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1.---We’ll be back for our school’s __anniversary ceremony. -

---I see. T hat means you’ll have a get-together with your classmates in__years.

A.fifteen;seven B.fifteenth;seven C.fifteen;seventh D.fifteenth;seventh

2.Now,everybody,please turn to Page__and look at the__picture.

B.A.Fifth;five B.Five;fifth C.Fifth;fifth D.Five;five

3.__people went to the concert which was held in People’s Square__ the night of May Day.

A.Thousands of ;in B.Thousand;on C.Many thousand;in D.Thousands of on

4.__of the land in that district__covered with trees and grass.

A.Two fifths;is B.Two fifth are C.Two fifth is D.Two fifths are

5.I think __of the materials I listen to at the beginning of the exam __easy.

A.thee fourths is B.third four are C.three fourths are D.three fourth are

6.Each of us has to write a __report every two weeks .


D.two-hundred-words B.two-hundreds-word C.two-hundreds-words

7.About__of the workers in the factory were born in the __.

A.two-thirds; 1970 B.two-thirds;1970s C.two-third;1970 D.two-third;1970s

8.We don’t have enough nurses to look after the patients .At least__are needed.

A.ten another nurses B.more ten nurses C.other ten nurses D. another ten nurses

9.---Which is the small number of the four? ----__.

A.Two-thirds B.A half C.A quarter D.Three-fourths

10. This is Mr White’s __visit to Beijing .He has been there twice before .

A.two B. second C.three D.third


11. On my 第十五) birthday, I got a computer from my aunt.

12.It’a day.

13.Our school has a history of two (百) years .

14.October 1 st ,2009 is the (sixty)birthday of the People’s Republic of China.

15.Six eight is fourteen .

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