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Period 1

You have 10 seconds to name…

You have 10 seconds to name…

You have 10 seconds to name…

You have 10 seconds to name…

What’s your famous sports star?

name: Guo Jingjing. Job: diver Birthday: October 15th,1981

She was born she was born She was born She was born She was born

in 1981. in October, 1981. on October 15th, 1981 October 15th . on October.

International Sports Stars

Deng Yaping

Michael Jordan

Martina Hingis
tennis player Born: 1980

David Beckham
football player Born: 1975

ping-pong player basketball player

Born: 1973

Born: 1963

A: Who’s that? B: That’s Deng Yaping. She is a great Chinese ping-pong player. A: When was she born? B: She was born in 1973.

Complete the dialogue
1. A: Who’s that? That’s B: _____ Yao Ming. He is a great _______. Chinese basketball player A: When was he ___? born was born in 1980 B: He _________.
birth year:1980

Name: Liu Xiang
Job: runner

Birthday: 1983

Name Yaping Deng : Time:
She started playing pingpong in 1978 She stopped playing ping pong in 1997

A: Who’s that? B: That’s Deng Yaping. A: When
did she start playing pingpong?

B: She started playing in 1978.
A: When
did she


playing pingpong?

She stopped playing in 1997

A:How long



B:She played for 19 years.


birthday: 2/17/1963 start : 1984 stop : 1999 how long : 15 years

选好题号, 根据内容, 猜测: Who’s he/ she?

He is an actor. He is from Hong Kong .He was born in 1954. He often does Chinese Kongfu in the movies.

He is an essay(小品) actor .He is from Heilongjiang. He was born in 1954 . He is short but funny .He often performs (演出) with a tall woman .

He was born in 701.
He started writing poems in 715. He loved drinking very much. We learned his poem “Quiet Night Thoughts”
Moonlight before my bed, Could it be frost instead? Head up, I watch the moon; Head down, I think of home.

He is an excellent teacher He was born in 1966 He started doing Chinese kongfu in 1985. He stopped doing Chinese Kongfu in 2002. He is our grade director He teaches us politics

he is in our class. He was born in1998. He is tall and he is a handsome boy. He started being our monitor last year.

Two stars for you

1.We are all born superstars.
2. Everyone of us is born useful.

Use be born start stop famous…..to write a brief autobiography (内容:姓名,年龄,出 生年月日,职业等)

I am Happy. I am sixty. I was born in1976. I started teaching in 2001. I stopped teaching in 2031. I taught for thirty years. I wanted to be a teacher when I was 10 years old . I am really famous because one of my students is the Chinese president.

A: Write your parents autobiography. B: Use how long; when; start ;stop to make 8 sentences . C: Find 8 sentences in today’s lesson and copy them on your exercise books.

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