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1. 基本概念:过去进行时表示在过去某一时刻或一段时间内正在进行的 动作。这一特定的过去时间除有上下文暗示以外, 一般用时间状语来表示。

2. 结构 was / were ( not ) + 动词-ing

3. 句式


I/He/She/It was working. We/You/They/ were working.


I/He/She/It was not working.

We/You/They/ were not working.


Was I working? Yes, you were. No, you were not. Were you working? Yes, I was. No, I was not. Was he/she/it working? Yes, he/she/it was. No, he/she/it was not. Were we/you/they working? Yes, you/we/they were. No, you/we/they were not. 注:

1) was not常缩略为wasn’t; were not常缩略为weren’t。

2) 一般过去时与过去进行时用法的比较: 一般过去时表示在过去某个时间发生过的动作或存在的状态, 而过去进行时则表示在过去某一时刻或某一段时间正在进行的动作。 例如:

David wrote a letter to his friend last night. 大卫昨晚给他的朋友写了封信。(信写完了。)

David was writing a letter to his friend last night. 大卫昨晚一直在给他的朋友写信。(信不一定写完。)


when, while 区别:

1) 由when引导的时间状语从句,主句用过去进行时,从句应用一般过去时; 由while引导的时间状语从句,主句用一般过去时,从句应用过去进行时。 When the teacher came in, we were talking.

当此句改变主从句的位置时,则为: While we were talking, the teacher came in.



1. Now Jim’s sister __________________(read) newspapers.

2.He __________________(watch)TV at nine last night.

3.He __________________(watch)TV last night.

4. What __________________the twins __________________(do) then?

5. — ________Lily ______________(draw) a cat when the teacher came in ? — No, she _________

6. __________________you __________________(have) supper at that time?

7. Jack __________________(not read) a book at nine yesterday evening.

8. Now Jim __________________(play) basketball on the playground(操场).

9. What ___________________ he _______________ (do) at nine o’clock last night.

10. They ___________________ (listen) to the music at that time.

11. When the teacher came in, the students ___________________ (read) the text.

12. We ___________________ (watch) TV when suddenly the telephone rang.

13. Her mother ____________(cook) while her father was watching TV

一.Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the words in brackets.

When I ____ (be) in the sixth grade, I ______ (join) a piano competition. I

________ (practice) for four hours every day and my piano teacher _____ (come) three times a week to _____ (help) me. Then the big day finally _______ (arrive). I ____ (be) so nervous when they _____ (call) my name. I _____ (go) up and _______ (start) to play.

While I ___________ (play), everyone ____ (sit) still and listened. I played the song without any mistakes. Then I ______ (wait) for them to call out the winner. When I ______ (hear) my name, my heart ____ (beat) so quickly I thought I would stop breathing. I couldn’t believe it. I ____ (win)! It ____ (be) the happiest day of my life!

二.Fill in the blanks with when or while

1. _____ I was walking home from school, I saw

a strange light in the sky. But _____ I pointed

it out to my friend, it went away.

2. ______ I told my older brother about the strange light in the sky, he just

laughed and didn’t believe me.

3. ______ my brother was laughing, the television news reported that other

people had seen the light as well.

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