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Test For Unit 5

一 单项选择(15)

( )1. ----Do you have a ball? ----Yes, ____________

A .I am B. it is C. you do D. I do

( )2. ----______ your son have a key? ----No, he ________.

A. Do don’t B. Does doesn’t C. Do doesn’t D. Does don’t ( )3. ----Let's play computer games. ----__________

A. That sounds good. B. No, I don't.

D. No, I don't have a ball. C. Well, let's play soccer.

( )4. I think the math class is_______, so I don’t like it.

A.interesting B.boring C.relaxing D.fun

( )5. I ________ TV at night.

A.look at B.see C.watch D.look

( )6. I have _______ basketball. Let’s play ________ basketball.

A.the, the B.an, × C.×, the D.a, × ( )7. ----_______they have some sports things? ----Yes, they_______

A.Are, are B.Do, do C.Can, do D.Do, can ( )8. His brother ______ a tennis ball.

A. have B. is C. has D. there is

( )9. _________ have many _________.

A. We CD B. I CD C. They CDs D. She CDs

( )10. Sonia and Jeff ________ sports every morning.

A. doesn’t play B. don’t play C. plays D. not play

( )11. That ________ fun.

A. sound B. is sound C. sounds D. does sound

( )12. Peter gives(给) ______ some pencils and we like _______.

A. we, it B. us, them C. us, they D. me, they

( )13. ----What a beautiful skirt! ---- ______________

A. All right B. You’re right. C. Don’t say so. D. Thank you ( )14. He _______ a brother and a sister.

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