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Unit 1 单元测试


1. Our school is on ________ (five) Avenue.

2. Let me _________ (help) you with your English.

3. There __________ (be) some photos and a picture on the wall. 4. Nancy enjoys ___________ (live) in the big city. 分5. I want __________(go) to the library. 总6. Welcome _________(China).

7. Let’s enjoy the __________(city) quiet streets and parks. 8. This is the __________(begin) of the garden tour. 9. Let him __________(see) the map.

10. There are three ____________ (library) in our city.

二、 选择:(20分)

( )1. – Is there a post office near here? -- _______ Look! It is over there. 号A. Yes, there is. B. No, there isn’t. 考C. Yes, it is. D. No, it isn’t.

( )2. --________________________ -- It is on Center Street. A. Is there a bank on the street? B. Where is the bank?

C. How far is the bank? D. Do you know the bank? ( )3. –Is the library next to No. 1 Middle School?

-- _______. It’s far away(远离) from No. 1 Middle School.

A. Yes, there is. B. No, there isn’t. C. Yes, it is. D. No, it isn’t. ( )4. –Is there a hospital _________ the neighborhood?

名-- Yes. It’s _______ Center Street.

姓A. on; on B. in; on C. on; down D. in; of ( )5. The park is ________ the supermarket.

A. in B. on C. across from D. across to

( )

( ) 7.This is ___________ new hotel and that is _____________ old one. A. the, a B. a, an C. a, the D. an, a

( )8.– What is your new house like?

级班--It is a small one _______ a small garden.

A. and B. have C. with D. in

( )9.After dinner, my parents often take a walk ___ the park on Center Avenue.

A. across B. through C. from D. to

( )10. The music is very great! ___________ it, please!

A. Sing B. Listen C. Enjoy D. Spell

( )11. -- What’s in the room? -- ________ a desk and two chairs.

A. It is B. There is C. They are D. It has

( )12.– Welcome to our supermarket! -- ___________.

A. I think so B. It’s interesting C. That sounds boring D. Thank you

( )13.– Is it a _________ street?

-- Yes. There are many buses and cars every day.

A. clean B. dirty C. busy D. long

( )14. – Are there any books on the bookcase?

-- _________. They are English books. A. Yes, there are B. No, there aren’t C. Yes, they are D. No, there aren’t

( )15. _______ you don’t know the way, please call me.

A. Before B. So C. If D. Because

( )16. There ______ a book and two rulers in the drawer. A. has B. is C. are D. be ( )17. – Have a good trip, Mr and Mrs Black! -- ___________. A. I think so B. You’re welcome C. Yes, you are right D. Thank you ( )18. – Excuse me, ______?

-- Just go straight and turn to the right at Old Park.

A. why do you like they city library B. when to go to the city library C. how can I get to the city library D. the way to the city library ( )19. –Can you tell me the way to the post office?

-- Walk straight_______ turn right to Sixth Avenue. It’s on the right.

A. but B. then C. or D. and ( )20. __________ a pay phone near here? A. Is it B. Is that C. Is there D. Are there 三、补全对话。(10分)

A: Excuse __________. Is ________ a post office near here? B: No, there isn’t. But there is one on Sixth Avenue. A: Then how can I get there?

B: Just go______ straight. When you see a big supermarket, ________ left. The post office is _______ your right.

A: It’s near a … ?

B: Oh, it’s near a restaurant.Er… it’s also next________ a book store.

A: Then the post office is between the restaurant ________ the book store? B: It’s across _______a restaurant. A: I see. _________ you very much. B: You’re ____________. 四、根据题后要求完成句子。(10分) 1. There is a post office near here. (变否定句) ________ _______ a post office near here.

2. There is a book and two pens on the desk. (改为同义句) There _________ ______pens and a book on the desk. 对划线部分提问)

_________ the hotel?

4. There are some people in the park. (一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

_______ there ______ people in the park?

Yes, ______ _______ .

5. go, and, right, straight, turn, just, (连成句子)


五.完形填空。 (10分,每小题1分) ( )9.The hotel isn’t far from here. ( )10.You’d better take a taxi. 七、根据汉语意思完成下列句子。(10分,每小题2分) 1. 在邮政局前面有一家超市。 __________is a supermarket ________front of the post office. 2. 超市在哪里? __________ __________the supermarket?

Mrs the United States. English in a middle school(中学). She 3. 如果你饿了,请吃点面条。

________you _______, please have some noodles. 4. 飞机场在图书馆和市场之间。 The airport is _______the library ______ the market. 5. 我希望你们玩得开心。 ( ) 1. A. come B. is C. are D. be I______________ you have a good _________. ( ) 2. A. teaches B. learn C. write D. like

( ) 3. A. talk B. speak C. says D. ask 八、书面表达。(10分)

( ) 4. A. many B. a little C. little D. lot of 假如你是韩梅,你在街上 John: Excuse me, ___________________________? ( ) 5. A. Chinese B. China C. America D. English

( ) 6. A. six B. sixth C. the 到一位外国朋友约翰,他向你学 Han Mei: __________________ _ ________________

( ) 7. A. There have B. There is C. There are D. There has 文如何到达附近的银行,请根据 ____________________________________ ( ) 8 A. read B. watch TV C. swimming D. reading 图片内容完成你们之间的对话。 ____________________________________ ( ) 9. A. studying B. with study C. to study D. of study

50词左右。 ____________________________________ ( ) 10. A. busy B. new C. quiet D. old

六. 阅读理解。(1~10每小题2分共20分。) ___________________________________ (A)

Tom and Jim are brothers. They are from Australia. They speak English and French. Today they are in John: ___________________________________ China. Their family is in China. There are five people in their family. They are their parents, their sister and Han Mei: __________________________________

them. Their mother is a teacher. Their father is a doctor(医生). Their sister is very young (年轻). She goes to a kindergarten(幼儿园). They say China is a very interesting country. They like China.

( ) 1. Tom is from ____________.

A. China B. America C. Japan D. Australia

( ) 2. Tom and Jim speak ____________.

A. French B. English C. Japanese D. both A and B

( )3. How many(多少) people are there in Tom’s family? ____________

A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6

( ) 4. What’s Jim’s father? He’s a ________.

A. teacher B. doctor C. writer D. worker

( ) 5. Why do they like China?

A. Because its food is nice. B. Because the people is friendly. C. Because it is an interesting country. D. We don’t know.


Hello, are you looking for寻找 a hotel? Let me show you the way. There’s a big and cheap one on Yellow street. Look, from here, go across the street. Walk along Green Street, then turn right at the first turning(拐弯处). That’s Apple Street. Turn left again. That is Yellow street. You’ll see the Park hotel on the right and it is next to the Language school. It’s far from 远离here, so you’d better你最好 take a taxi. 阅读以上短文,根据短文内容判断正误。正确的写T,错误的写F。

( )6.There’s a big and cheap hotel on Yellow Street.

( )7.Walk along Green Street, then turn left at the first turning.

( )8.The hotel is across from the Language School.

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