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C:10、 27-3651.Good,let‘s play.

第Ⅱ部分 笔试部分(100分)


(D)1、My mother’s favorite is Monday. A、week B、subject C、color D、day

(A)2、We have English Thursday.It’s funny interesting.

A、on;and B、on;or C、in;and D、in;or (C)3、-Are there apples in the fridge? -No,there aren’t .

A、some;some B、any;some C、some;any D、any;any (C)4、-Bob,go and your clothes to my room,please. –OK,Mom.Do I need to my shoes here,too.

A、take;take B、bring;bring C、take;bring D、bring;take (B)5、Red is favorite color.

A、Mary’s and Alan’s B、Mary and Alan’s C、Mary’s and Alan D、Mary and Alan (A)6、-What color is your bag? -It’s yellow bag.

A、a B、an C、the D、/

( )7、Peter’s dog is very today,because Peter is busy and can’t play with it.

A、sad B、fun C、busy D、difficult ( )8、Carson can play tennis but can’t play violin.

A、the;the B、/;/ C、the;/ D、/;the ( )9、Li Hai is from .

A、French B、China C、Japan D、England ( )10、Thank you for me with my math. A、help B、to help C、helping D、helps ( )11、It is .

A、book B、my a book C、my book D、a my book ( )12、-Is this the Water Cube? -Yes, .

A、this isn’t B、it is C、it isn’t D、this is

( )13、The last name is the name,too. A、first B、family C、last D、full

( )14、Let have a look at your sweater. A、my B、me C、I D、mine

( )15、The boy is Alice Brown.What’s her family name?

A、Alice B、Brown Alice C、Brown D、Alice Brown


Hello,boys and girls.Do you like 16 ?Do you know Alice in Wonderland?It is a story 17 a little girl.Her name is Alice.One day,she 18 a white rabbit(兔子).Do you know? 19 rabbit can talk!And it 20 a watch.Alice runs 21 the rabbit.Alice

comes into a fantastic world(神奇的世界).There,after 22 some water you become(变成)very small,like a mouse.After eating some cake,you become very 23 ,like a giant(巨人).Alice meets 24 people and animals,too.I think 25 is a very interesting story.I like this movie very much!

( )16、A、eggs B、movies C、photos D、maps ( )17、A、about B、on C、at D、in ( )18、A、looks B、meets

C、eats D、teaches

( )19、A、One B、A C、An D、The ( )20、A、have B、is C、has D、goes ( )21、A、before B、like C、for D、after ( )22、A、eating B、drinking

C、getting D、bringing

( )23、A、big B、long

C、small D、short

( )24、A、any B、only C、many D、much ( )25、A、she B、he C、they D、it 七、阅读理解。(每题2分,共30分)


Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Wal-Mart Super Market. All the things are on sale. Have a look at the fruit and vegetables. They are very cheap. There are fresh(新鲜的) apples at $3 a kilo(公斤). Do you want any strawberries? They are big and red, at $8 a kilo. If you need to buy some potatoes(土豆), please come here, they are only $2 a kilo. Here are the school things. They are at a very good price, only $1 each. And we also have the clothes in all colors, $50 for two. Everything is s cheap! You don’t believe that? Please come and see for yourself.


( )26、I can buy some tomatoes in the super market. ( )27、Two kilos of apples and a kilo of potatoes are $10.

( )28、I can buy five pencils at $5. ( )29、The sports shoes are $50.

( )30、The strawberries are big and red.


Mr. Smith is an English man. He teacher English well. His English classes are very interesting. He likes us and we like him, too.

Mr. Smith has two children,Tom and Mary. Tom is seven and his sister Mary is four. Tom goes to school but Mary doesn’t. Mr. Smith likes to wear a T-shirt and jeans. Football is his favorite sport. After school we often have a basketball match(比赛). Sometimes Mr. Smith watches and joins us. He plays basketball just for fun. 根据短文,选择最佳答案。

( )31、Mr. Smith is .

A. a Chinese teacher B. an English driver

C. an English teacher

( )32、How many sons does Mr. Smith have? A. One. B. Two. C. Three

( )33、Mary doesn’t go to school because . A. she looks beautiful B. she is seven

C. she is only four

( )34、 is Mr. Smith’s favourite sport. A. Basketball. B. Football C. Volleyball. ( )35、The text is about .

A. Mr. Smith’s son B. Mr. Smith

C. Tom and Mary


Tom is a student, but he doesn't like his lessons. When he goes to school, he often forgets his things.

One day, Tom is going to have an English test, but he forgets to take his pen. His teacher says to him, "Tom, if a soldier(士兵) forgets to take his gun(枪) when he is going to have a battle(战斗),what do you think about that?" "Mm...,"Tom answers, "I think he must be the officer." 根据短文内容完成句子,每空一词。 36、Tom ________ like his lessons.

37、Tom isn't a soldier or an ________.

38、Tom forgets to take his ________ to school. 39、Tom's going to have an ________ test.

40、A soldier must ________ a gun when he is going to have a battle.


A:Hello,Gina! B:Hello,Bob!

A:You have a guitar.41、

B:Yes,I can.Music is my favorite lesson because I think it’s interesting. A:42、

B:I join the music club and 43、 So I join the science club,too.What club do you join? A:44、 I am a good swimmer.So I join the swimming club.

B:When do you usually have swimming lessons?

A:Every Sunday afternoon.That’s my favorite day.45、

B:Friday and Sunday.

九、根据提示正确填空,每空一词。(每题1分,共12分) 46、When is the (演讲)contest.

47、Are there (一些)birds in the tree? 48、You’ll (不久)be better.

49、June often (go)to a movie on Sundays. 50、She can (说)a little Japanese. 51、Mr Li is in the (run)club.

52、He can’t play the violin (good). 53、The old man (not like)thrillers. 54、Can I h you?

55、I like to eat eggs for b . 56、In class,Carson is my c .

57、Let’s see the animals (one). 十、汉译英,每空一词。(每题2分,共8分) 58、你能把我的笔记本带来学校吗?

Can you my notebook school? 59、凯文想了解中国历史。

Kevin learn Chinese .


My grandfather , comedies. 61、那本数学书没在书桌上。

on the desk.

十一、句型转换,每空一词。(每题1分,共10分) 62、I can sing and dance.(画线部分提问)

63、He often gets home at 6:00.(变为一般疑问句) he 64、That is my watch.(改为复数句)

65、They are Lucy and Lily.(改为否定句) Lucy Lily.

66、like,I,play,with,to,sister,my(连词成句) 67、not,June,any,does,pens,have(连词成句)

68、He eats an apple and an egg for breakfast.(画线部分提问)

69、That is a computer in English.(画线部分提问) 70、She is a nurse.(画线部分提问)

71、We aren’t doing our homework.(画线部分提问) 十二、书面表达。(10分)(文中不得出现真名,词数约60词) 假如你叫Henry,请给你的笔友Mike写封回信,介绍你自己。 提示:1、我的名字,年龄,生日,电话,所在学校。 2、我的家庭与关系,家人的名字与喜好。

3、我的喜好:电影,食物,运动,乐器,你在学校和在家所做的事情。(这些可用形容词写出原因或看法) Dear Mike:

Thanks for your letter. Your friend Henry

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