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△ 基 本 型

一、 写出下列名词的复数形式:

1. pencil-box ___________ 2. wife _______ 3. Sunday ________ 4. city ______

5. dress _______ 6. Englishman ________ 7. match _______ 8. Chinese ________

9. zoo ________ 10. exam________ 11. German __________

二、 单词拼写:

12. I have a lot of ________(作业) to do every day.

13. His _______(裤子) are new, but mine are old.

14. It is the best one of the _________ (照片) in my family.

15. Are they building any _______ (图书馆) in the city?

16. Can you cut this big pear into two _______(半)?

17. At the end of _______(八月), you must get ready for the new school year.

18. Trees are planted in most of the mountain v________.

19. I like a_______. It’s neither hot nor cold.

20. T_______ comes after Monday.

△ 提 高 型

st1. June 1 is ____ Day all over the world.

A. Child’s B. Childs’ C. Children’s D. Childrens’

2. September 10th is ___ Day in China, isn’t it?

A. Teacher’s B. Teachers’ C. Teacher D. Teacher of

3. _____ is made of _____.

A. Glass; glass B. A glass; glass C. Glasses; glasses D. A glass; glasses

4. This is _______ news.

A. such a good B. a very good C. so good a D. such good

5. What ______ it is! Let’s go swimming.

A. a fine weather B. fine day C. a fine day D. bad weather

6. They like Chinese _____.

A. food and peoples B. foods and people C. foods and people D. food and people

7. Lucy and I go to school _____ every day.

A. on feet B. on foot C. by foots D. by buses

8. –Are those _____?


-No, they aren’t. They’re _____.

A. sheep; cows B. sheep; cow C. sheeps; cow D. sheeps; cows

9. What are you listening to, Jane? ____ or ____?

A. a music; a news B. music; news C. music; news D. music; a news

10.How many ____ and ____ are there in your class?

A. boy student; girl ones B. girls students; boys ones

C. boys student; girl one D. girl students; boy ones

11.A group of ____ are talking with two ___ over there.

A. Frenchmen; Germans B. Frenchmen; Germen

C. German; Frenchmen D. Germans; Frenchmans

12. That bus driver drank two _____.

A. glass of water B. glasses of waters C. cups of tea D. cup of tea

13. Mrs. Smith is an old friend of _______.

A. Bob’s mother B. Bob’s mother’s C. mother of Bob C. Bob mother’s

14. The tall man with a big nose is _______ teacher.

A. Tom and Carl B. Tom’s and Carl’s C. Tom and Carl’s

15. There is ______ tree in our school.

A. a 8-metres-tall B. an-8-metre-tall C. an 8 metres tall

△ 综 合 型

1. In ____ time, those mountains will be covered with trees.

A. few year B. a few years’ C. few years D. a few year’s

2. Did you hear the ______ report?

A. police B. policemen’s C. policemans’ D. policemens’

3. We bought _____ for my mother’s birthday.

A. some meats B. some pieces meat C. a piece of meat D. pieces of meats

4. –Whose is this new desk?

-It’s _____.

A. Sue and Jim’s B. Sue and Jim C. Sue’s and Jim’s

5. –Would you like _____ coffee?

-No, thanks. I’ve drunk two __.

A. any; bottles of orange B. little; bottle of oranges

C. some; bottles of orange D. a few; bottle of orange

6. –How many _____ do you want?

-Two, please.

A. kilos of egg B. kilo of eggs C. kilos of eggs D. kilo of bread

7. The railway station is two _____ from our house.


A. hour’s drive B. hours’ drive C. hour-drive D. hours drive

8. –Where are you going, Lucy?


A. To my uncle B. To my uncle’s C. At my uncle D. At my uncle’s

9. Have you read _____?

A. a newspaper of today’s B. today newspaper

C. a piece of newspaper today D. today’s newspaper

10. There’re a lot of ___ down there, but hardly any ___.

A. horse; people B. horses; peoples C. cow; people D. sheep; people

11. Lucy put a lot of ____ in ____ of tea. (2000西安)

A. sugar; the two cup B. sugars; the two cups

C. sugar; the two cups D. sugars; two cups

12. Mr. Lin often gives us _______ by e-mail. (2000上海)

A. some good information B. some good informations

C. good informations D. a good information

13. –Is this your room?

-No, it’s _____ room. (2000广州)

A. the children B. the children’s C. of the children D. the childrens’

14. –I’ll give you _____to finish the work.

-OK. (2000重庆)

A. two week’s time B. two weeks’ time C. two week time D. two weeks time

15. –Who is the man in the blue car?

-He is ______ father. (2000湖北黄冈)

A. Kate’s and Mary’s B. Kate and Mary’s C. Kate and Mary D. of Kate and Mary

16. –What can I do for you?

-I’d like two ______. (2000河南)

A. box of apple B. boxes of apples C. box of apples D. boxes of apple

17. –Help yourself to some _________.

-Thank you. I really like them. (2001汕头)

A. fish B. orange C. bread D. cakes

18. This is an old photo of mine when I _______. (2001吉林)

A. have short hairs B. had short hairs C. have short hair D. had short hair

19. Where is ________ sweater? I can’t see it. (2001四川)

A. Lucy B. Lucys C. Lucy’s


20. The little baby has two _______ already. (2001天津)

A. tooth B. tooths C. teeth D. teeths

21. We all had ______ last month. Did you travel to anywhere? (2002汕头)

A. seven days’ holiday B. seven day’s holiday

C. seven-days holiday D. a seven-days holiday

22. Yesterday a few _____ came to visit some ______ in Shantou. (2002汕头)

A. German; places of interest B. Germans; places of interests

C. Germans; places of interest D. Germen; places of interest

23. When autumn comes, ______ of most trees turn yellow and then fall down.

A. leaf B. leafs C. leave D. leaves



△ 基 本 型


1. The car is running about sixty miles _______ hour.

2. My friend is interested in __________ science.

3. Don’t worry, we still have ________ little time left.

4. John is _________ cleverest boy in his class.

5. March 8 is _________ Women’s Day.

6. _________ Greens will come to see you tomorrow.

7. Here is ________ black blouse, __________ blouse is hers.

8. They always have ________ bread for __________ dinner.

9. I prefer playing _______ piano to playing _________ basketball.

10. ________ harder we study, _________ more we’ll learn.

△ 提 高 型

1. We can’t see _______ sun at _________ night.

A. a; / B. a; the C. the; / D. the; the

2. Students often play _______ volleyball in ________ afternoon.

A. /; an B. /; the C. the; an D. a; the

3. Is Canada _______ English speaking country?

A. / B. a C. an D. the

4. This is _______ orange. It is _______ small orange.

A. an; an B. an; a C. /; the D. the; a

5. ______ UN report says that there will be standing room only on _____ earth then.

A. A; the B. A; / C. An; / D. An; the

6. We’ve never seen ________film before. It’s very interesting.

A. so a good B. a so good C. a such good D. such a good


7. There is _______ “x” in ______ word “six”.

A. a; the B. a; an C. an; the D. a; a

8. Look! _______ fine weather it is today!

A. What a B. what C. how a D. how

9. _______ Yellow River is ________ second longest river in China.

A. The; the B. /; a C. The; a D. The; /

10.John Smith is ________ of the two young men.

A. strong B. a stronger C. the stronger D. the strongest

△ 综 合 型

1. –What color is ______ orange?

-It’s _______ orange.

A. an; an B. an; the C. an; / D. /; an

2. Look! ______ good time the children are having!

A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

3. London is _____ capital of ______ England.

A. the; the B. a; a C. a; the D. the; /

4. There’re ___ few mistakes in your homework. Don’t make __ same mistakes again.

A. a; a B. a; the C. the; the D. /; the

5. Most of the students in our class go to _____ school by bike every day.

A. /; / B. the; a C. /; a D. the; the

6. Don’t give up. You can try for _______ second time.

A. the B. an C. a D. /

7. She took me by ______ hand and led me into ______ room.

A. my; a B. the; the C. a; the D. my; the

8. What _____ interesting game it is! It must be _____ great fun.

A. an; a B. a; the C. the; / D. an; /

9. The house in ______ front of the river is on ______ fire.

A. /; / B. the; the C. the; / D. /; a

10.He often says ______ rich should help _______ poor.

A. the; a B. a; the C. the; the D. /; /

11.–What can you see by the lake?

-I can see ____ old man sitting on the chair. (2000杭州)

A. a B. an C. the D. /

12.–Have you had ______ lunch yet?

-No, not yet. (2000广州)

A. / B. a C. the D. an

13.One morning he found a bag. There was __ “s” on the corner of __ bag. (2000甘肃)

A. a; a B. a; the C. an; a D. an; the


14.There’s ______ egg on the plate. _____ egg is for you. (2000内蒙古)

A. a; A B. an; An C. an; The D. the; An

15.Did you enter for _____ high jump or _____ 400-metre race? (2000上海)

A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the

16.____ old man in black has waited for you for half ______ hour. (2001汕头)

A. The; an B. The; a C. An; a D. An; 不填

17._____ elephant is _____ useful animal. (2002汕头)

A. An; an B. An; a C. The; an D. A; an

18.–I saw _____ story-book on the teacher’s desk?

-_____ book is Li Ming’s. (2003汕头)

A. a; A B. the; The C. the; A D. a; The



△ 基 本 型

1. Please tell _____ about it if _____ doesn’t know.

A. her; herself B. she; she C. her; she D. hers; her

2. ______ office is much larger than _______.

A. Ours; yours B. Our; yours C. Their; our D. Your; their’s

3. Is there _______ in today’s newspaper?

A. something important B. important anything

C. anything important D. important everything

4. The sweater isn’t _______. It’s _______.

A. yours; his B. your; hers C. mine; he’s D. his; her

5. We study Chinese, English and some _______ subjects.

A. the other B. other C. others D. another

6. The film is not interesting. _______ like it.

A. Little B. A little C. Few D. A few

7. All of them have gone out. There is ______ in the classroom.

A. somebody B. anyone C. everybody D. nobody

8. Let’s go and play football, _______?

A. will you B. shall we C. do we D. shall you

9. Do you know ______ dictionary it is?

A. which B. who C. whose D. whom


10.I’ve two friends. ______ of them are at school.

A. Both B. Neither C. Each D. All

△ 提 高 型

1. Of the three foreigners, one is from London, ______ are from the USA.

A. two others B. the other two C. another two D. the both

2. –Which would you like, sir, tea or coffee?

-I don’t mind. _______ is OK.

A. Either B. Neither C. Any D. Both

3. Help ________ to some chicken, boys and girls.

A. you B. yours C. yourself D. yourselves

4. –What do you usually have for breakfast?

-______ milk and ______ eggs.

A. Little; a little B. A few; few C. A little; a few D. A few; a little

5. –Who taught ______ history last year?

-Nobody! He learned it _______.

A. him; himself B. his; himself C. himself; himself D. his; him

6. There isn’t ______ paper here. Will you go and get _______ for me?

A. any; any B. any; some C. much; many D. many; much

7. The farmer is very busy because he’s so _______ sheep to keep and so ______ work to do every day.

A. much; many B. many; much C. many; a lot D. a lot; much

8. On ______ side of the river there’re many tall trees.

A. every B. all C. both D. each

9. The days in winter are shorter than ______ in summer.

A. that B. one C. those D. these

10.–Who is playing the piano in the next room?

-______ is Li Ping’s brother.

A. This B. That C. It D. He

△ 综 合 型

1. ______ the twins enjoyed _______ at the party yesterday.

A. Both; them B. Both; themselves C. Neither; them D. All; themselves

2. –Which do you prefer, a bottle of orange or a cup of tea? -______, thanks. I’d like just a cup of water.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

3. –Would you like _______ milk in your tea?

-Yes, just _______.

A. any; little B. some; a little C. much; a few D. a little; some

4. There is ______ to do this evening.


A. much nothing B. many nothing C. nothing much D. nothing many

5. The two friends were so pleased to see each other that they forget ______.

A. anything else B. something else C. nothing else D. everything else

6. –Is this your shoe?

-Yes, it is. But where is _______?

A. the other B. another C. other one D. the other one

7. What I want to say is ______: English is a very useful language.

A. it B. this C. that D. those

8. They have an English lesson ______ day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A. each other B. every other C. some others D. another more

9. We found _______ very important to learn a foreign language well.

A. this B. that C. it D. it’s

10.-______ is Lily like?

-Oh, she’s tall and thin.

A. How B. Who C. Which D. What

11.–Would you like milk or orange?

-______. I prefer water. (2000西安)

A. Each B. Neither C. Either D. Both

12.–Oh, there is someone in the room.

-_____ must be my mother. (2000安徽)

A. There B. She C. This D. It

13.Betty and John have come back, but ______ students in the class aren’t here yet.

A. the other B. others C. another D. the others (2000山西)

14. ______ of us has read the story. (2000上海)

A. Some B. Both C. All D. None

15.–Which of her parents is a doctor?

-______ are. (2000天津)

A. Any B. Either C. Both D. Neither

16.I have bought a new watch because my old ______ doesn’t work. (2000重庆)

A. it B. one C. that D. this

17.–Is this dictionary ______ or ______?

-It’s mine. (2000内蒙古)

A. your; hers B. your; her C. yours; her D. yours; hers

18.There is _____ water in my glass. Will you please give me _____? (2000甘肃)

A. little; some B. few; any C. few; some D. little; any

19.-______ pencil-box is this, Patrick?


-It’s ______. (2000上海)

A. Whose; mine B. Who’s; mine C. Whose; my D. Who’s; my

20.The pen is _____. She wrote _____ name with it ______.

A. hers; her; herself B. her; hers; her

C. her; hers; herself D. her; herself; hers

21.Last Sunday everybody went to the cinema except ______. (2002汕头)

A. I and Tom B. Tom and me C. Tom and I D. me and Tom

22.Grandpa Li has three sons. One is in Shanghai. ______ is in Guangzhou and _____ is in Beijing. (2002汕头)

A. Another; another B. The other; the other

C. Another; the other D. The other; another

23.Mr. And Mrs. Brown built the house and no one helped them.(不变原意,改写句子) (2002汕头) ________ _________ built the house __________ ___________.

24.–Whose photo is this?

-It’s ______. (2003汕头)

A. me B. mine C. my D. myself



△ 基 本 型


1. One h_______ years is a century. _________

2. Thursday is the f_______ day of the week. _________

3. Autumn is the t________ season of the year. _________

4. Christmas is on December the t_______ each year. _________

5. Letter H is the e______ letter in the alphabet(字母表). _________

6. There are t_______ months in a year. _________

7. My brother is just 20. Today is his _____(20岁) birthday. _________ (2002汕头)

8. _______ (三分之二)of the fish have been sold out. __________

△ 提 高 型

1. –What date is it?

-It’s _______.

A. the May fourth B. the fourth of May

C. fourth May D. May four

2. My good friend Zhangying studies at ______ Middle School.

A. 16 B. the 16 C. 16th No. D. No.16

3. His uncle has lived at _______ for ten years.

A. No.103 Xinhua Street B. 103 Xinhua Street


C. Xinhua Street 103 D. Xinhua Street No.103

4. Please wait here. I’ll be back in _______ hours.

A. two and half a B. two and a half

C. half and two D. two a half

5. China is _______ larger than the United States.

A. one six B. one sixth C. one sixes D. a sixths

6. Two ______ died of cold last winter.

A. hundreds old people B. hundreds old peoples

C. hundred old people D. hundred old peoples

7. 999 reads nine hundred ______.

A. and ninety ninth B. and ninety-nine C. ninety and nine D. and nine nine

8. Our teacher told us to write a _________ composition(作文).

A. two-thousand-word B. two-thousand-words

C. two thousands words D. two-thousands-word

9. Henry is ______ tallest in their class.

A. three B. the three C. third D. the third

10.Would you like to try _______ time?

A. two B. second C. a two D. a second

△ 综 合 型

1. When spring comes, _______ trees are planted in our city.

A. millions of B. a million of C. two millions D. million of

2. The number of the girls in our school ______ more than six ______.

A. are; hundreds B. is; hundred C. are; hundred D. is; hundred

3. The world population will past ______ billion by the end of ______ century.

A. six; twenty B. sixth; twentieth C. six; the twentieth D. the sixth; the twenty

4. John began to learn Japanese by himself in _____.

A. the fifty B. the fifties C. his fifty D. his fifties

5. –When were you born?

-I was born ______.

A. in 1988 June 6 B. on June 6, in 1988 C. in June 6, 1988 D. on June 6, 1988

6. –What’s the English for 12:30?

-It’s _____.

A. twelve and thirty B. one to thirty C. twelve thirty D. a half past twelve

7. Most English people have _____ names: _____ name, a middle name and the family name.

A. three; first B. three; a first C. the three; the first D. the third;


one first

8. The library in the school isn’t large. There’re only _____ books in it.

A. six thousand, five hundred and forty-one

B. six thousands and five hundreds and forty-one

C. six thousands, five hundred forty and one

D. six thousand, five hundreds and fourth-one

9. _____ of the world’s books and newspapers are written in English.

A. Three quarter B. Three of quarters C. Third fourths D. Three fourths

10.In _____ Marx began to learn Russian.

A. a 1870 B. the 1870 C. the 1870’s D. his 1870

11.Today we’re going to learn the _____ lesson. (2000甘肃)

A. twenty B. 20 C. twentieth D. twentyth

12.–How deep is the hole?

-It is _____. (2000广州)

A. four metre deep B. four metres deep C. four-metre deep D. four-metres-deep

13.By the end of last year we had planted about five _____ trees.

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of

14.We’ve planted _____ trees in the centre of our city this year. (2000上海)

A. hundred B. two hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of

15._____ books must be produced for the children. (2000辽宁)

A. Many thousands B. Many thousands of C. Many thousand of D. Many thousand

16.There are _____ days in June and _____ day is Children’s Day. (2001汕头)

A. thirteen, first B. thirty; the second C. thirty; the first D. thirteen; the first

17._____ trees are planted every year. (2003汕头)

A. Thousand B. Thousand of C. Thousands D. Thousands of



△ 基 本 型


1. John is ________(tall) than Sam. (99北京)

2. Lin Lin is the ________ (young) in our class. (99



3. the man took off his shoes and put them under his bed very _______(quiet). (1999辽宁)

4. Ann felt very _______ (happy) at her birthday party.

5. Which is _______ (far) from us, the sun or the moon? (99河南)

6. She looks _________ (thin) than me. (99成都)

7. It snowed ________ (heavy) last night and now the streets are covered with snow. (1998上海)

8. Mr. Benson seems to be the ________ (busy) man in the world. (98河北)

9. “The sooner, the ________ (good)”, Uncle Wang said. (98广东)

10.Jack has the ______ (little) bread of the three boys. (98吉林)

11.We don’t think their classroom is ______(干净) than ours.

12.Meimei walks as _______ (慢) as Lily does. (99兰州)

13.Who’s _______(好) than you at English in your class? (99西安)

14.The teacher asked us to take a _____ (仔细) look at everything in the lab.(98浙江)

15.Shanghai is one of the _______ (大) cities in the world. (98宁夏)

16.Which is the _________ (beautiful) skirt of the three? (2000北京海淀区)

17.The sick man is getting ________ (ill). (2000上海)

18.The meat smells ________ (坏). Please take it away. (2000黑龙江)

19.The wind is blowing _________ (strong). (2000广西)

20.Who’s ________(高), Lucy or Lily? (2000杭州)

21.She didn’t do her homework _________(仔细). (2001汕头)

22.Your bag is much _________ (轻) than mine. (2001汕头)

23.How _______ (大) the rain is! (2002汕头)

24.Of all the students Li Hua lives _______ (远). (2002汕头)

△ 提 高 型

1. My ____ sister is two years _____ than I.

A. older; older B. elder; elder C. older; elder D. elder; older

2. Can you do your work with _____ money and _____ people?

A. less; few B. less; fewer C. little; less D. few; less

3. I didn’t know which was _____, so I took them both.

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

4. There was _____ house in front of the hill.

A. a wooden old fine B. an old wooden fine


C. a fine old wooden D. an old fine wooden

5. The population of Beijing is larger than _____ Shengzhen.

A. / B. the one in C. that of D. those of

6. What an _____ story! I’m _____ in it.

A. interested; interesting B. interesting; interested

C. interested; interested D. interesting; interesting

7. The jacket is _____ nice, but it’s _____ more expensive than that one.

A. much; much B. very; very C. much; very D. very; much

8. After tunning She is too tired to walk ______.

A. farther B. further C. farthest D. furthest

9. –Do you think the chicken tastes ______?

-She cooked it _____, I think.

A. good; good B. well; well C. well; good D. good; well

10.Li Lei is running _____ now.

A. more and more slowly B. slowier and slowier

C. slowly and slowly D. more slowly and more slowly

11.Lin Tao speaks English very well, and ______.

A. so does his friend B. his friend does so C. so did his friend D. so he did

12.He worked _____ quietly _____ no one knew he was there.

A. so; as B. so; that C. very; that D. too; to

13.You must be more ______, Jim. Look, you didn’t write _____.

A. carefully; careful B. careful; carefully C. careful; careful D. carefully; carefully

14.The twins are together most of the time. So they never fell ______.

A. lonely B. alone C. happily D. friendly

15.New York is _____ in the United States.

A. larger than any city B. larger than any other city

C. bigger than any cities D. biggest of all the cities

16.This street is much ______ than that one. (2000天津)

A. straight B. straighter C. straightest D. more straighter

17.Of the two pencil-boxes, the boy chose ______ expensive one. (2000重庆)

A. less B. the least C. the less D. the most

18.Would you please say it _____? I still can’t follow you. (2000河北)

A. more slow B. much slow C. more slowly D. much slowly

19.This kind of skirt looks ______ and sells ______. (2000安徽)

A. nice; well B. nice; good C. well; well D. good; nice

20.–How was the weather yesterday?


A. hardly; hardly B. hardly; hard C. hard; hard D. hard; hardly

21.He hurt her so _____ that she cried. (2001汕头)

A. bad B. badly C. hardly D. worse

22.The girl is _____, but her younger sister is even _____. (2001汕头)

A. tallest; taller B. taller; tallest C. tall; tallest D. tall; taller

23.This chair is not _____ for him to ______. (2001汕头)

A. strong enough; sit B. enough strong; sit

C. enough strong; sit in D. strong enough; sit on

24.Tom does everything _____, so his teacher speaks ______ of him. (2003汕头)

A. careful; high B. carefully; highly C. careful; highly D. carefully; high

25.You don’t look so _____ as usual. You’d better go and see a doctor at once.

A. well B. good C. nice D. bad (2003汕头)

△ 综 合 型

1.The little baby looks _____. (99上海)

A. lovely B. carefully C. heavily D. sadly

2. The Chinese people are ______ than you think. (99南京)

A. friendly B. more friendly C. very friendly D. as friendly

3. Everything is _____ on the moon than on the earth. (99昆明)

A. much more lighter B. much more light

C. more lighter D. much lighter

4. She is _____ careful as I, but I’m _____ than you. (99河南)

A. as; much careful B. so; more careful

C. as; much more careful D. so; very careful

5. I think science is ______ foreign languages. (99福州)

A. so difficult as B. as difficult as

C. very difficult than D. much difficult than

6. Allan is one of _____ popular teachers in the school. (99广州)

A. more B. the more C. most D. the most

7. I don’t think Unit 3 is more difficult. I think it’s _____. (99山西)

A. more easily B. more easier C. much easily D. much easier

8. No one runs as fast as John in his class. The sentence means _____. (99山西)

A. John runs fastest in his class.

B. John runs faster than any other boy in his class.

C. John runs more slowly than any other student in his class.


D. John runs as fast as others in his class,

9. Which do you like _____, tea, orange or water? (99天津)

A. good B. well C. best D. better

10. Of all the apples Jim’s is _____. (98黑龙江)

A. the bigger B. the biggest C. bigger D. biggest

11.Maths _____ one of the ______ subjects in middle school. (98西安)

A. are; important B. is; most important

C. is; more important D. are; much important

12.What a _____ cough! You seem ______ ill. (99辽宁)

A. terrible; terribly B. terribly; terrible C. terrible; terrible D. terribly; terribly

13.The Yellow River is ______ river in China.

A. the two long B. the second longer C. the second longest D. two longest

14.–Do you have a big library?

-No, we don’t, at least, not _____ yours.

A. bigger as B. as big as C. as big than D. as bigger than

15.There are a lot _____ people today than yesterday.

A. of B. most C. much D. more

16.–She has been ill since last week. How is she now?

-She is _____ today.

A. worse B. iller C. worst D. much more ill

17.John has three sisters. Mary is the ______ of the three.

A. most cleverest B. more clever C. cleverest D. cleverer

18.It takes a long time to go there by train; It’s _____ by road!

A. quick B. the quickest C. much quick D. quicker

19.The horse is getting old and cannot run ______ it did.

A. as faster as B. so fast than C. faster D. so fast as

20.I believe that _____ you work, ______ result (结果) you’ll get.

A. the harder; the better B. the harder; a better

C. the more hard; the more better D. more hard; more better

21.Though Li Ming and Li Hua are twin brothers, they look _____. (2002汕头)

A. same B. the same C. difference D. different

22.Queshi Bridge is the second ______ bridge in Shantou. (2002汕头)

A. large B. long C. longer D. longest


23.单词拼写:How ______ (大) the rain is! (2002汕头)


The coat cost so little that I bought it. (用肯定句转换) (2002汕头)

The coat ______ ______ ______ for me to ______.

25.完成句子:我们相信,诚信(honesty)会使汕头更加美好。 (2002汕头) We ______ _______ that honesty will make Shantou ______ _______.

26.完成句子:唯有健康是最重要的。 (2002汕头) ______ ______ health is the _______ _______.



△ 基 本 型


1. You’d better not go _______ the forest. It’s dangerous.

2. Which room are you going to live ______?

3. The building is ______ fire. There are some people ______ the top floor.

4. Before 1990 there was no airline _______ the two cities.

5. It’s not good to come late _______ school.

6. What’s wrong _______ your bike?

7. Thank you very much _______ coming to see me.

8. I couldn’t finish it _______ your help.

9. Don’t laugh _______ others’ mistakes.

10. Do the twins look _______ their father?

11.–How do you usually come to school every day?

-Sometimes _______ bike, sometimes _______ foot.

12.It’s very kind _______ you to help me _______ my maths.

13.Don’t read _______ the sun. It’s bad ________ your eyes.

14.The teacher told us the moon travels ________ the earth.

15.You must learn these words _______ heart, and answer my questions ____ English.

16.Please meet your uncle ______ noon ______ Saturday.

17.Thanks ______ your help. I finished the work before dark.

18.It’s cold and the temperature is ________ zero during the night.

19.The teacher is writing ______ red ink _______ a piece of paper.

20.The children are waiting _______ the gate _______ their mother.

△ 提 高 型

1. There are two classes _____ Wednesday afternoon. (99南京)

A. at B. in C. on D. to

2. This programme was sent to the USA _____ China ______ satellite. (99



A. in; of B. of; in C. from; by D. by; from

3. The visitors _____ Japan arrived ______ Beijing Station last Tuesday

morning. A. from; at B. of; to C. from; to D. of; on (99江西)

4. Here are some presents ______ you ______ our best wishes. (99安徽)

A. to; with B. for; with C. of; about D. for; for

5. Lily asked her brother, Mike, not to be angry ______ her. (99兰州)

A. in B. to C. with D. for

6. Is everyone here good _____ dancing? (99昆明)

A. at B. on C. to D. for

7. They arrived _____ Guangzhou ______ the morning of May 25. (98广州)

A. at; in B. in; in C. in; on D. at; during

8. Children are often told not to play ______ fire. (98上海)

A. on B. for C. with D. under

9. No one can stop her _____ going away. (98河北)

A. of B. from C. to D. out of

10. The easer goes ______ one student ______ another. (98福州)

A. from; for B. from; till C. from; after D. from; to

11.You’ll get a nice present _____ your parents _____ your birthday.

A. from; on B. for; at C. from; in D. of; during

12.Let’s wait _____ her _____ the corner of the street.

A. on; on B. for; in C. at; at D. for; at

13.Look! The two men are ______ trouble. They are calling ______ help.

A. with; for B. in; for C. under; at D. into; out

14.The boy filled the bottle ______ some milk. Now it’s full ______ milk.

A. with; with B. of; with C. with; of D. off; without

15.Mother always talks _____ her friends _____ the phone ______ weekend.

A. with; on; at B. to; with; on C. about; on; through D. of; by; at

16.–When did he lend the dictionary _____ you?

-I borrowed it _____ him the day before yesterday.

A. from; to B. to; by C. to; from D. on; out of

17.Uncle Wang lives _____ a farm, but he works ______ a factory.


A. in; in B. to; in C. in; at D. on; in

18.She came up to me, _____ a smile _____ her face.

A. with; in B. like; on C. with; on D. without; at

19.He wanted to ask _____ some books ______ music.

A. for; in B. about; of C. for; on D. about; about

20.His school is far _____ his home, but near ______ mine.

A. from; to B. from; from C. to; to D. to; from

△ 综 合 型

1. The bridge _____ the river is made ______ big stone.

A. on; from B. over; of C. above; in D. of; into

2. He stayed _____ his uncle’s _____ a week.

A. in; for B. with; till C. at; for D. for; about

3. I can’t swim _____ the river _____ a piece of wood.

A. across; without B. through; with C. over; on D. in; by

4. The desk _____ the teacher is ______ the classroom.

A. of; in front B. to; in front of C. at; before D. for; in the front of

5. John cut the pear _____ four pieces ______ a knife.

A. in; by B. into; with C. with; by D. to; in

6. The other day I met a friend _____ my way to school.

A. of me on B. of my on C. in D. of mine on

7. It’s easy _____ us to finish the work _____ time.

A. for; on B. of; in C. for; before D. of; at

8. We, League members, should be strict _____ ourselves _____ our work.

A. in; in B. with; with C. with; in D. in; with

9. She asked me to sit _____ her and help her _____ Chinese.

A. between; at B. beside; with C. before; in D. on; of

10. Lin Tao answered all the questions _____ the last one _____ usual.

A. except; as B. beside; as C. except; on D. but; in

11.Jim’s gone ______ England with his family and he won’t be back _____ Monday.

A. for; on B. to; at C. for; till D. to; until

12.____ Christmas Eve, children all over Britain put a stocking _____ the en of their beds before they go to sleep.

A. At; by B. During; in C. On; at D. In; before

13.Is the girl _____ red _____ duty today?

A. with; on B. on; for C. of; at D. in; on

14._____ a few years’ time, it will be covered _____ many thousands of trees.

A. In; with B. After; by C. In; on D. After; over

15.Many old things _____ show were used _____ keeping tea hot.


A. at; to B. on; for C. for; on D. in; as

16.English is spoken ____ a first language _____ most people in the USA.

A. by; as B. as; by C. for; of D. like; in

17.We visited him _____ his workplace _____ the young trees.

A. in; beside B. at; along C. at; among D. to; between

18.It will stop the sand _____ moving _____ the rich farmland in the south.

A. from; toward B. from; to C. into; towards D. at; down

19.What’s the difference _____ a sheep and a goat?

A. from B. to C. between D. among

20.They got _____ the foot of the mountain just now.

A. at B. in C. to D. off

21.My father returned at 10 o’clock _____ of June 15. (2000重庆)

A. in the night B. by the night C. on the night D. at night

22.He often mistakes me _____ my brother. (2000黑龙江)

A. to B. as C. for D. with

23.China has built a Great Green Wall _____ the northern part _____ the country.

A. to; in B. across; of C. across; on D. at; of (2000辽宁)

24.Thank you very much _____ lending the eraser ______ me. (2000河南)

A. for; at B. to; to C. for; to D. to; for

25.Since you are ______ trouble, why not ask ______ help? (2000安徽)

A. in; for B. in; to C. with; for D. with; to

26.My aunt arrived here _______ a warm spring morning. (2001哈尔滨)

A. in B. at C. on D. by

27.His father has been ______ Australia ______ 1998. (2001汕头)

A. to; in B. in; since C. to; from D. in; from

28.Mr. Black was angry ______ Jim _____ laughing _______ him. (2002汕头)

A. at; for; to B. for; with; on C. with; for; with D. with; for; at



△ 基 本 型

1. The box is light. Wang Pin can _____ it by herself. (1999北京)


A. find B. watch C. carry D. learn

2. My parents ______ about 1000 yuan for my school education each year.

A. spend B. take C. cost D. pay

3. –It’s very cold outside.

(1999天津) -Oh, yes. You’d better _____ your coat. A. put on B. put away C. put back D. put up

4. Why not ______ that blue dress? The colour is beautiful. (1999河北)

A. get on B. try on C. take off D. turn off

5. David’s always the

winner of the race, but this time

he ______ others. (1999山西)

A. fell behind B. fell down C. fell over D. fell off

6. I learned to _____ a bicycle when I was a boy. (1999内蒙古)

A. drive B. run C. ride D. operate

7. I like writing to my penfriends, but it ______ a lot of time. (1999辽宁)

A. spends B. uses C. takes D. pays

8. The ticket is on the floor. Please ______. (1999吉林)

A. pick up it B. pick up them C. pick it up D. pick them up

9. Jack likes to _____ others but never writes to them. (1999江西)

A. hear of B. hear about C. hear from D. hear

10.–How long may I _____ this book? -No more than three weeks.

△ 提 高 型

1. –Can I _____ your bike? -A. lend; borrow B. borrow; lend C. carry; lend D. borrow; keep

2. How long have you _____ away from China? (1999兰州)

3. –A. tell; speak B. talk; speak C. tell; say D. talk; say

4. It _____ here, on this card, that it was used in plays. (1999呼和浩特)

A. speaks B. writes C. says D. tells

5. Stamps are used for ______ letters. (1999宁夏)

A. writing B. receiving C. sending D. selling

6. –第20页

-One hundred and twenty yuan.

A. spend on B. pay for C. cost D. take

7. The boy keeps on ____ English. Now he can ____ us stories in English.


A. speaking; tell B. talking; talk C. say; speak D. speak; say

8. Oh dear! The radio is making so much noise. Will you _____? (2000


A. turn it up B. put it up C. turn it off D. put it off

9. –Lucy, where are you going?

-I’m going to Mary’s house. Today is her birthday. I’m going to _____ (2000汕头)

her a birthday present.

A. send B. send for C. give D. give back

10. I’m sorry. Mrs Bates isn’t here. May I _____ a message? (2000汕头)

A. take B. leave C. give D. bring

△ 综 合 型

1. It _____ me about a quarter to go to school on foot every day. (1999


A. pays B. spends C. costs D. takes

2. “Do you know the meaning of this word?” “No. But why not ____ in your dictionary.”

3. “_____ Alice come to our bicycle trip?” “Well, I’m not sure if she


A. Does B. Will C. Has D. Did

4. I like listening to music on the radio, but I can’t ______ much time

_____ it.

A. pay; for B. spend; on C. cost; listening to D. take; in

5. With the help of computers, news can ______ every corner of the world

swiftly(迅速地). (2000


A. get B. arrive C. reach D. return

6. What did the manager _____ you to ______ at the meeting. (2000上海)

A. tell; say B. ask; speak C. tell; speak D. ask; talk

7. Your room looks dirty. Will you please _____ it clean? (2000天


A. take B. make C. let D. tidy

8. I don’t like this sweater. Please ______ me another. (2000


A. show B. try C. put D. took


9. He always gets up early and _____ his clothes quickly in the morning. (2000重庆)

A. dresses B. puts on C. wears D. has on

10.Mrs Green hasn’t got any money with her. She ___ her bag in her


A. stayed B. forgot C. left D. took

11.The teacher is so careful that he always looks over his exam exercises

to _____ there are no mistakes in them. (2000内蒙古)

A. look up B. make sure C. find out D. think about

12.We _____ carefully but we could _____ nothing. (2000


A. listened; hear B. listened to; hear C. hear; listen D. heard; listen


13.–May I _____ your bike?

-Sorry. I _____ it to Mary yesterday.

14.–I’m sorry I _____ my exercise book at home. -

Don’t forget _____ it to school tomorrow, please.

A. forgot; to take B. left; to bring C. forgot; to bring D. left; to take

15.–How long did you _____ drawing this picture? -Five days.

16. How much does this car _____ in the USA? (2003


A. worth B. cost C. pay D. spend



△ 基 本 型

选用can, could, may, must, shall, should, will, would, can’t, mustn’t,

needn’t或have to


1. There is air around us, thought we ________ see it.

2. Your mother is getting better and better. You _______ worry about her.

3. You _______ play football in the busy street.

4. “_______ it be true ?.” “Yes. It _______ be true indeed.”

5. Tom _______ come to the party tonight, but I’m not sure.

6. _______ you please fetch me some water for me?

7. Young trees ________ be planted in spring.


8. “Must we hand in our exercise books today?”

“Yes, you ______.” “No, you ________.”

9. “May I take this magazine out of the reading-room?”

“Yes, you _______.” “No, you _______.”

10. Please speak a little louder so that I _______ hear you.

△ 提 高 型

1. If you are not careful in the street, a car ______ hit you. (1999杭州)

A. can B. may C. would D. must

2. –May I watch TV now, mum?

A. don’t; must B.

don’t; can’t C.


3. –

A. needn’t we; mustn’t B. mustn’t we; needn’t

C. mustn’t you; mustn’t D. needn’t we; needn’t

4. He isn’t in the school. I think he ______ be ill. (1999广东)

A. can B. shall C. must

5. Children ______ play on the road or in the street. It is dangerous.

A. may not B. mustn’t C. couldn’t D. needn’t

6. Even the top students in our class can’t work out this problem, so it


be very difficult. (1999


7. –Can you ride a bike? -No, I _____.

A. may not B. can’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t

8. –Must I return the book this morning?

A. needn’t; must B. mustn’t; can C. need

9. You ____ to go and see the doctor right now. (1997


A. must B. should C. have D. will

10. Don’t play with the knife. You ______ hurt yourself. (1997山西)

A. may B. should C. have to D. need

△ 综 合 型


1. What _____ I do for you, madam?

A. may B. must C. can D. will

2. You’re made the same mistake again. How _____ you be so careless!

A. shall B. may C. can D. must

3. Peter _____ come with us this afternoon, but he isn’t very sure yet.

A. shall B. may C. can D. must

4. Don’t worry! The news _____ be true.

A. may not B. mustn’t C. will not D. needn’t

5. The traffic _____ stop when the lights are red in the street.

A. can’t B. don’t have to C. mustn’t D. must

6. –Look! It _____ be the new headmaster.

-It _____ be him. He went to Beijing yesterday.

A. can; mustn’t B. can; can’t C. must; can’t D. must; may

7. ______ I close the window? It’s so cold here.

A. Must B. Will C. Need D. Shall

8. You _____ return the bike now. You can keep it till tomorrow if you like.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not

9. You _____ yourself about money.

A. needn’t worry B. needn’t to worry C. don’t need worry D. needn’t be worry

10.Many people want to see you. _____ they wait here or outside?

A. Do B. Will C. Need D. Shall

11.____ I ask your name, please?

A. Will B. Shall C. May D. Must

12.You _____ do it even if you don’t want to.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. have to D. needn’t

13.I _____ like someone to take me to the museum.

A. will B. would C. shall D. need

14.Look, what you have done! You _____ more careful.

A. may be B. had to C. should be D. should

15.The girl in white must be a nurse, _____?

A. isn’t she B. mustn’t she C. may not she D. didn’t she

16.It’s a fine day today. You _____ take a raincoat with you. (2000重庆)

A. mustn’t B. don’t need C. needn’t D. can’t

17.You _____ wash your hands before meals. It is good for your health. (2000广州)

18.“Can you sing the song in English?” “No, I _____.”


19.–Will you stay for supper?


–Must I return this book this afternoon? A. mustn’t; can B. can’t; need C. needn’t; must D. mustn’t;


21.-_____ the girl be sent to hospital at once? -No, she needn’t. She’ll be all right soon.



△ 基 本 型


1. A cow _______ (eat) grass but gives milk. (1999云南)

2. The room is dirty. I _______ (clean) it in a minute.

3. Mary _______ (sing) three songs already. Let her have a rest. (1999上海)

4. It is late at night. Dad _______ still _______ (work) at the desk.

5. Tell Robert to turn off the lights before he _______ (go) out. (1999山西)

6. He put on his clothes and _______ (hurry) to school without breakfast.

7. He _______ (fall) and _______ (hit) his leg on a table that day. (1999内蒙古)

8. She _____ _____ (be) there twice already.

9. What time ______ Jim ______ (get) up every day. (1999南京)

10. Look! Tom ________ (mend) the car over there.

11.You ______ ______ (not sweep) the floor yesterday.

12.________ (hold) on a minute, please! I _______ (look) for a piece of paper now.


13.If you _______ (speak) too loudly in public places, other people ________ (not be) pleased.

14.15.“Sorry, I feel like _______ (watch) TV after supper.”


16.________ (not worry). He’ll come back soon. (1999昆明)



20.We ________ (not go) climbing the hills if it rains tomorrow.

△ 提 高 型

1. “I’ve finished my homework.” “When ____ you _____ it?” (1999天津)

A. have; finished B. do; finish C. did; finish D. will; finish

2. Judy _____ the Great Wall twice, and now she still _____ to go there. (1998河北)

A. went to; wanted B. goes to; wants C. has gone to; wants D. has been to; wants

3. They usually _____ TV in the evening. (1999


A. watch B. will watch C. are watching D. watches

4. The child _____ crying when he saw his mother. (1999吉林)

A. stop B. stops C. stopped D. stopping

5. What were the twins talking about when you _____ them? (1999杭州)

A. had seen B. were seeing C. saw D. see

6. Please buy some stamps for me if you _____ the post office.

7. –Where is Jim? -He ____ to the library.

A. went B. has been C. goes D. has gone

8. Kate ____ to bed until her father returned yesterday evening.

A. won’t go B. doesn’t go C. went D. didn’t go

9. “Have you ever been to Shanghai?” “Yes, I ____ there last year.” (1999济南)

A. went B. go C. were D. gone

10. The two old men ____ each other since 1970. (1999河南)

A. didn’t seen B. don’t see C. haven’t seen D. won’t see

11. She says that she ____ to Beijing next week. (1999武汉)


A. has gone B. will go C. goes

12. I’ll go for a walk with you if it _____ tomorrow. (1999广东)

A. won’t rain C. doesn’t rain C. will rain

13. I ____ her to bring my book to school yesterday. (1999


A. told B. tell C. am telling D. have told

14.Be quite. The child ____. (1998广


A. sleeps B. slept C. is sleeping

15.I don’t know if he ____ tomorrow. If he _____, I’ll meet him. (1998辽宁)

A. will come; comes B. comes; comes C. will come; will come D. comes;

will come

16.I ____ an old friend of mine when I ____ in the street yesterday


C. was meeting; was walking D. met; walked

17.–Is Mr. Wang at home?

-No, he isn’t. he ____to Nanjing.

A. went B. goes C. going D. has gone

18.–Have you mended the motorbike, Tom? -Yes, I ____ it ten minutes ago.

19.If it is fine, the sports meeting ____ two days. (1998


A. lasts B. will last C. lasted D. last

20.Our geography teacher told us that the earth ____ around the sun. (1998


A. goes B. go C. went D. going

△ 综 合 型

1. By the end of last term, we ____ 1000 English words. (1996


A. have learned B. has learnt C. had learned D. learned

2. The Reads ____ lunch when I got to their house. (1997


A. were having B. was having C. are having D. is having

3. His family ____ TV from 10 to 12 last night.

A. watched B. were watching C. had watched D. was watching

4. “Have you ever ____ to the USA?” “Yes, I ____ there last summer.”

A. gone; went B. gone; have been C. been; went D. been; have


5. He ____ his homework and now is listening to music.

A. finished B. finishes C. has finished D. finish

6. We’ve waited for you 2 hours. Where _____, Jim?

A. are you B. have you been C. are you from D. have you gone

7. He’s out. He ____ to the library.

A. went B. has gone C. has been D. had gone

8. “How long have you ____ there?” “About six years.”

A. come B. gone C. left D. worked

9. Our workshop ____ since two years ago.

A. was opened B. opened C. has been open D. has opened

10. My grandpa _____ for half a year.

A. has been dead B. died C. has died D. was dead

11.“When ____ the Greens ____ back to China?” “Next month”.

A. did; come B. are; come C. will; come D. have; come

12.Stay inside, please. It ____ hard right now.

A. is raining B. has rained C. rains D. was raining

13.Our knowledge of the universe _____ all the time.

A. grow B. is growing C. grows D. grew

14.Look! Lily with her sisters _____ a kite on the playground.

A. is flying B. flying C. are flying D. fly

15.It’s five years since I ____ you last time.

A. met B. meet C. have met D. had met

16.I thought the news ____ important for us all.

A. is B. was C. were D. will be

17.The woman fell off the bike and _____ on the road.

A. lied B. lie C. lay D. lying

18.Granny Wang told the children that the sun _____ from the east.

A. has risen B. rose C. rises D. raise

19.Go to help her if she _____ in trouble.

A. is going B. will be C. comes D. is

20.Do you know which picture _____ best?

A. does she like B. she likes C. did she like D. she is liking

A. have visited B. will visit C. visited D. visit

22.I don’t know if she ____ me when she ____. (2000黑龙江)

A. tells; arrives B. tells; will arrive C. will tell; will arrive D. will tell; arrives

23.Never trouble me while I ____ in my room! (2000河北)

A. will sleep B. asleep C. am sleeping D. slept

24.If you ____ lunch at school today, so will I. (2000湖北



25.–You’re smoking a lot. -Only at home. No one ____ me but you.

26.Lucy is studying in Beijing. She ____ London for one year. (2003


A. has left B. gas left for C. has been away from D. has been


27.They never knew what _____ to the world in a hundred years. (2003


A. happened B. would happen C. had happened D. would be




△ 基 本 型


1. A lot of water _________ (waste) every year. It’s a serious problem.

2. Now many kinds of work __________ (can do) by robots. (1999


3. English __________ (speak) as a second language in some countries.


4. Fish may _____ ____ (catch) in the river. (1999


5. A new bridge _________ (build) over the river last year. (1999福州)

6. “I’m afraid it _______ (need) mending”, Mrs. White turned off the

TV. (1999西安)

7. Vegetables, eggs and fish _________ (sell) in that shop.

8. The children ______ often ______ (tell) to be careful with fire.

9. The accident _________ (happen) just now.

10. Now he ______ (be) asked if the meeting _______ (hold) next Friday.


11. You must send your sister to hospital at once. (1999


She must _____ _____ to hospital at once.

12. The foreigners can’t understand this word. (1999广东)

This word can’t _____ _____ by the foreigners.

13. Many people speak French in China. (1999



French _____ _____ by many people in China.

14. Mike drew a picture on the blackboard. (1999四川)

A picture _____ _____ on the blackboard by Mike.

15. Someone took away the boxes yesterday. (1999甘肃)

The boxes _____ _____ away by someone yesterday.

16. He doesn’t clean the meeting-room every day. (1999兰州)

The meeting-room _____ _____ every day.

17. You can look up the word in the dictionary.

The word can _____ _____ _____ in the dictionary.

18.I’ll buy my daughter a new watch.

A new watch will _____ _____ _____ my daughter.

19.The boss made the workers work all day.]

The workers _____ _____ _____ work all day (by the boss).

20.We saw some boys playing football behind the house.

Some boys _____ _____ _____ football behind the house.

△ 提 高 型

1. The river smells terrible. People must _____ dirty things into it. (1999南京)

A. be stopped to throw B. be stopped from throwing

C. stop to throw D. stop from throwing

2. Many kinds of new bicycles _____ in Number One Machine Factory now.

A. are making B. are made C. have made D. will make

3. Paper _____ first invented in China. (1999昆明)

A. is B. are C. was D. were

4. –Do you like the flower?

-Yes, it _____ sweet. (1999内蒙古)

A. is smelling B. smelt C. is smelt D. smells

5. His schoolbag _____ away by a woman ten minutes ago. (1998河北)

A. took B. had taken C. was taken D. were taken

6. It snowed heavily last night. The ground _____ thick snow. (1998武汉)

A. was covered with B. was filled with C. was made of D. was getting on with

7. The light in the room _____ before you leave. (1998广州)

A. must turn off B. will turn off C. are turned D. must be turned off


8. Chinese _____ by Miss Wang three years ago. (1998吉林)

A. was taught B. is taught C. was teached D. were taught

9. Young trees _____ quite often. (1998武汉)

A. should water B. should be water C. should be watered

10. _____ the kind of question often _____ in your class, Ann? (1997山东)

A. Does; ask B. Is; asked C. Has; asked D. Will; ask

11.The bridge over the river _____ three years ago. (1997江西)

A. is finished B. finished C. was finished D. has finished

12.The bridge _____ in three weeks. (1996深圳)

A. will build B. is built C. will be built

13.The League _____ in May, 1922. (1997安徽)

A. found B. was found C. founded D. was founded

14.The old men and the children must _____ in our country. (1996四川)

A. take good care B. be taken good care C. take care of D. be taken good care of

15.The radio can _____ in two days. (1997湖南)

A. mend B. be mend C. be mended D. mended

16.Alice is ill. She _____ to hospital at once. (1997四川)

A. is sent B. must be sent C. can send D. must send

17.The flowers _____ every day, or they’ll die. (1997湖北)

A. must water B. should water C. can be watered D. must be watered

18.Paul doesn’t have to be made _____. He always works hard.

A. learn B. to learn C. learned D. learning

19.In some part of the world, tea _____ with milk and sugar.

A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served

20.–Have you moved into the new house?

-No, not yet. The rooms _____.

A. are being painted B. are painting C. are painted D. are being painting

△ 综 合 型

1. The girl was unhappy because she _____ by some boys in the class.

A. is laughed B. was laughed C. laughed at D. was laughed at

2. We _____ that the English test _____ next Monday.

A. are told; gives B. tell; will give

C. are told; will be given D. told; is going to be given

3. Great changes _____ place in China since 1978.


A. have been taken B. have taken C. has been taken D. took

4. _____ the red pencil-box _____ by your father last week?

A. Has; bought B. Was; bought C. Does; buy D. Did; buy

5. Look! A big modern building _____ in our city.

A. is built B. was being build C. is being built D. has built

6. Mary _____ many songs at a party.

A. heard sing B. heard to sing C. was heard sing D. was heard to sing

7. _____ trees usually _____ in April?

A. Have; planted B. Are; planted C. Do; plant D. Were; planted

8. When _____ the Party _____?

A. is being B. was being C. has been D. should be

9. The window of this room _____ once a week.

A. has been cleaned B. is cleaned C. are cleaned D. are cleaning

10. When _____ the Party _____?

A. was; founded B. was found C. is; found D. has; been founded

11. In 1620, about half the USA _____ forests.

A. was covered B. was covered by C. were filled with D. covered with

12. The young tree _____ the stick.

A. should be tied to B. must be tied by C. should tie to D. can be tied with

13. A present _____ me by my friend on my birthday.

A. is giving B. was given to C. is given for D. will give to

14. Will the job _____ in ten minutes?

A. finish B. be finish C. be finished D. finished

15.By _____ was the book _____?

A. who; wrote B. whom; write C. whose; writing D. whom; written

16.The big tree _____ by my brother ten years ago. (2000甘肃)

A. was planted B. planted C. has planted D. was planting

17.This work _____ next Monday. (2000广西)

A. may finish B. finish C. finishes D. may be finished

18.Many more houses _____ for teachers since last year. (2000广州)

A. are building B. built C. have built D. have been built

19.When _____ the accident _____? (2000辽宁)

A. was; happened B. has; happened C. did; happen D. was; happening

20.That white building _____ two years ago, but it looks quite old now.

A. built B. was built C. is built D. builds (2000河北)

21.Who will you ask for help if you _____? (2003汕头)

A. robbed B. are robbed C. will be robbed D. will be stolen




△ 基 本 型


1. The best time __________ (plant) trees is in spring.

2. Satellites are used for __________ (learn) more about the earth.

3. He finishes __________ (wash) at eight o’clock in the evening.

4. You’ve worked for 4 hours. Please stop __________ (have) a rest.

5. She often makes us __________ (do) a lot of homework after school.

6. Mother always tell me __________ (not read) in bed.

7. They asked the headmaster __________ (speak) at the meeting.

8. __________ (smoke) too much is bad for your health.

9. the baby was made __________ (laugh) by Tom.

10. Thank you for __________ (come) to see me.


11. I want __________ (看) a film, __________ (而不是看) TV.

12. Did you see her __________________ (下了还是上了) the bus?

13. I’m thirsty. I’d like something __________ (喝).

14. It’s very important __________ (学) a foreign language well.

15. The old man found it difficult __________ (入睡).

16.The runner fell, but he quickly got up and went on __________ (跑).

17.Remember __________ (关) the lights when you leave the classroom.

18.Stop __________ (谈话), please. It’s time __________ (上课).

19.It took me two hours __________ (完成) my homework last night.

20.I spent two hours __________ (做) my homework last night.

△ 提 高 型

1. I have a lot of things _____ this weekend. (1999上海)

A. do B. did C. doing D. to do

2. You’d better _____ upstairs and tell the children_____ make so much noise.

A. go; not to B. go; don’t C. to go; not to D. to go; don’t

3. Lily likes _____ the clothes of light colour. (1999甘肃)

A. to put on B. putting C. to dress D. wearing

4. It’s too late. Why _____ now? (1999新疆)

A. not to go B. not going C. not go D. don’t go

5. Please don’t forget _____ to me, will you? (1998重庆)

A. to write B. writing C. write


6. When I’m tired, I enjoy _____ music. (1999云南)

A. listening B. listening to C. to hear D. hearing the

7. Linda was very sorry for being late. But the teacher’s smile made her _____ better.

A. feel B. to feel C. fall D. to fall (1998河南)

8. I heard Mother _____ with Father in the next room at ten last night. (1998重庆)

A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. is talking

9. The Great Green Wall will stop the wind from _____ the earth away. (1998辽宁)

A. blow B. to blow C. blowing D. blew

10. –Did the teacher tell you _____ this afternoon? (1998河北)

-Yes. We’ll go to visit the Science Museum.

A. to go where B. how to do C. what to do D. to do what

11. We are not sure _____. (1998广东)

A. when to leave B. when leave C. when leaves

12. Meimei went _____ Kate with her Chinese. (1997天津)

A. help B. to help C. helped D. helping

13. _____ is bad for our health. (1997河南)

A. Doing eye exercises B. Go to bed early

C. Eating too much D. Taking a walk

14. Wu Dong is good at _____ English. (1997吉林)

A. speak B. speaks C. speaking D. spoke

15. The old woman was _____ tired _____ go any farther. (1998四川)

A. too; to B. go; as C. very; to

16. Would you please _____ drop your shoes on the floor at night? (2000福州)

A. not to B. not C. don’t D. won’t

17. Most of the children enjoy _____ computer games. (2000北京海淀区)

A. play B. playing C. played D. to play

18.She should do her homework now. But she doesn’t feel like _____ it.

A. does B. do C. doing D. to do (2000黑龙江)

19.Uncle Wang can make his kite _____ higher in the sky. (2000



A. fly B. flies C. to fly D. flying

20.You’d better _____ the cinema by bus. (2000天津)

A. don’t go B. to go C. to go to D. go to

△ 综 合 型

1. Her wish is _____ a famous singer.

A. become B. became C. becomes D. to become

2. Our monitor is always ready _____ others.

A. help B. helps C. to help D. helping

3. Have you decided _____ for your holidays?

A. go where B. where to go C. to go where D. where go

4. Would you please _____ me a chair _____?

A. give; to sit on B. give; to sit C. giving; sit D. to give; sit on

5. There id no difference between the two words. I really don’t know _____.

A. what to choose B. which to choose C. to choose which D. to choose what

6. Though he had often made his sister _____, today he was made _____ by his sister.

A. cry; crying B. crying; crying C. cry; to cry D. to cry; cry

7. –Why are you going shopping if you don’t _____?

-My wife wants _____ with her.

A. want to; I go B. want; me going C. want to; me to go D. want; to go

8. We are often told _____ people in trouble.

A. to smiling B. not to smile C. to laugh D. not to laugh at

9. You look so tired. Why not _____ a rest?

A. stop having B. to stop have C. stop to have D. to stop to have

10. What a fine day! How about _____ out for a walk?

A. go B. to go C. gone D. going

11. Mary went _____ after she finished _____ her work.

A. swim; doing B. to swim; to do C. to swim; doing D. swimming; to do

12. Would you mind _____ the window, please? It’s cold outside.

A. to close B. closing C. closed D. close

13. A fridge is used for _____ vegetable and food cool.

A. kept B. keeping C. to keep D. keeps

14. The farmers on the farm are busy _____ apples on the trees.

A. picking B. to pick C. pick D. picked

15. One day when Edison was five years old, his father saw him _____ some eggs.

A. sat B. to sit C. sitting D. was sitting

16. She has no paper _____. (2000重庆)


A. to write B. to write with C. writing on D. to write on

17. When class began, we stopped _____ to the teacher carefully. (2000天津)

A. listening B. listen C. listens D. to listen

18. There are so many kinds of radios in the shop. I can’t decide _____.(2000河北)

19.–A. sing; to sing B. singing; singing C. sing; singing D. to sing; singing

20.I usually forget _____ the door, but I remembered _____ it when I left yesterday.

A. closing; closing B. to close; to close C. closing; to close D. to close; closing

21.On June 1, boys and girls are busy _____. (2003汕头)

A. to celebrate Children’s Day B. to celebrate Childrens’ Day

C. celebrating Children’s Day D. celebrating Childrens’ Day



△ 基 本 型


1. We do eye exercises every day. We _____ _____ eye exercises every day.

_____ _____ _____ eye exercises every day? 2. Mr. Brown has to go home on foot.

Mr. Brown _____ _____ to go home on foot. _____ Mr. Brown _____ to go home on foot? 3. There is something wrong with the radio. _____ _____ wrong with the radio. _____ _____ _____ wrong with the radio? 4. Li Peng’s already finished his homework. Li Peng _____ finished his homework _____. _____ Li Peng finished his homework _____? 5. Lucy will stay there for some time.

Lucy _____ stay there for _____ time. _____ Lucy stay there for _____ time?

6. Tom always goes to bed at twelve. Tom _____ _____ to bed at twelve. _____ Tom always _____ to bed at twelve? 7. He was reading when his mother came back home. He _____ reading when his mother _____ back home.

_____ he reading when his mother _____ back home?


8. His younger sister can do some washing, too. His younger sister _____ do _____ washing, _____. _____ his younger sister do _____ washing, too?

9. I’ve ever been to Beijing three times. I _____ _____ been to Beijing three times.

_____ you _____ been to Beijing three times? 10. You’d better help him with his maths. You _____ _____ _____ help with his maths. _____ you _____ help him with his maths?


11. Li Ming’s brother usually lives in a factory. _____ _____ usually lives in a factory? 12. There are two apples. The red one is bigger. _____ _____ is bigger? 13. They are singing and dancing in the next room. his father after school. _____ _____ is he going to work after school? 15. John prepares his English lessons every evening. _____ _____ John _____ every evening? 16. The lady in white is our Chinese teacher. _____ _____ is your Chinese teacher? 17. I met Mr. and _____ _____ you _____ Mr. Smith? 18. She stopped washing because the telephone rang. _____ _____ she _____ washing? 19. The woman with glasses looks like our headmaster. _____ _____ the woman with glasses _____ like? 20. Ten Americans will visit our school next week. _____ _____ Americans will visit your _____ Americans _____ _____ in your school? 22. The picture on the wall is beautiful. _____ is the picture on the wall _____? 23. His overcoat is brown. _____ _____ is his overcoat? 24. She is my and she is she and _____ is she? 25. The day was fine yesterday.

_____ was the day _____ yesterday? 26. Professor Smith lives in Room 207. _____ _____ does Professor Smith live in? 27. It took us two hours to get there.

_____ _____ did it _____ you to get there? 28. Miss Mary writes to her parents twice a month. _____ _____ _____ Miss Mary write to her parents?

29. We’ve seen the film for three times. ____ _____ _____ have you seen the film?

30. This new English-Chinese dictionary cost ten dollars. _____ _____ _____ this new English-Chinese dictionary cost? 31. His father went to work on foot yesterday. _____ _____ his father _____ to work? 32. Mr


Smith wanted to learn Chinese. _____ did Mr Smith want to _____? 33. The Smiths all enjoy watching TV. _____ _____ the Smiths all enjoy today and _____ the _____ tomorrow? 35. My grandpa usually has rice for lunch. _____ _____ your grandpa usually _____ for lunch? 36. The population of Germany is about eight-one million.


_____ _____ paper has been given to him? 38. The trousers on the chair are mine. _____ _____ are yours? 39. They studied in No. 101 Middle School.

_____ _____ Middle School _____ they study? 40. The story _____ do you _____ the story?


41. The little boy hurt his foot, _____ _____? 42. There were only six people present, _____ _____? 43. There goes the bell, _____ _____? 44. You’d better not stand in the way, _____ _____? 45. You’d like to go there, _____ _____?

46. Lucy has to do some washing, _____ _____? 47. The twins had to walk home, _____ _____? 48. Jim needn’t sing this song, _____ _____? 49. You need to wait for her, _____ _____? 50. I think he is wrong, _____ _____? 51. We don’t believe he will come, _____ _____? 52. I think they knew little about it, _____ _____? 53. I’m sure you’ll help us, _____ _____? 54. David says (that) you will come on time, _____ _____?

55. Let’s go to the cinema together, _____ _____? 56. Don’t make any noise, _____ _____? 57. Not only I but also he has been there, _____ _____? 58. Neither you nor she lives there, _____ _____? 59. I wish to see you again, _____ _____? 60. Everyone is having a good time on the farm, _____ _____? 61. Nothing has happened here, _____ _____? 62. What cold weather, _____ _____? 63. What a kind girl, _____ _____? 64. How fast John runs, _____ _____? 65. Most of the books are mine, _____ _____? 66. Most of the food was left, _____ _____? 67. None of us knew what to do, _____ _____? 68. Few people knew this word, _____ _____?

69. Nobody likes that

brown dog, _____ _____? 70. So you aren’t a student, _____ _____? 71. You must study English hard next term, _____ _____? 72. We mustn’t be late, _____ _____? 73. You must be from America, _____ _____? 74. Linda must have seen that play last month, _____ _____? 75. Linda can’t be a doctor, _____ _____? 76. The king was unhappy, _____ _____?

77. It is impossible for me to do it, _____ _____? 78. I must start


at once or we can’t get there on time, _____ _____? 79. David is a farmer but his wife isn’t a farmer, _____ _____? 80. The little girl could hardly speak at the age of 3, _____ _____?

△ 提 高 型

1. She is a good student, _____ she? (1999北京)

A. is B. isn’t C. does D. doesn’t

2. -_____ do you go to the park? (1999新疆) -Once a year.

A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How many times

3. -_____ books do you have? (1999西安) -Oh! I can’t remember the number, but a lot of them.

A. What B. Which C. How many D. How much

4. Let’s have a rest, _____? (1999甘肃)

A. won’t you B. will you C. don’t you D. shall you

5. -_____ have you been in this city? (1999昆明) -For ten years.

A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. When

6. -_____ did you move to Paris? (1999广西) -Because my father found work there.

A. Why B. When C. Where D. How

7. She’s been to the new airport, _____ she? (1999上海)

A. isn’t B. wasn’t C. doesn’t D. hasn’t

8. He hardly hurt himself in the accident, _____? (1999重庆)

A. doesn’t he B. didn’t he C. did he D. does he

9. The poor man needs our help, _____ he? (1999河北)

A. need B. needn’t C. does D. doesn’t

10. -_____ and _____ are we going to have the meeting? (1999河南) -At half past eight in our school.

A. What; where B. When; how C. Who; where D. When; where

△ 综 合 型

1. “_____ does it take me from my school to your school?” (1999天津)

“About five minutes.”

A. How many B. How far C. How much D. How long

2. “_____ bag is this?” (1999河北) “It’s mine.”

A. What B. Who C. Who’s D. Whose

3. The Canadian girl knows little Russian, _____ she? (1999江西)

A. doesn’t B. does C. isn’t D. is

4. Today they’re going to have real English food, _____? (1999杭州)


A. isn’t it B. aren’t they C. doesn’t it D. don’t they

5. Alice has to finish her work now, _____ she? (1999河南)

A. has B. hasn’t C. does D. doesn’t

6. Miss Chen caught a bad cold last week, _____ she? (1999宁夏)

A. didn’t B. hadn’t C. doesn’t D. hasn’t

7. “_____ did you buy the new bag?” (1999北京) “Last Monday.”

A. Where B. How C. When D. Who

8. There _____ apples in the basket. (1998南京)

A. aren’t any B. isn’t any C. wasn’t some D. weren’t some

9. I _____ the film last Saturday. (1997广西)

A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. hadn’t see D. not saw

10. _____ of us _____ a knife to cut pencils. (1997陕西)

A. All; uses B. No one; use C. None; use D. Some; uses

11. He’s given an important report on the work of the govemment, _____?

A. isn’t he B. is he C. hasn’t he D. has he (2000上海)

12. I don’t think he will come here on time, _____? (2000重庆)

A. won’t he B. will he C. does he D. is he

13. –The boy hardly watch TV in the evening, _____ he? (2000甘肃)


A. isn’t; No, he isn’t B. is; No, he doesn’t

C. doesn’t; Yes, he does D. does; Yes, he does

14. -_____ do you water the flowers? (2000山西) -Twice a week.

A. How long B. How soon C. How much D. How often

15. –She didn’t come to school yesterday, did he? (2000北京海淀区)

-_____, though she was not feeling very well.

A. No; she didn’t B. Yes, she didn’t C. No, she did D. Yes, she did



△ 基 本 型


1. It is quite a nice present. →_____ _____ nice present!

2. We have fine weather today. →_____ _____ weather we have today!

3. It’s sunny today. →_____ _____ sunny day it is today!


4. The children are working hard. →_____ _____ the children are working!

5. She played basketball wonderfully. →_____ _____ she played basketball!

6. He is good at singing. →_____ _____ he sings!

7. He was doing well in dancing. →_____ a _____ dancer he was!

8. Tom coughs badly. →_____ _____ _____ cough Tom has!

9. The fish is very lovely. →_____ _____ the fish is!

10. They live a happy life today. →_____ _____ _____ life they live! 将下列句子变成祈使句:

11. Would you like to wait a moment? →_____ _____ a moment.

12. Can I use your bike? →Please _____ _____ your bike.

13. You’d better not smoke here. →_____ _____ here.

14. You must be careful with your handwriting.

→_____ _____ with your handwriting.

15. Will you please not play with my pencil? →____ ____ with my pencil,____.

△ 提 高 型

1. ____ a nice watch it is! (1998山东)

A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

2. ____ bright girls they are! (1998浙江)

A. What B. What a C. How D. how a

3. ____ interesting the film is! (1998湖北)

A. What B. What an C. How

4. ____ sunny day! Let’s go out for a walk. (1999江西)

A. How a B. How C. What a D. What

5. ____ hard work it is! (1999浙江)

A. How B. What C. What a D. What an

6. ____ day it is! It’s rainy again. (1999江西)

A. How bad B. What a bad C. How fine D. What a fine

7. ____ great day July 1,1997 will be! (1999上海)

A. How a B. What a C. How D. What

8. ____ expensive trousers! (1999浙江)

A. What B. What a C. How D. What an

9. Please ____, they’re having a meeting. (1998黑龙江)

A. not be so noisy B. Be quite C. mustn’t talk D. no speaking

10. ____ to meet me at the station. I’ll be waiting there. (1998河北)

A. Not to forget B. Not forget C. Forget not D. Don’t forget

△ 综 合 型

1. ____ girl she is! (1998河北)


A. What bright a B. How a bright C. How bright a D. What bright

2. ____ weather we have today! (1983上海)

A. A fine B. What a fine C. How a fine D. What fine

3. ____ careless he is! (1986吉林)

A. What B. How C. So much D. How much

4. ____ from Beijing to London! (1993黑龙江)

A. How long way it is B. What a long way is it

C. How long way is it D. What a long way it is

5. Oh, John, ____ you gave us! (1990内蒙古)

A. How a pleasant surprise B. How pleasant surprise

C. What a pleasant surprise D. What pleasant surprise

6. It’s a fine day. Let’s go fishing, ____? (1990北京西城区)

A. won’t we B. will you C. don’t we D. shall we

7. Don’t smoke in the meeting-room, ____? (1999天津)

A. do you B. will you C. can you D. could you


-I ____.

9. ____ down the radio. The baby’s asleep in the next room. (1993大连)

A. Turning B. To turn C. Turned D. Turn

10. Lucy, ____ the door or someone’ll come in. (1996河南)

A. close B. closes C. not close D. is closing

11. ____ and play football in the street after lunch. (1995哈尔滨)

A. Let’s not to go B. Let’s not go

C. Let’s don’t go D. Not let’s go

12. A sign with the words“____” is often found in a bus. (1991安徽)

A. Not parking B. Not smoking C. No parking D. No smoking

13. ____ useful work they have done! (2000上海)

A. What B. How C. What a D. What an

14. ____ nice picture you gave me! (2000杭州)

A. How B. What C. What a D. What an

15. ____ Chinese in you English class. (2000西安)

A. Not speak B. Don’t speak C. Speak not D. Don’t speaking




△ 基 本 型


1. A: Jane is a singer. She is also a dancer.

B: Jane is ______ ______ a singer ______ ______ a dancer.

2. A: We should learn from books and we should learn from teachers. B: We should learn ______ from books ______ from teachers.

3. A: His mother can’t help him with his lessons, and his father can’t, either.

B: ______ his mother ______ his father can help him with his lessons.

4. A: It’s hard work, but I enjoy it.

B: ______ it’s hard work, I enjoy it.

5. A: Men can’t live without air and water.

B: Men will die without air ______ water.

6. A: If you stand higher, you will see farther.

B: Stand higher, ______ you will see farther.

7. A: If you don’t work harder, you will fail in the exam.

B: Work harder, ______ you won’t pass the exam.

8. A: How important the meeting is! I can’t miss it.

B: It is ______ ______ important meeting ______ I can’t miss it.

9. A: After the mother came back, the boy went to bed.

B: The boy ______ go to bed ______ his mother came back.

10. A: There’re many rabbits there. They can’t kill them all.

B: There’re ______ many rabbits there ______ they can’t kill them all.

11. A: When I get there, I’ll go to see him at once. (1999哈尔滨)

B: I’ll go to see him ______ ______ ______ I get there.

12. A: You may stay at home. You may also go out with us. (1999江西) B: You may ______ stay at home ______ go out with us.

13. A: Mary is the tallest girl in her class. (1999福州)

B: Mary is ______ ______ any other girl in her class.

14. A: Peter draws well. Henry draws well, too. (1999广西)

B: Henry draws ______ ______ ______ Peter.

15. A: Mary runs faster than my sister. (1999兰州)

B: My sister doesn’t run ______ ______ ______ Mary does.


16. A: Uncle Wang finished his work. He went home. (2000哈尔滨)

B: Uncle Wang ______ go home ______ he finished his work.

17. A: Lucy has been away from the USA for 5 years. (2000内蒙古)

B: It’s 5 years ______ she ______ the USA.

18. A: “Does the girl need any help?” he asked me. (2000甘肃)

B: He asked me ______ the girl ______ some help.

19. A: Mrs. Smith is my teacher. She is also my good friend. (2000广州)

B: Mrs. Smith is ______ ______ my teacher ______ ______ my good friend.

20. A: “Nanjing has changed a lot these years.” “That’s right.” (2000南京)

B: “Nanjing has changed a lot these years.” “______ it ______.”

△ 提 高 型

1. They didn’t start the work ____ their teacher came back. (1999上海)

A. until B. while C. as soon as D. if

2. The dictionary cost me too much, ____ it’s really useful. (1999山西)

A. and B. so C. but D. or

3. –Carl, are you interested in swimming? -Yes, ____ I’m not good at it at all.

4. You’ll be late ____ you don’t get up early tomorrow morning. (1999广西)

A. if B. when C. before D. until

5. I’d like to change this pair of trousers, ____ give me my money back. (1999杭州)

A. so B. or C. but D. and

6. Alice wanted to know ____ her grandmother liked the bag. (1999天津)

A. that B. if C. which D. what

7. Mr John has worked in that small town ____ he left Canada in 1998. (1998山西)

A. when B. after C. for D. since

8. That was our first lesson, ____ she didn’t know all our names. (1998湖南)

A. for B. but C. so D. or

9. ____ Saturday ____ Sunday is OK. I’ll be free in these two days.



A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. Both; and D. One; the other

10. Please come ____ have dinner with us. (1998


A. or B. but C. and D. so

11. He is listening to the music ____ he is washing clothes. (1998广西)

A. after B. before C. that D. while

12. ____ there are too many people here, ____ we have to find another house.

A. Because; so B. Though; but C. Since; / D. /; if (1998


13. Li Lei said ____ he could finish his homework before six o’clock.

A. if B. what C. that D. when

14. Can you tell me ____ the nearest hospital is?

A. what B. how C. whether D. where

15. This TV set is too dear, ____ it gives you a better picture.

A. or B. and C. if D. though

16. Don’t drink too much tea in the evening, ____ you won’t fall asleep.


A. and B. so C. or D. but

17. ____ he is very young, ____ he knows several languages. (2000


A. Though; but B. Because; so C. Though; / D. Because; /

18. Go down the street ____ you see the third crossing. (2000内


A. though B. since C. until D. while

19. He was ____ tired ____ he couldn’t go on working. (2000


A. too; to B. such; that C. so; that D. too; that

20. You’d better take this book. It is very good ____ it’s a bit expensive. (2000安徽)

A. though B. and C. but D. so

△ 综 合 型

1. ____ he is very young, ____ he knows a lot about science.

A. Though; but B. Because; so C. Though; / D. When; and

2. She was ____ we all like her.

A. such a good singer B. such a good singer that

C. a very good singer that D. so good singer that

3. I’ll give her the message ____ she comes back.

A. till B. before C. since D. as soon as

4. Mother didn’t go to bed ____ she finished cleaning the room.


A. after B. until C. because D. while

5. It is a long time ____ we met last time in Shanghai.

A. before B. after C. since D. for

6. He was worried about ____ he would come to my party.

A. that B. what C. if D. whether

7. Can you tell me ____ is she going to give me as a present?

A. where B. when C. who D. what

8. Rose is an English girl, ____ she doesn’t like English food.

A. yet B. so C. for D. and

9. There is air ____ water on the moon.

A. and B. or C. so D. yet

10. Tom laughed ____ the others did, ____ he didn’t understand the story.

A. like; though B. as; though C. like; because D. as; as

11. It was ____ we went fishing in the open air yesterday.

A. such a nice weather B. so nice weather that

C. such nice weather that D. a nice weather so that

12. I didn’t hear ____ he said just now.

A. that B. what C. which D. it

13. They were reading ____ the lights were out.

A. as B. when C. while D. until

14. The street was wet, ____ it rained last night.

A. because B. as C. for D. since

15. Could you tell me ____ his father is like?

A. that B. how C. why D. what



△ 基 本 型

1. He won’t come. I think. (变为复合句) (1996甘肃)

I ______ think he ______ come.

2. Miss Gao: Lucy, do you come from the USA? (改为含有宾语从句的句子)

A. Miss Gao asked Lucy that she came from the USA.

B. Miss Gao asked Lucy do you come from the USA. (1999武汉)

C. Miss Gao asked Lucy if she came from the USA.

3. “Do you wash your clothes yourself?” Tom asked the girl next to him. (改为复合句) (1999山东)

Tom asked the girl next to him ______ ______ ______ her clothes herself.

4. Did Peter come here yesterday? Li Lei wants to know.

(改为含宾语从句的复合句) (1999福州)

Li Lei wants to know ______ Peter ______ here yesterday.

5. Is the earth round? The little boy asked. (改为宾语从句) (1999哈



The little boy asked ______ the earth ______ round.

6. “Where does he live?” Mr Hu asked. (改为复合句) (1999辽宁)

Mr Hu asked where _______ _______.

7. Tom’s father saw him sitting on some eggs. (改为复合句) (1999辽宁)

Tom’s father saw ______ ______ ______ sitting on some eggs.

8. Mrs White told Tom not to throw paper on the ground. (改为复合句) (1999上海)

Mrs white told Tom ______ ______ ______ throw paper on the ground.

9. Please tell me where we show our tickets. (改为简单句,保持原意) (1998广西)

Please tell me ______ ______ show our tickets.

10. Can you tell me how I can get to the post office? (改为简单句,保持原意)

Can you tell me the ______ _____ the post office? (1998甘肃)

11. Rose doesn’t know when they are going to repair the watch. (改为简单句)

Rose doesn’t know ______ ______ repair the watch.

12. The teacher told the boys what they should do and how they should do

it. (改为简单句)

The teacher told the boys ______ ______ do and ______ _____ do it.

13. The earth moves around the sun. The teacher said. (改为宾语从句) The teacher said ______ the earth ______ around the sun.

14. Are you hungry? My mother asked me. (改为宾语从句)

My mother asked me ______ ______ ______ hungry.

15. Why hasn’t she come yet? Nobody knows. (改为宾语从句)

Nobody knows ______ ______ _______ come yet.

△ 提 高 型

1. I don’t know _____ he will come tomorrow. _____ he comes, I’ll tell you.

A. if; Whether B. whether; Whether C. if; That D. if; if (1999辽宁)

2. Could you tell me ____ the radio without any help? (1999山西)

A. how did he mend B. what did he mend

C. how he mended D. what he mended

3. Could you tell me ____ do with the money? (1999重庆)


A. how to B. what should I C. how I should D. what I should

4. Can you tell me how many English words ____ since 1996? (1999


A. have you learned B. did you learn C. you have learned D. you learned

5. Miss Li wants to know _____ next week. (1999


A. when my uncle leaves B. when will my uncle

C. where my uncle will stay D. where does my uncle stay

6. Can you tell me when ____? (1999济


A. does the ship leave B. the ship will leave

C. the ship leave D. will the ship leave

7. Alice wanted to know ____ her grandmother liked the bag. (1998


A. that B. if C. which D. what

8. I don’t know ____ Jane was late for school this morning. (1998湖南)

A. who B. what C. whom D. why

9. They don’t know ____ their presents are. (1997


A. when B. why C. what

10. Mike asked the girl in the shop ____ the watch ____ cheap enough.


A. that; is B. if; was C. that; was D. whether; is

11. I think he ____ back next week. (1997


A. come B. will come C. came D. has come

12. Xiao Mao told me he ____ a film with his mother the next day. (1998


A. would see B. will watch C. would look D. will see

13. Could you tell me if it ____ tomorrow? (1997


A. rain B. will rain C. raining D. rains

14. He said that he ____ speak a little English when he was five. (1997辽宁)

A. might B. would C. could D. can

15. I want to know if they ____ the spring sports meeting next month. If

they ____ it, I must get ready for it. (1998河南)

A. hold; will hold B. will hold; hold C. hold; hold D. will hold; will



△ 综 合 型

1. –Do you remember ____ he came?

-Yes, I do, he came by car.

A. how B. when C. that D. if

2. That woman wanted to know _____ her daughter liked the sweater.

A. whether B. what C. that D. which

3. Have you decided when _____ for London?

A. will you leave B. you will leave C. are you going D. you are going

4. –Excuse me. Could you tell me ____?


A. when can I get to the station B. I can get to which station

C. which station can I get to D. how I can get to the station

5. –What did your mother say, Tom?

-She asked me why ____.

A. my sister crying B. my sister was crying

C. is my sister crying D. was my sister crying

6. I wonder what time _____ arrive.

A. does the train B. will the train C. the train D. the train will

7. I wondered _____ our teacher did that for.

A. that B. if C. what D. why

8. Did you hear _____?

A. what did I say B. what I said C. that I said D. I said which

9. Can you tell me which room _____?

A. does he live in B. does he lives C. he lives in D. he lives

10. The little boy often asks me what ______?

A. will our life of tomorrow B. will our life tomorrow be like

C. our life of tomorrow like D. our life of tomorrow will be like

11. Do you really know _____ used?

A. how widely English is B. how wide is English

C. English is how widely D. how is English wide

12. Would you please tell me ______ with Peter? He looks unhappy.

A. what’s the matter B. what wrong is C. the wrong is what D. what wrong it was

13. –Excuse me, where _____? Do you know?

-Yes. I know where _____?

A. Jim lives; he lives B. does Jim live; do he live

C. Jim lives; does he live D. does Jim live; he lives

14. I didn’t know _____ and _____.

A. what’s his name; how old he is B. what his name was; how old he was


C. what his name is; how is he old D. that was his name; he was how old

15. My friend hasn’t decided _____ on a trip to Wuxi on holiday.

A. if he goes B. when will he go C. if he’ll go D. where he go

16. Did you ask her what ______ outside?

A. was happened to him B. he had happened

C. he happened D. had happened to him

17. The man in the shop asked the woman _____. (2000西安)

A. which kind does she like B. which kind she is

C. which kind is she likes D. which kind she likes

18. No one told us _____, so we need your help. (2000南京)

A. how should we do B. what should we do

C. how to do it D. what to do it

19. I don’t know ______ the day after tomorrow. (2000福州)

A. when does he come B. how will he come C. if he comes D. whether he’ll come

20. –Could you tell me _____? -Yes, they _____ to the library.

A. where are the twins; have been B.

C. where were the twins; have been D. where the twins were; have gone



△ 基 本 型


1. 纸和墨水都用完了。

Both paper and ink is used up.

2. 吃得救太多对你没有好处。

Eating too much are bad for you.

3. 这双鞋是我弟弟的。

This pair of shoes are my brother’s.

4. 当我进来时,这家人在看电视。

The family was watching TV when I came in.

5. 每个学生都有一本字典。

Each of the boys have a dictionary.

6. 中国人讲汉语。

The Chinese speaks Chinese.

7. 运动会的一切都准备好了吗?

Are all ready for the sports meeting?

8. 物理是我最喜欢的学科之一。


Physics are one of my favourite subjects.

9. 昨天我们栽了许多树。

The number of trees was planted yesterday.

10. 你做这道练习十分钟足够了。

Ten minutes are enough for you to do this exercise.

△ 提 高 型

1. The Greens ____ China for five years. (1999甘肃)

A. has been in B. has been to C. have been in D. have been to

2. Paper ____ first invented in China. (1999昆明)

A. is B. are C. was D. were

3. Listen! Some birds ____ in the tree. (1999广西)

A. is singing B. sings C. singing D. are singing

4. There ____ an eraser under the desk. Is it yours? (1999杭州)

A. is B. has C. was D. had

5. There’re lots of English books, and ____ of them is easy to understand. (1999山西)

A. both B. all C. every D. each

6. Between the two buildings ____ a school. (1999兰州)

A. lie B. lies C. lying D. have

7. There ____ pencil-box, two books and some flowers on the desk. (1998安徽)

A. is a B. are some C. has a D. have some

8. There ____ a lot of good news in today’s newspaper. (1998辽宁)

A. is B. are C. was D. were

9. Neither you nor Lin Hua ____ to the great Wall before. (1998辽宁)

A. have been B. has gone C. has been D. have been

10. Each of us ____ a nice pencil-box. (1998四川)

A. have B. has C. are having D. had

11. ____ any flowers on both sides o the street? (1998湖南)

A. Is there B. Are there C. Has D. Have

12. Either Jim or Sam ____ going to help us this afternoon.

A. was B. were C. is D. are

13. my shirt ____ white and trousers ____ black.

A. are; are B. are; is C. is; is D. is; are

14. Mr. Brown together with his family ____ just arrived in Xi’an.


A. has B. have C. had D. are

15. The old ____ taken good care of in China.

A. are B. is C. was D. have

△ 综 合 型

1. Maths ____ one of the ____ subjects in middle school. (1998


A. are; important B. is; most important

C. is; more important D. are; much important

2. There ____ any milk in the bottle. (1997浙江)

A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t

3. Even a child knows that ____ are made of ____.

A. glasses; glass B. glass; glass C. glasses; glasses D. glass; glasses

4. ____ there a number of fish in the river at that time?

A. Is B. Are C. Was D. Were

5. Not only the parents but also James ____ London. They will come back in a month.

A. has been to B. have been to C. has gone to D. have gone to

6. Each man and each woman ____ bring some money here.

A. has B. have C. has to D. have to

7. Everyone except Tom and Jim ____ there then.

A. is B. was C. are D. were

8. Sheep ____ white and milk ____ white, too.

A. is; is B. are; are C. is; are D. are; is

9. Milk and bread ____ my favourite food every morning.

A. is B. are C. will be D. was

10. ____ either you or she going to the United States?

A. Is B. Are C. Have D. Does

11. There ____ a pair of shoes on the floor. The shoes ____ mine.

A. are; is B. is; is C. is; are D. are; are

12. Here ____ orange and two apples on the plate.

A. is an B. is a C. are some D. has an

13. Class Two ____ taking their lessons when there was a knock at the door.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

14. –None of them ____ a good cook.

-You are right. And none of you ____ good cooks, either.

A. is; is B. is; are C. are; are D. are; is

15. The teacher and writer ____ from America.

A. are B. were C. is D. come

16. There ____ sheep in the field. (2000辽宁)

A. are much B. is small C. is a few D. is a little

17. The news ____ for my mother. (2000山西)

A. are B. were C. be D. is


18. More than a month ____ since the foreign friends came here. (2000福州)

A. has passed B. have passed C. has past D. have past

19. The mother with her little son ____ at my home ____ that snowy night. (2000南京)

A. were; at B. was; at C. were; on D. was; on

20. Linda works hard, and ____. (2000内蒙古)

A. so does her brother B. so did her brother

C. her brother do so D. her brother did so


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