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Unit2 English around the world单元测试


1. I had lost my __ identity (身份)card and was being questioned by the police.

2. Do you want to take the _elevator / lif__(电梯)or use the stairs?

3. The _ actual ______(实际的)cost of repairs was a lot less than we had expected.

4. Total profit was $ 690 million in the _______. latter ____(后者的)half of 2000.

5. The ship sank on its long ______ voyage ______(航行)home.

6. .When she saw me, she r _________ me at once.

7.The country is facing a very difficult economic s ___________.

8 What is _____ standard __ (标准) English?

9..Education in middle schools should contain various cultures, ___ Including ____ (包含) sports cultures.

10..Most of the members _______ (在场) at the conference were for the removal of agricultural taxes. II.

2. This film ___ a novel by D.H.Lawrence

3. I decided to go with them, mainly ____ I had nothing better to do.

4. It is partly ___ her sick mother that she hasn’t taken the job abroad.

5. I’m sorry he’s out______.

6. You can ____ your talents to become rich as well.

7. I know many of them, _____John, Peter, and Tom.

8. He rang to say he would be late home--something ____ at the office .

9._____a quarter of the students never finished their courses’

10. As you see, we look the same_________.


1.The rock ______wears away due to the action of the water .

A. gradually B. exactly C. loosely D. fluently

2.He is a _______visitor to that country .I mean ,he often goes there .

A. grateful B .loose C. frequent D. native

3.So fluently does he speak English that he is often considered as a (an )_____. A .official B. teenager C .native D .accent

4.Go down this street ,and you’ll find the police station three ______away .

A.curtains B. blocks C. voyages D. entirely

5.He may look young but he’s _______45.

A. actually B. gradually C. frequently D. entirely

6.As far as I’m concerned ,you should read more literature to enrich your _______.A.identity B.power C.vocabulary D.accent

7.Mr .Smith’s office is on the 18 th floor .You’d better take the _______.

A.voyage B.elevator C.highway D.identity

8.I suggest you take Jack to Italy with you ,for he speaks _______Italian .

A.official B.fluent C.frequent D.entire

9.The _______from England to India used to take six months ,which tire out the sailors .

A.request B.apartment C.block D.voyage

10.The ______in her eyes told me something was wrong .

A.block B.base C.item D.expression

11.He conmmanded that all the gates _____when it was getting dark in case thieves came in .

A.were shut B.must be shut C.could be shut D.be shut

12.Working as an editor ,you must learn Chinese well in addition to having a good _____ of English .

A.command B.seize C.hold D.possession

13.All I request of you is that you ______there ahead of time .

A.are B.will be C.were D.be

14.Without facts ,a person can not form a correct opinion ,for he needs to have actual knowledge ______his thinking .

A.on which to be based B.on which to base

C.which to be based D.which to base

15.Barbara is easy to ______as she’s the only one of the women who wears an evening dress .

A.know B.recognize C.express D.ignore

16.In ______1600’s ,Shakespeare made use of _______wider vocabulary than ever before .

A.the ;a B./ ;/C.the ;/ D./;a 17.American English has so many dialects ______people have come from all over the world .

A.though B.where C.that D.because

18.The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities _______rising steadily since 1990.

A.is B.are C.has been D.have been

19.—Do you think it’s a good idea to make friends with your students ?

-- ________,I do .I think it’s a great idea .

A.Really B.Obviously C .Actually D.Generally

20.The open-air celebration has been put off ______the bad weather .

A.in case of B.in spite of C.instead of D.because of

21.The engineers are so busy that they have zero time for outdoor sports activities ,_________they have the interest .

A.wherever B.whenver C.even if D.as if

22.---According to my grandma ,it is a god idea to eat chicken soup when you have a cold .

----_________,scientists agree with her .

A.Sooner or later B.Once in a while C.To be exact D.Believe it or not 23._______to stop his car by the roadside ,the young driver seemed to be a bit angry with the policeman .

A.Having commanded B.Commanded C.Being commanded D.To have commanded

24.Vistors ______not to touch the exhibits .A.will request B.request C.are requesting D.are requested

25.They ________that immediate action be taken to stop the water pollution . A.requested B.expected C.wished D.realized

26. We all have a part to ________ in the fight against crime.

A. play B. take C. playing D. taking

27. It was not ________ that native speakers don’t know grammar very well.

A. surprise B. surprising C. surprised D. surpises

28. Spring is coming and the grass is just beginning to ________.

A. come along B. come up C. come with D. come through

29. He lives three ________ away from here.

A. blockings B. buildings C. streets D. blocks

30. The boy often ________ money from his grandparents.

A. requests B.orders C. tells D. commands

31. He likes to help others ________ he is very busy.

A. because B. if C. even D. even if

32. The film was made ________ the World War II.

A. base on B. based on C. base in D. based in

33. There are twenty students who are going to have a picnic on Sunday, six girls ________.

A. include B. included C. including D. includes

34. Did you have any difficulty ________ the question?

A. to answer B. answering C. having answered D. answered

35. The number of people invited to the party ________ sixty, but a number of them ________ absent.

A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were


26-30ABBDA 31-35DBBBC

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