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An Analysis of Jane Eyre

The author of “Jane Eyre” is Charlotte Bronte(Charlotte Bronte, 1816, 1855), British novelist, was born in the poor family pastor, who had been in a boarding school, and later appointed as teachers and family teacher. In 1847, charlotte Bronte publishing famous novel "Jane eyre" is a literary world. In the fall of 1848 to 1849 years her younger brother and two sisters died. In the shadow of death and confused, she managed to complete the book "Shelley, her sister emilie on to their grief, and describes the early British spontaneous workers' movement. Her works “Wright” (1853) and "teacher" (1857), the two works are based on the experiences of life I.Charlotte Bronte good at in a lyric prose style of describing nature scenery, the work of strong emotional .

The novel merges elements of three distinct genres. It has the form of a Bildungsroman, a story about a child's maturation, focusing on the emotions and experiences that accompany growth to adulthood. The novel also contains much social criticism, with a strong sense of morality at its core, and finally has the brooding and moody quality and Byronic character typical of Gothic fiction.

It is a novel often considered ahead of its time due to its portrayal of the development of a thinking and passionate young woman who is both individualistic, desiring for a full life, while also highly moral. Jane evolves from her beginnings as a poor and plain woman without captivating charm to her mature stage as a compassionate and confident whole woman. As she matures, she comments much on the complexities of the human condition. Jane also has a deeply pious personal trust in God, but is also highly self-reliant. Although Jane suffers much, she is never portrayed as a damsel in distress who needs rescuing. For this reason, it is sometimes regarded as an important early feminist (or proto-feminist) novel.

The character Jane Eyre, is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respecting girl. After we close the covers of the book, after having a long journey of the spirit, Jane Eyre, a marvelous figure, has left us so much to recall and to think:

When we think of this girl, what she gave us was not a pretty face or a transcendent temperament that make us admire deeply, but a huge charm of her personality.

Actually, she wasn?t pretty, and of course, the ordinary appearance didn?t make others feel good of her, even her own aunt felt disgusted with it. And some others even thought that she was easy to look down on and to tease, so when Miss Ingram met Jane Eyre, she seemed quite contemptuous, for that she was obviously much more prettier than ?the plain and ugly governess?. But as the little governess had said: ?Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!? This is the idea of equality in Jane Eyre?s mind. God hadn?t given her beauty and wealth, but instead, God gave her a kind mind and a thinking brain. Her idea of equality and self-respect impress us so much and let us feel the power inside her body. In my mind, though a person?s beauty on the face can make others once feel that one is attractive and charming, if his or her mind isn?t the same beautiful as the appearance, such as

beauty cannot last for, when others find that the beauty which had charmed them was only a falsity, it?s not true, they will like the person no more. For a long time, only a person?s great virtue, a noble soul, a beautiful heart can be called as AN EVERLASTING BEAUTY, just as Kahill Gibran has said, that ?Beauty is a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted?. I can feel that how beauty really is, as we are all fleshly men, so we can?t distinguish whether a man is of nobleness or humbleness, but fleshly men, so we can?t distinguish whether a man is of nobleness or humbleness, but as there are great differences in our souls, and from that, we can know that whether a man is noble or ordinary, and even obscure, that is, whether he is beautiful or not.

Her story makes us thinking about life and we learn much from her experience, at least, that is a fresh new recognition of the real beauty.

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