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一、 英汉词组互译

think about 醒来,叫醒

be late for school 查阅

lose one’s job 处于危险之中

take the place of 成千上万的

mistake …..for……. 以…开始

二、 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. I have two same .I can give one of them to you. (dictionary)

2. Look! The are swimming in the river happily. (goose)

3. All the police are trying their best to save the people in (dangerous)

4. Please tell me what happened last night? (real)

5. Some famous will visit our city next week. (science)

6. There will be no life on earth air. (with)

7. Mary was reading while Bill the radio. (repair)

8. Michael is than other students , so he isn’t good at study. (lazy)

9. I’m sure that robots can do work than humans. (difficult)

10. Do you know that there are no things on other planets.


1. 实际上,他是完全正确的。

, he was quite right.

2. 今年春天,我们将种植上万颗树

We are going to plant trees this spring.

3. 我们将用鸡蛋把这个篮子填满。

We’ll the basket eggs.

4. 汤姆长得越来越高。

Tom is growing

5. 我们可以代替他们去植树。

We can go to plant trees them.

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