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Kiwi ! Dream

I have strong legs . I have a long and sharp mouth . My life is long . But I have no wings.

I am a bird and I
I am a bird, but I can only stand on the ground looking at them to fly in the sky
我是一只鸟,但是我只能站在地上看 着他们在天空翱翔

I have a dream that I can fly in the sky . 我有一个梦想,我想在天空飞翔

? I will make this dream come true. I will make this dream come true. 我将要实现这个梦想

My confession 我的自白
This is my first and last flying ,I will die after this flying . 这是我的第一次也是最后一次飞翔这次飞翔将以 我的死作为结束。 But I don’t regret because that I can realize my dream. 但是,我不后悔因为我实现了我的梦想。 Finally I can say loudly that I am a real bird. 终于我可以大声的说出来我是一只真正的鸟。

Thank you !

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