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1、人称代词的主格在句中作主语。如: 我们爱我们的祖国。 她是一名好学生。


一、根据句意用适当的人称代词、物主代词填空 A. 从括号内选择正确的代词填空 2、人称代词的宾格在句中作动词、介词的宾语,还可作表语使用。如:


他妈妈在外面等他们。 那是谁?---那是我。 3、人称代词的语序

几个人称代词并列作主语时,它们的顺序是: 单数形式(2,3,1) you, he and I 复数形式(1,2,3) we, you and they


1、形容词性物主代词在句中作定语修饰名词,一般不单独使用。 2、名词性物主代词常用来避免和前面提及的名词重复。相当于“形容词性物主代词+名词”。

3、名词性物主代词可用在of后面作定语,相当于“of+名词所有格”, 表示带有部分概念或有一定的感情色彩。如: He is a friend of mine. 他是我的一个朋友。

1. Your football clothes are on the desk.

Please put _________(they,them,their,theirs) away. 2. (We,Us,Our,Ours)_________ English teacher is Mrs. Green. We all like _________(she,her,hers).

3. (I,Me,My,Mine)_________ can’t get my kite. Could you help _________(I,me,my,mine)? 4. Tom can’t get down from the tree. Can you help _________(he,him,his)?

5. Her kite is broken. Can _________(you,your,yours) mend it? 6. We can’t find our bikes.

Can you help _________(we,us,our,ours)? 7. These are _________(he,him,his) planes. The white ones are _________(I,me,mine). B. 填入正确的人称代词和物主代词 1. This isn’t her knife. _________ is green.

2. These are your books,Kate. Put __________ in the desk,please. 3. You must look after ________ things.

4. Wei Fang,is that ________ ruler? Yes,it’s.

5. They want a football. Give __________ the green one,please. 6. It’s Lin Tao’s bag. Give ________ to __________. 7. Is this pencil-box Li Lei’s? No,___________ is very new. 8. This box is too heavy. I can’t carry _________. Don’t worry,Let __________ help __________.

9. _____ is a boy _____ name is Mike. Mike’s friends like _____ very much.

10. My sister is in _____ room. _____ is a teacher. 11. Jane is a little girl. _____ mother is a nurse. 12. We are in _____ classroom. _____ classroom is big. 13. My father and mother are teachers. _____ are busy 14. You are a pupil. Is _____ brother a pupil, too?


1. Who is singing over there? — ________ is Sandy’s sister. A. That B. It C. She D. This 2. ________ will spend the summer holiday in Hawaii. A. She, you and I B. You, she and I C. I, you and she D. Her, me and you 3. Between you and ________, he is not a real friend.

A. me B. I C. he D. his 4. My uncle bought a new bike for ________. A. theirs B. they C. me D. I 5. Mr Smith often praises ________ for his progress in studies. A. he B. him C. I D. me

6. Here’s a postcard for you, Jim! — Oh, ________ is from my friend, Mary.

A. he B. it C. she D. it’s

7. Don’t shake the young tree. ________ leaves are falling off. You

should look after________. A. It, it’s B. It’s, it C. Its, it D. It, it

8. Little Baby knows that he should not take the things that do not belong to ________.

A. he B. his C. her D. him 9. Will anyone go on a trip with him ? — Not ________. A. I B. me C. mine D. he

10. Among those lovely toys, the brown toy dog was given by ________. A. he B. his C. him D. he’s

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