car only, but he is much happier.

Up to now John has helped 15 children from poor countries all over the world, $ 200 a month for each. The child does not receive the money in cash(现金). The money pays for the child's school expenses, food, medical care and clothing. John receives a report each year on the child's progress. They can write to each other, but usually the children do not speak English.

When John first heard about these children, he wanted to help them. "It was not anything special, "he said. "Until I had the chance to go to these countries and meet the children I was helping, I did not know anything about the type of life they had"

Once John went to meet a little girl in Africa. He said that the meeting was very exciting. "When I met her, I felt very very happy, " he said, "I saw that the money was used for a very good plan. It brought me closer to the child in a way that giving money alone cannot " "I want to do everything I can. I will go on helping those children in need, " he added. Questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题,不超过五个单词:

1. What land of life is John living?


2.Did John want to look for a job or stay at home after he got the money?

3.Does John only help the poor children in Africa?

4.The child receives the money in cash, doesn't he?

5. Why did John say that the meeting with the little girl was very exciting?


6.How do you like John Brown?

He i12年

It's March, 2050.

Frank and Mary Smith wake up in their comfortable house in the morning and switch on the bedroom computer to get the latest news. They used to

read the Times, but changed to electronic newspapers many years


There is the usual news about space: another space flight has

returned from Mars and scientists have discovered a new planet.

Then they turn to business news: the US dollar has risen greatly

in Shanghai, one of the world's leading business centres. Mary

tells the computer to buy 5,000 dollars, and there is a quick response that it has been done. As they watch the screen, Mary orders one of the household robots to make coffee 4

for them. Frank disappears into the study to join a video conference with his partners

around the world. He is a computer engineer, working for several

companies. This is his third job: he used to be in marketing and then


Mary has a quick look at the shopping channels - the usual

selection of electric cars, household robots and cheap travel offers -

before picking up the video phone to talk to her assistant. She also has a

job and she is doing medical research. Both she and Frank used to have

an office desk in London, but in 2014 they decided to move to the

seaside and work from home.

Frank and Mary have one daughter, Louise, who also has her own workstation at home. She goes to school only one day a week, mainly to play with other students. Classrooms disappeared in 2030 because there was no longer any need for them: communications systems have made it much easier to learn at home.

Louise, now thirteen, is studying Chinese at present, which has become a world language as important as English. Louise has many Chinese friends. They communicate by computer.

According to the family doctor, Louise will live to at least 130. Her wish is to work for a few decades (十年) and then spend her time on music and painting.

93. Why do Frank and Mary switch on the bedroom computer in the morning?

Because they _________________________________________________ .

94. Does Mary read space news or business news?


95. Who makes coffee for Mary and Frank?


96. How does Frank work with others from home?


97. What are the two world languages in 2050?


98. What do you think of Louise's life in 2050?

I think her life in 2050 is ____________ because ________________________



E. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给):(14分)



Do you have bright ideas? Ideas for inventions that change the world or, at least, make life easier for somebody? we all do sometimes, but we don‘t often make the idea a real thing. Recently, there was a competition in a country, which encouraged young groups in the contest: were eleven prize-winners altogether.

Neil Hunt, one of the prize-winners, was ―Sunshine Superman‖ by one newspaper writing about his design. When people study the weather, it‘s important to be able to record the sunshine accurately. We need to know how many of record direct (直接的) sunshine. Neil‘s is more accurate and this is very important for research into ways of using solar power. Neil plans to keep inventing.

The ideas in the competition were so that we are surprised that the industry (工业界) doesn‘t ask more school children for suggestions.



1. Save electricity2. Recycle3. Save water4. Save gas

Week 1 This week, my family tried to save electricity. We never left the lights on when was watching it. Mum only used cold water in the washing machine.

Week 2 We started recycling this week. We tried to write on both sides of our paper, not bags (or bottles, cans, paper and food. Mum kept the plastic shopping bags from the supermarket io use them as rubbish bags. These are great ways to help our environment.

Week 3 , We stopped taking long baths and had short flushed the kettle (水壶).My sister and I didn't leave the tap running when we brushed our teeth.

Week 4us to school, but now my sister and I have started riding our bikes to school. It's hard work but good exercise! This week dad and a few of the people be works with also started to go to work together in one and share the cost. This should help greenhouse gases!

My friends and I became volunteers at school. We help make our school more earth - friendly.


A survey has been published which shows that British people don't like their neighbours very much. 80% of the people who took part in the survey feel that their live next door and 10% don't even know their names. In fact, one million people in Britain 6

would like to noise. Many of the complaints about noise came from people who live in flats and old houses. These places often have the noise from next door.

The other main problems are disagreements (不和) about car parking spaces, and old time. In one case, people who live in the same building haven't talked to each other for fifteen years. Sometimes the disagreements end in violence. In one of the worst cases, a man killed a neighbour because he kept parking in "his space".

Another survey shows that 90% of the neighbours never share a meal, 80% have ,and 20% have never even spoken. However, when neighbours parts of the world.

One solution to such problems is to talk about them with a professional organization and if necessary, to sign a written agreement. Now people can get this service in more and more towns. 11年

Of ten, doctors tell some people to go on diets (节食). The doctors hope the diets will

Alana was on a diet, but she didn't like it at all. She was not eat her favourite food by the doctor. While her brother Frank ate chocolate, she had to eat an apple. Alana was on the diet for two months. Her doctor was pleased with her. "You have been very good, "he said. "You can eat some of the foods you like best But only a little. Don't eat too many sweets. Don't eat too much ice cream. If you do, you will get a lot of weight eat chicken or eggs. Frank, "said the doctor. "These foods will make you in trouble. "

"How long will I have to be on the diet?" asked Frank.

"But I really like chicken, " said Frank. "You said it is one of the best meats to eat "

"It is a very good food for most people, " said the doctor. "But when you eat it, it makes you sick. It is not a good food for you. "

. "


The 2012 London Olympic Games are on the wa3'. You may

have a nice trip in London with the help of the following





Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文):(14分)



All about Britain’s Teenagers


British teenagers can leave school at sixteen after taking their GCSE exams. They study for exams in as many as ten subjects, they have to work pretty hard! Today‘s teens spend more time doing their homework than any teenagers in the past, studying for 2.5 – 3 hours every evening.

Free Time

It‘s not all work, of course. What do British teenagers do to have ? They love watching TV, going out, meeting friends in Internet cafés and listening to music. Communications

In addition to the Internet, teenagers in Britain use their computers to play games and do their homework. They love their mobile phones, and spend hours texting (发短信) their friends and chatting. Today, phones are getting smaller and lighter and you can do a lot more them than just talk. Text messaging has become the coolest and most popular way to communicate. More than 90% of 12- to 16-year-olds have a mobile, and experts say that this stops from spending their money on sweets and cigarettes. Fashion (服饰)

At school, almost all British teenagers have to wear a school uniform. However, in their free they can wear whatever they like, and what they like is designer names such as Nike, Diesel and Paul Smith. In fact, 40% of British teens say that they think it is important to have the latest fashion. Looking good doesn‘t come , but many teenagers think it usual or easy to spend more than £100 on one item of clothing.

90. A) but B) or C) so D) because

91. A) lessons B) sports C) advice D) fun

92. A) never B) already C) also D) no longer

93. A) with B) for C) at D) in

94. A) teachers B) relatives C) friends D) teenagers

95. A) day B) time C) week D) month

96. A) cheap B) expensive C) special D) ordinary


Sometimes you may not understand your parents. One minute they're friendly, the next minute they're shouting and screaming loudly enough for the whole street to hear. So who makes them so ? You, probably! Is your room untidy? Do you leave things on the floor? You may find it hard enough to keep one room tidy. So imagine what it's like for your mum and dad trying to keep a whole house in order. and plates down to the kitchen. Before long you'll be doing it without thinking.

Even though you may not realize it, your parents have bought you many clothes. But they're not buying themselves new things every week, are they? The simple truth is that things to spend money on, like the electricity bill and food.

You may hate missing a party to visit some boring old relatives. They may go on and 9

your parents won't change their minds. Parents like to show off their family. The best thing you can do is to help entertain your relatives. Your parents will be so pleased with you You might not want to eat, but think of it from the parents' point of view. If you cook two meals a day, it means 730 meals a year. Can you imagine how boring this can get? probably worried that you aren't eating enough. Your offer may not be accepted, but your parents will be pleased.

85. A. friendly B. lonely C. changeable D. comfortable

86. A. hang them up B. leave them alone

C. put them on D. throw them away

87. A. interesting B. difficult C. important D. surprising

88. A. agree B. complain C. listen D. win

89. A. concerts B. meetings C. classes D. parties

90. A. In addition B. In return C. At most D. At last

91. A. do the cooking B. lay the table

C. buy some snacks D. wash the dishes


During the time of the Second ! World War, a woman from New York was one of the many who had a son in the army in was always pleased to receive his letters, so when the letters stopped coming, she became worried She soon learned from the Home Office that her son was by the Japanese. And he was now in prison (监狱). A few weeks later, the mother was very to get a letter from her son. He wrote that he was in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, he was treated well and was in fine health, At the end of the letter, he added, "PS Steam off the stamp and give it to my little brother for his collection. "As the boy was her only son, the mother steamed off the stamp at once. She was surprised to see a message, , we' re starving(饿)to death!"

1. A. Ask B. America C Africa D. Europe

2. A, quickly B. suddenly C. finally D. quietly

3. A. sent B. chosen C heard D. caught

4. A. sad B. happy C. kind D. angry

5. A. or B. for C. so D. but

6. A. Look B. Listen C Save D. Help


Tiffany, a 16-year-old girl, was very, shy. Last September, her best friend, Sophie, moved abroad with her family because she had to continue her studies in America. She 10

even said she would not come back for at least a few years. Tiffany became and helpless. "I was really sad the moment I heard the bad news and I didn't know what to do," Tiffany recalled (回忆). "I myself in my room for a whole week. It was then that my aunt took me to a sports club one Saturday and I saw' so many young people playing various sports there. I signed up for a beginners' course in volleyball and since then I have been playing this sport. Now I practise twice a week there. It is wonderful playing sports in this club and I have made lots of as well. What's more, I feel I am much healthier than before."

The most basic aim of playing sports is that you can improve your health even if you while playing sports. Tiffany used to be a very quiet girl. Since she joined the sports club, she has opened up herself and now she has become very and enjoys meeting and talking with others.

For most people, that is one of the attractions of joining a sports club. You can get to know other young people who have similar interests. You don't have to sit down and talk to strangers.

You go in for sports and it is easier to understand your partners on the same team. Now Tiffany is quite her friends and she has also gained more confidence. Try to do regular sports. The mind needs exercise as well as the body.

80. A) angry B) lonely C) tired D) surprised

81. A) shut B) hurt . C) enjoyed D) helped

82. A) trouble B) mistakes C) money D) friends

83. A) So far B) In addition C) Once again D) After all

84. A) active B) strong C) lucky D) independent

85. A) generous to B) different from C) popular with D) disappointed in



( ) 85. A. make B. break C. follow D. remember

( ) 86. A. at the end of B. in the centre of C. on top of D. in front of

( ) 87. A.turn on B. worry about C. wait for D. point out

( ) 88. A. In addition B. For example C. By the way D. On the other hand

( ) 89. A. few B. many C. enough D. some

( ) 90. A. even B. never C. almost D. always

( ) 91. A. slow B. active C. interested D. excited


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