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1 belong to sb 属于某人 2 use up =run out of 用完

3 must belong to (sb) = must be sb’s 一定属于某人= 一定是某人的 4 have a picnic=go on a picnic=at a picnic 野餐 5 make up 30% of the final exam 占 期末考试的30% 6 finally=at last=in the end 最后 7 the owner of …的主人 8 in the shy 在天空中

9 catch the bus 赶上公共汽车 10 escape (from +地点) 从…逃跑 11 a strange smell 一股奇怪的味道 12 because of +n /doing sth 因为… 13 next door neighbor 邻居

14 in our neighborhood 在我们的附近 15 have one`s own idea 有某人自己的主意 16 escape from+地 从…逃跑 17 get off the bus下车 get on the bus 上车

18listen to classical music听古典音乐 go to the concert去听音乐会 19have any idea知道 have no idea不知道 20try to do sth. 尝试做某事 21 make a movie拍电影

22 an ocean of许许多多、无穷无尽的 23be care of=look out当心、小心 24pretend to do sth假装干

25in an ocean of paper 在纸的海洋里

26be care of=look out当心、小心 27late night深夜 28make a movie拍电影

1、on display 展览;陈列 2、remind sb of sth 使sb想起sth

3、to be honest 老实说;说实在的 4、be bad for 对……有害

5、stay away from 与……保持距离 6、be in agreement 意见一致的

7、 dance to the music 随着音乐起舞 8 sing along with 跟唱

9、play different kinds of music 弹奏不同/种类的音乐 10、be full of energy 充满活力 be full of = be filled with 充满

11one of the best known /the most famous photographers 最杰出的摄影师之一12、interest sb 使sb感兴趣

be interested in= take an interest in 对……感兴趣 13、a world class musician 世界级音乐家 14、have lots of energy 充满活力

15、a good place to visit 一个参观的好地方 16、six-month English course 六个月的英语课程 17、suit sb fine 非常适合sb 18、go on a vacation 去度假

19、keep healthy= stay healthy 保持健康 20、get together 聚在一起 21、actually=in fact 实际上

22、increase the risk of cancer 增大致癌机率 cause cancer 23、even if=even though 即使

24 the dangers of smoking 抽烟的危害 1.take it easy 从容,轻松 2.in general 通常

3.provide sb with sth =provide sth for sb 给...提供 4.as soon as possible=as soon as you can 尽快地 5.My dream will come true . 我的梦想会实现。 6..sail across the Pacific 横渡太平洋 7.dream about things = dream of doing sth 梦想做某事 8.hang out 闲逛 9.have a good education 得到好教育 10.so 。。。that 如此...以致 11.continue doing = go on doing 继续做某事 12.according to the survey 根据调查 13.all kinds of dreams 各种梦想 14.one day = some day 总有一天 15.be willing to do 愿意做某事 16.achieve one's dreams 实现梦想 17 hold on to your dream 坚持你的梦想 18.go trekking 徒步旅行

19.trek through the jungle 徒步穿过热带雨林 20.consider doing sth 考虑做某事

21 .one of the liveliest cities in Europe 欧洲最有活力的城市之一 22.one of the most famous churches in the world世界上最著名的教堂之一23.quite an expensive place 消费相当高的地方 24.find out 弄明白

25.depend on 取决于 26.take a trip = have a trip 去郊游 27.in the east of China 在华东 28.save money 省钱

29.be away for… 离开(一段时间) 30.stay in an inexpensive hotel 住在便宜的旅馆 1.chean up 打扫干净 2.cheer up 使振奋

3. give/hand out sth 分发某物 4.put off 推迟

5.think up sth=come up with 想出 6.look after =take care of =care for 照顾 7.fix up=repair sth 修理 8.give away 赠送, 捐赠 9.put up 张贴 10.hand out 分发 11.work out fine 结局很好 12.at once 马上

13.help homeless people 帮助无家可归的人 14.help sb with sth 帮助某人某事 15.come up with a plan 提出一个计划

16.put up sth/advertisements 张贴广告 17.put off making a plan 推迟制定计划 18.set up a food bank 建立一个食物储蓄站 19.call sb up 打电话给某人 20.take after/be similar to sb=look like sb 与…相象

21. donate sth to sb =give away sth. to sb 赠送/捐赠某人某物

22.use up sth/run out of sth 用完某物 23.help disabled people 帮助残疾人 24.be able/unable to do sth 能/不能做某事 25.not only …but also… 不仅…而且… 26.be filled with 被充满…

27.a friend of mine=one of my friends 我的一个朋友

28.fetch one’s book 取来某人的书

1. whose volleyball is this?it must belong to carla.(=must be carla’s).it has her name on it.


2. whose hair band is this?it might belong toalice.(=might be alice’s).she plays tennis. 这条发带是谁的?可能是爱丽丝的,她打网球。

3. whose french book is this?it could belong to ali(=could be ali’s).she studies french.这本法语书是谁的?可能是艾丽的,她学法语。

4. whose t-shirt is this?it can’t belong to yaoming.(can’t be yaoming’s)it’s much too small for him.

这件t恤衫是谁的?绝不可能是姚明的。对他来讲也太小了点。 5. don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.

(不要让昨天耗尽太多的今天)往事不堪回首(追忆),一切向前看。 6. he might be running to catch a bus.他也许正跑去搭车呢。

7. there must be something(strange) visiting the homes in our neighborhood. 肯定有某种怪物挨家挨户造访我们街区。

8. in my dream,i was swimming in an ocean of paper. maybe it means you’re afraid of too much homework.

在我的梦境里,我常在书山纸海中。或许那意味着你为过多的作业烦心。 9. it is less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest.人穷志不穷。

1. what kind(type) of music do you like?

2. i like music that(which) i can dance to.

你喜欢哪一类音乐?我喜欢我能随之起舞的舞曲。 3. rosa likes music that is quiet and gentle. 罗莎喜欢安静柔和的音乐。

4. i love singers/musicians who(that) write their own lyrics /music. 我喜欢自己填词/作曲的歌手/音乐家。

5. we prefer music that has great lyrics.我更喜欢歌词很棒的音乐。 =we like music that has great lyrics better.

6. the music reminds me of brazilian dance music.这首曲子让我想到巴西舞曲。7. i prefer classical music to pop music.比起流行音乐来我更喜欢古典音乐。

=i like classical music better than pop music.

8. i love eating icecream on a hot day.there’s nothing better! 大热天我爱吃冰淇淋,那再好不过了。 9. i can’t stand hamburgers!they make me feel sick. 我受不了汉堡包那味!它们让我恶心。

10. some of her best loved photos are on display in this exhibition. 在这次摄影展中,展出了她的一些最中意的作品。 11. i’d like to stay healthy(keep healthy/keep fit),

but to be honest(=to tell you the truth),i only eat food that tastes good. 我想保持健康,但是说真的,我只吃口味好的食品。 12. food that is bad for you can taste good! 对你(健康)有害的食物口感也能很好啊! 13. i stay away from sugar,you do too,don’t you? 我对甜食避之惟恐不及,你也是这样吧?

14. i think most people are in agreement that fruit and vegetables are good for health.


1. where would you like to visit? 你想到哪去参观/访问/旅行? 2. where would you like to go on vacation? 你想到哪去度假?

3. i’d like to go somewhere relaxing. 我想到一处让我能放松身心的地方。 4. i’d love to visit mexico. 我乐意到墨西哥去参观/访问/旅行。 5. i hope to go to france some day. 我希望有朝一日能到法国去。 6. i’d like to trek through the jungle because i like exciting vacations. 因为我喜欢惊险刺激的假期,因此我想穿过丛林去历险。 7. i’d love to sail across the pacific. 我想横跨太平洋航行。

8. take it easy(=relax=have a good time) on a florida beach! 在佛罗里达的海滩上尽情放松吧!

9. in general,though,france is quite an expensive place. 尽管总体上来讲,法国是个消费水平极高的地方

10. i hope you can provide me with some information about the kinds of vacations that your firm can offer.


11. it is cold this time of year.you need to pack warm clothes if you go there. 那地方每年这段时间天气寒冷,如果你想去,就需要多带些保暖的衣服。 12. it seems some students would like to start work as soon as possible,so that they can help provide better lives for their parents.

似乎一些学生立马就想(上班去)开始工作,这样就能给双亲提供更好的生活条件。13. it is very important to dream,so hold on to your dreams,one day they may just come true.

有梦想(理想)十分重要,坚持理想(不懈努力),有朝一日理想终将实现。 14. on the other hand,students dream of very different things: good things,and even crazy things.


1. i’ll help clean up the city parks.


2. he looks sad.let’s cheer him up.(=let’s make him happier.) 他看上去很悲伤,我们一起使他振奋(高兴)起来吧!

3. we’re going to set up(=establish;start) a food bank to help hungry people.

我们打算建立一家“食品储备银行”(食品救济站)来帮助那些饥肠辘辘的穷苦人。 4. they set up (=establish;start) a call-in center for parents. 他们开办了电话交谈节目中心,为父母亲们(家长们)服务。 5. we need to think up(=come up with) some ideas/a plan. 我们得想出些主意/琢磨出个方案/计划来。

6. be quiet please,class.i’m going to give out(hand out) your test papers. 同学们,请保持安静。我要分发试卷了。

7. he even handed out advertisements at a local supermarket. 他甚至在当地的一家超市里分发广告(宣传)材料。

8. on weekends i like to hang out at the sports club with my friends. 每逢周末,我常喜欢和朋友们去体育(运动)俱乐部玩。 9. jim takes after his father.they are both clever and a bit quiet.

吉姆(在外貌、性格等方面)与他父亲很相像,父子俩都很聪明而且话不多。 10. on monday he told a radio interviewer that he had run out of money to buy old bikes. 周一,他告诉电台的一名记者说他因收购旧自行车而囊中羞涩。

11. he also put up some signs asking for old bikes and called up all his friends and told them about the problem.


12. the strategies that he came up with worked out fine. 他想出的这些策略(方法)最终颇为奏效。

13. he now has sixteen bikes to fix up(repair) and give away to children who don’t have bikes.


14. i gave away some clothes to charity because they were too small for me. 我向慈善机构捐赠了一些(旧时的)衣物,因为它们已小得不能再穿了。

15. we can’t put off making a plan.clean-up day is only two weeks from now. 我们的(劳动)计划,再不能耽搁了,两周后大扫除就到了。

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