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九年级Unit 9 复习课

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Review of Unit 9

When was it invented?

Enjoy speaking !

in 1885

in 1976

in 1876 in 1927

Preferences in Section A
was invented 1.The car ____________ (被发明) in 1885. 2.Tvs were invented(被发明) around 1927. ___________ 3.The shoes with adjustable heels are used for ____________ (被用来) changing the style of the shoes. seeing in the dark 4.The slippers were used for______________ . (在黑暗中看东西) do you think 5.What _____________ (你认为) is the most helpful invention?

Preferences in Section B
7.Potato chips were invented by mistake. …… 8.Tea was invented by accident. ……

Preferences in Reading
1.Basketball is enjoyed (受到喜爱)by many _________ people, for fun and exercise. 2.Basketball has been played (被打) in parks, _____________ schools and even in factories. was invented 3.Basketball ___________ (被发明) by a named Canadian doctor_____ (叫作) James was asked Naismith. His class _________ (被要求) to invent a new game that could be played _____________ (进行) indoors during the long winters.

Finding rules 1:
1.English is spoken in Canada. 2.Knives are used for cutting things. 3.When was the car invented? 4.Potato chips were invented by mistake, and tea was invented by accident. 5.The telephone was invented in1876.
一般现在时 当句子的时态是_____________ ,被动语态的构成为 am/is/are+过去分词 _______________________ ; 当句子的时态为一般过去时 则 _____________, was/were+过去分词 被动语态的构成为____________。

Finding rules 2:
1.Mary will be asked to go to the movie. 2.Two letters will be written tomorrow. 3.A talk on English study will be given by Mr Smith next week. 4.Today’s newspaper has been read already. 5.A tall building has been put up in my school.
一般将来时 当句子的时态是_____________ ,被动语态的构成为 will+be+过去分词 现在完成时 _____________________ ; 当句子的时态为_____________,则被 have/has+been +过去分词 动语态的构成为________________。

Finding rules 3:
1.Teenagers should be allowed to wear their own clothes. 2.The lights must be turned off. 3.The word can’t be looked up in this dictionary. 4.Many of the stars cannot be seen because they are far away from us.
情态动词的被动语态结构情态动词+be+过去分词。 ________________________

1.Annie ______ to the party. She had a wonderful time with us.(13河北中考)
A. invites B. is invited C. was invited D. has invited

2.More money ______ when we use both sides of the

paper. (12河北中考)
A. will save B. was saved C. has saved D. will be saved

3.The Spring Festival ___ in January or February. (11河北中考)
A. celebrates B. is celebrated C. celebrated D. was


Cool sentences
1.他们被用来在黑暗中看东西。 They are used for seeing in the dark. be used for doing sth./be used to do sth. 伞是用来遮雨的. The umbrella is used for keeping yourself

from rain. The umbrella is used to keep yourself from rain. 1)我习惯于吃汉堡。

I am used to eating hamburgers.
2)我过去常常在放学后跳舞。 I used to dance after school.

Cool sentences
2.最后,顾客满意了。 The customer was happy in the end.

Although tea wasn’t brought to the Western world until 1610…… 4.根据中国古老的传说,皇帝神农发明了茶叶。 According to an ancient Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nong discovered tea.

Cool sentences

Some leaves from nearby bush fell into the water.
6.算盘是六世纪在中国被发明的。 The abacus was invented in the sixth century by Chinese people. 7. 撞人和摔倒会很危险。 Knocking into players and falling down would be dangerous.

Cool sentences
8.我喜欢酸味。 I like sour taste. 他决定品尝一下这种饮料。 He decided to taste the drink. 这道菜很可口。 The dish is tasty/delicious. 9. 他把班里的男生分成了两队。 He divided the men in his class into two teams.

Cool sentences
10.人们认为,历史上第一次篮球赛是在1891年 12月21日进行的。 It is believed that on December21st,1891,the first basketball game in history was played. 11.很多年轻人梦想成为著名的篮球运动员。

Many young people dream of becoming
famous basketball players.

Writing Show: Correct the mistakes
There are many inventions that have caused great changes in the world. For example, digital It was invented in cameras were invented by Steven J. Sasson, and 1975. he was invented it in 1975.They’re used for take taking was photos. Do you know when was the telephonewas \ were invented? The telephone invented in 1876. Radios is invented in1895. They can help us listen to news and music. These inventionsare useful, they make people’s life easily. easy

Writing Show
人类的发明推动了人类社会的进步,这些发 明不断推陈出新,使人类的生活更加方便快捷。请写 一篇有关纸的发明的短文。提示: 1.世界上原来没有纸,人们不得不在竹筒或石头上写字。 2.中国的蔡伦发明了纸,他教给人们用各种废物来制纸。 3.人们会记住这位发明者。

About 60 words

1.Memorize the cool sentences in this unit. 2.Write the article in your exercise books.

Many inventions that people use each day started with a simple idea. So please study harder, and you’ll be a great inventor some day.

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