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Unit1 My new teachers
?读下列单词两遍,(红色的拼读两遍),中文一遍: young funny tall strong king old short thin who’s=who is Mr what’s=what is like he’s =he is she’s=she is strict smart active quiet very but from know principal university student Miss lady so much fun ?读下列对话一遍,中文一遍。背诵一遍。 A:Who’s your math teacher? Mr Zhao. What’s he like? He’s thin and short. He’s very kind.

B:Who’s that young lady? She’s our pricipal. Is she strict? Yes, she is. Is she active? No,she isn’t. She’s quiet. ? Pronunciation(字母组合的发音规则): ea /i:/ peach tea seat jeans ee /i:/ beef sheep queen sleep
bl /bl/ blue black block blow br /br/ bread brown library break

Unit2 My days of the week

Monday(Mon.) Tuesday(Tue.) Wednesday(Wed.) Thursday(Thu.) Friday(Fri.) Saturday(Sat.) Sunday(Sun.) day have on do homework watch TV read books too tomorrow often love play computer games What about? do housework ? 读下列对话一遍,中文一遍。背诵一遍。
A: What day is it today? It’s Wednesday. What do you have on Wednesdays? We have English, science, computer and P.E. I like Wednesdays.

B: What do you do on Saturdays? I often do homework, read books and watch TV. What do you do on Sundays? I often play ping-pong. That’s great! ? Pronunciation(字母组合的发音规则): ow /au/ how town brown now ou /au/ our mouth mountain house cl /cl/ clock class clean close cr /cr/ cry cream crow crop

Unit 3 What’s your favourite food?
? 读下列单词两遍,(红色的拼读两遍)中文一遍: cabbage pork mutton eggplant fish green beans tofu potato tomato for lunch we tasty sweet sour fresh salty favourite they’re=they are fruit Grape don’t=do not I’d like=I would like menu sound healthy now have to eat ? 读下列对话一遍,中文一遍。背诵一遍。 A: I’m hungry. What do you have for lunch today? I have eggplant and tomatoes. What about you? I have onions and green beans.

B: What’s your favourite food? Fish. Me too. It’s tasty. I like grapes. I don’t like grapes. They’re sour. C: What would you like for lunch? I’d like some tomatoes and mutton. Pronunciation(字母组合的发音规则): ow /?u/ window yellow snow grow oa /?u/ coat boat goat road fl /fl/ floor flower flag flow fr /fr/ fruit frog from fridge

Unit4 What can you do?
? 读下列单词两遍,(红色的拼读两遍),中文一遍: empty the trash wash the window cook the meals water the flowers sweep the floor clean the bedroom make the bed set the table wash the clothes do the dishes use the computer can can’t=cannot put away the clothes play chess helpful at home just do it I’d like to=I would like to have a try robot ? 读下列对话一遍,中文一遍。背诵一遍。 A:Are you help at home, Chen Jie? Sure. What can you do ?

I can sweep the floor .I can cook

the meals. Great! You’re helpful! B: Can you set the table,Chen Jie? Yes, I can. I can do the dishes,too. Can you wash the clothes? No, I can’t, but I’d like to have a try!

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