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Unit 7
What does he look like? ( Section B )

ⅠⅠ Teaching material Ⅱ Teaching aims Ⅲ Key and difficult points Ⅳ Analysis of the students Ⅴ Teaching and learning methods Ⅵ Teaching aids Ⅶ Teaching procedure Ⅷ Blackboard design

Ⅰ.Teaching material
A. Textbook

B. Function and status

Ⅱ.Teaching aims





A. Knowledge aims
1. Key words or phrases beard, black, blonde, wear, glasses, not…any more 2. Key pattern —What does he look like? — He is… — He has…

B. Ability aim
To learn to describe one’s looks.

C. Emotion aim
To know that they shouldn’t judge one person by his/her appearance.

III. Key and difficult points
A Key points
1. Some new words about describing people.

2. Sentence pattern about describing people.

B Difficult point
To describe one’s appearance and exchange this information correctly.

Ⅳ. Students
A. Students of Grade 7

B. Eagerness
C. Attention

Ⅴ.Teaching and learning methods
A. Teaching methods
task-based method audio-lingual method

B. Learning methods
cooperative learning autonomous learning

Ⅵ. Teaching aids


Ⅶ. Teaching procedure
step1. Greeting and Revision(5’) step2. Presentation(10’) step3. Practice(15’) step4. Consolidation(10’) step5. Summary(3’) step6. Homework(2’)

Step 1. Greeting and revision
1. Greet the students.

2. Review the sentence patterns in section A.

Pair work

-What does he look like? -He is.. -He has..

Step 2. Presentation

Spot the differences

c b a

Step 3. Practice
1. Listening
Audio-lingual method Cooperative method

Task-based method

3. Reading

Autonomous method

pop singer

movie actor medium height , Blonde hair

thin grasses

Group work

Who is your favorite musician, actor or athlete?

Are they the same person?

short, straight


doesn’t wear

Step 4. Consolidation
Can we judge one person just by his/her appearance?

Ugly or Beautiful

We can’t judge people by their appearances.

Emotion aim

Step 5. Summary

Step 6. Homework
Write an article about one of your family members.

Ⅷ. Blackboard design:
Unit 7 What does he look like?
Ⅰ. pattern What does he look like? He is … He has… Ⅱ. words

blonde, black, glasses, beard…

Education does not mean teaching people to know what they don’t know ; it means teaching them to behave as they don’t behave. —John Ruskin


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