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(版本) (年级科目) 总第 课时 班级 姓名

定边职教中心(四中南校) 主备人: (总 4 页第 1 页)

(版本) (年级科目) 总第 课时 班级 姓名

6. She said, “They had left when I arrived there.”

7. She says, “Liu Fang is good at English.”

8. He said, “The plane takes off at 6:30 am.”

9. He said, “Where there is a will, the is a way.”

10. “ How much do you think it will cost?” he said.



I. Request and command (请求与命令)

Open your books-------------command

Please open your books.------ request (polite)

Can you open your books please? --------request (polite)

Could / would you please open you books? --------request (polite)

1. Make clear the difference between commands and requests and finish the following exercises: ( 搞明白请求与命令的区别然后指出下列句子哪些表请求哪些表命令)

1) Go and collect the wood right now.

2) Could you go and get the shopping bags, please?

3) Shut the door at once.

4) Go and get my coat.

5) Would you please get that book for me?

2. Summary( 总结)

commands requests

Close the door! Please ?

Get me something to eat! Would you please?

Speak louder? Could you please?

II. Change a command into an Indirect Speech.

“Open the window,” the teacher said to the students .

“Don’t open the window,” the teacher said to the students.

Ⅲ. Change a request into an Indirect Speech

“Open the window, please,” the teacher said to the students.

定边职教中心(四中南校) 主备人: (总 4 页第 2 页)

(版本) (年级科目) 总第 课时 班级 姓名 “Don’t open the window ,please,” the teacher said to the students

特别提醒 1.祈使句变为间接引语,主要使用动词不定式。




表示忠告,用 advise



1. “Shut up,” she said to him.

2. “Speak louder, please,” he said to her.

3. “Try the lift,” she said to her.

4. “Don’t wait for me,” he said to them.

5. “Stop wasting the time,” she said to him.

6. “Can you tell me a story?” the girl asked her father.

7. “Follow his instructions,’ she said to me.

8. “ could you come to the reception desk?” she asked him.

9. “Change your dirty uniform!” he said to the clerk.

10. “Can you lend me five yuan?” he asked me.




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