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阅读理解 A

Everybody wants to be healthy. You know food is very important. There are many healthy foods. You can have more bananas, apples, oranges, tomatoes and lettuce because fruits and vegetables are good for you. But don’t eat too much chocolate. It’s not good for you. But don’t eat too much chocolate. It’s not healthy food. Healthy food can make you grow and make you strong and happy. Remember there is a saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Sports can also keep you healthy. Get up early and do some sports every day. Don’t be lazy! You will be healthy and happy.

1. Which is right?________

A. Everybody is healthy. B. We want to be healthy. C. We are important.

2. What are healthy foods? ____

A. Fruits and vegetables. B. Bananas, apples and chocolate.

C. Fruits and chocolate.

3. Why are healthy foods good for you? _______

A. They make you happy. B. They make you grow strong.

C. They make you grow and make you strong and happy.

4. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” means(意思是):______

A. The doctor goes away when he sees an apple.

B. The doctor runs away when you give him an apple.

C. You eat an apple every day and you can be healthy.

5. What keeps you healthy? ________

A. Fruits and vegetables. B. Healthy food.

C. Healthy food and sports.

阅读理解 2

Australia is the greatest island in the world. It is to the south of the equator(赤道). So when it is summer in our country, it is cold winter in Australia.

Australia is big, but the population(人口)there is thin. The population is the same as that of Shanghai, a city of China. Australia is young and diverse nation and Australian people come from many different countries.

Australia has many, many sheep. After a short drive from town, you will see sheep around you. You can also find kangaroo has a “bag” below its chest. The mother kangaroo keeps its baby in the “bag”.

Australia is considered to be a relaxed, informal society(社会). When greeting others, students and young people say “Hello” or “Hi”. Sometimes they will say “How’s it going?” or “Good day”. In more formal(正式的)situations they usually shake hands the first time they meet. “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” or “Pleased to meet you” are formal greetings. English is Australia’s national language.

1. Australia is the greatest island in the world. The word “island” may mean _______.

A. 国家 B. 城市 C. 山脉 D. 岛屿

2. Australia has the same population as _______.

A. Shanghai B. China C. Beijing D. Japan

3. When it is summer in Australia, it is _______ in China.

A. spring B. autumn C. winter D. summer

4. When Australian people meet for the first time, they will _______.

A. kiss each other B. hug(拥抱)each other

C. nod head to others D. shake hands

5. Which statement is right, according to the passage? _______

A. Australia has a large population.

B. Kangaroo is a kind of sheep in Australia.

C. Young people always say “How’s it going?” or “G day” to greet others.

D. When you drive in Australia, you can see many horses.

阅读理解 3

Jimmy, Tommy and John are classmates and friends. They study at the No.9 Middle School. They study

Chinese, English, math, history, geography, PE, art and music. Jimmy likes Chinese, English and history. They are his favorite subjects. Tommy is good at math and music. John’s favorite subjects are English, history and art.

The three boys all like sports. They often play ball games after school. They think it’s really fun and exciting. In the evening they do their homework, and sometimes they watch TV.

Are the statements true or false?

Write “T” for True, and “F” for False.

_____ 1. They study nine subjects at school.

_____ 2. Tommy’s favorite subjects are Chinese, English and math.

_____ 3. The three boys all like PE.

_____ 4. Playing ball games is fun and exciting for them.

_____ 5. They are hard working. They do homework in the evening every day.

阅读理解 4

Everyone wants to relax after working or studying for a long time. I have many ways of relaxing myself. Let me tell you some of my favorites.

I am a big sports fan, so the usual way I relax is to watch or play many kinds of sports. My favorite is tennis, but I am interested in all kinds of sports. Whether I am playing tennis or watching a game on TV, it is exciting to see team members doing their best. It’s amazing to see players playing very well. It’s true that playing sports is not physically(身体上地)“relaxing”, but I find it really cool, and a good way of “relaxing” my brain after a day’s hard work.

I enjoy listening to music, and I always enjoy some music during my free time. I listen to all types(类型) of music, but I enjoy listening to beautiful piano music. Some people can’t study while listening to music, but for me, I believe I can study better by listening to light songs.

Some people choose to relax by traveling. I don’t have a favorite place, but I hear that traveling in Japanese is really enjoyable. I like visiting different kinds of places and eating famous snacks there. I also enjoy seeing how the culture and people change from place to place.

______1. All people want to relax after working or studying for a long time.

______2. The writer has only two ways to relax himself.

______3. Playing sports is only physically relaxing.

______4. The writer went to Japan in the past.

______5. The passage is about how the writer relax himself after working or studying for a long time.


Key: 1.B 2.A 3.C 4.C 5.C

Key: 1.D 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.C

Key: 1.F 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.F

Key: 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.T

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