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1. 有空闲时间 2. 允许某人做某事

3. 与某人闲逛 4. 课外活动课

5. 与某人吵架/打架

7. 与某人交谈

9. 学得过多

11. 给某人写信

13. 令某人惊讶

15. 生某人的气

17. 成功地发展;解决

19. 经常吵架/打架

21. 拒绝做某事

23. 以便

25. 一直

27. 使某人生气

29. 抄袭某人的作业

31. 独自消磨时光

33. 与某人吵架

35. 业余活动

37. 提出某人的观点

39. 体育训练 6. 直到半夜 8. 太多 10. 有足够的睡眠 12. 打电话给某人 14. 翻看 16. 重要的事 18. 和睦相处;关系良好 20. 笼罩 22. 主动提出做某事 24. 介意某人做某事 26. 今后 28. 担心某事 30. 做自己 32. 给某人施压 34. 与某人竞争 36. 取得更好的成绩 38. 学习应试技巧 40. 造成压力

41. 删除



I studied until mid night last night so I did n’t get enough sleep.


Why don 't you forge t about it?


Although she ’ s wrong , i t ' s not a big deal.


He should talk to his friend so that he can say h e’s sorry.


May be you could go to his house.


I guess I could, but I don’t want to surprise him.


They fight a lot,and really don’t like it.


Hope things work out.


Maybe I could cut out a few of their activities.


1 -Did the old man mind ____(swim) in the river?

-Yes, he didn’t allow us______(swim) un it.

2 I spend ten yuan ____(buy) the book.

3-Why do you make your parent____(angry)?Because they

Give me too much ____(pressure)

4 It is time ____(have)supper. You should stop_____(work)

5 She refused_____(talk) with us.because she is ____(tire)

6 My best friend is ______(popular) than me.I am ___ ____


7 They sat down and continued______(play) chess.

8 They are always____them____other children (与做比较)

9 Why not ____(hang) out? I feel_______ (lone)

10We offered_____(spend) time _____(help)the old.

11_____(learn) English well is very important.

12I can ____ ______ ______ _____ my friends.(相处好)

13 Tom went to school instead of _______(dance)

14 Doing chores helps ____(develop)children’s independence and

teaches them how____(look) after themselves.

15To my ____(surprise) .He got some ____(advice)

16 How about_________(go) hiking this afternoon?

17 Jim is a doctor. His ________ (old) brother is an engineer.

18 . To begin with we don’t have much money,

________ (second) we are too busy.

19 .you’d better___( not go) to school by bike.

20 He feels ____(worry)about the coming exam.

21 You shouldn’t____ (use) the phone

22 It’s crazy for Mothers to keep on ____________ (compare)their kids with others . in the classroom.


( )1.—You _______ write him a letter to say you are sorry for it.

—I ’m not good at writing letters.I want to talk about it _______ the phone.

A.could;on B.should;in C.can;over D.must;by

( )2. It ________ her four hours_________ the work yesterday.

A. takes, finish B. take, finishing C. took, finished D. took, to finish

( )3What a nice day,We should go for a walk _____watching TV at home

A.because of B. instead of C. instead D. out of

( )4. The word is unnecessary .You’d better________

A cut out it B cut it out C cut it up

( )5. — _______________?

— My car doesn’t work.

A. Why are you here ? B. How do you do

C. What’s wrong? D. What’s this ?

( ) 6. — We can use QQ to talk with each other on the Internet.

— Really? Will you please show me _________?

A. what to use B. how to use it C. how can I use it D. what can I use

( )7.The boy is because he argued with his best friend just now.

A. happy B. upset C. tired D. excited

( ) 8. — I had a fight with my brother this morning.

— _________

A. That’s nothing. B. Great!You are right.

C. You should say sorry to him. D.You shouldn’t talk to him first.

( )9. She looked _________ when she heard the _________ news.

A. surprised; surprised B. surprising; surprised

C. surprising; surprising D. surprised; surprising

( )10 The meeting didn't start___ everyone was there.

A. because B. until C. why D. if

( )11 The boy ___ to bed ___ his mother came in.

A. went not; until B. didn't go; after C. went; until D. didn't go; until

( )13I won't believe you___ I have seen it with my own eyes.

A. before B. until C. after D. when

( )14.If you don’t go, I won’t go _______.

A.too B.also C.either D.neither

( )12.After the death of their parents, the sisters _______ well and never argued.

A.got up B.got on C.got down D.got to

( )13. Could you please help me_________ when the planes arrives?

A. ask B. look for C. finds out D. find out

( )14. He used to ________very late, but now he is used to __________ early.

A. get up; getting up B. get up; get up

C. getting up; get up D. getting up; getting up

( )15.—What’s the matter with you, Peter? —_________________.

A. I am a student in Grade 9. B.He has got a headache.

C. I had a fight with my best friend.. D. She’ll take some medicine.

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