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A.用when或while 填空

1________ Tom was eating supper, it began to rain outside.

2 Don’t use your phone________ you are driving a car.

3 What were you doing ________ Mr. Zhou came in ?

4 Jim is good at math _____ Mary is good at English.

5 We were watching TV _____ the electricity was off..

6 ________Peter was sleeping; a thief broke into his house.

7 It snowed ________ we arrived in Tokyo. 8 She left her hometown________ she was five. 9 I was studying in the library__________ the UFO landed.


1 ---Did you hear the noise?----No. we________(play) the piano then.

2 I didn’t hear you, I________(make) a phone call then.

3 Some girls ________(sing) in the park at eight o’clock last night.

4 We________(listen) to the radio when someone knocked at the door.

5 Of course you couldn’t see me, I________(take) a bath at that time.

6 When they came into the room, Ben and Jim ________(do) their homework.

7 Her mother ______(cook) at home at noon yesterday.

8 While I _____(read) a book, he _______(come) home.

9 I first ________(see)Lisa two years ago. She________(work) in a shop at that time.

10 I don’t think Tom saw me, he ________(look) at a new dress at that time.

11.I__________(do)my homeword while my brother________(play) computer games.


1 A UFO landed while I ____(sleep)

2 He was ________(jump) and_______(run) with another dog.

3. Linda_______(walk) around the station and called its name.

4 I couldn’t see my watch________ (some where)

5 She followed it ________(see) where it was going.

6 They might find it difficult to plan things for________(their).

7 While Alice ________(shop), it began to rain.

8 I had a very ________(usually) experience on Sunday.

9 We saw her ________(enter) the hall just now.

10 Don’t ________(are) late again.

11. While we __(wait) for the bus, a girl __(run) up to us.

12. I ___ (telephone) a friend when Bob _____ (come) in.

13. Jim _____ (jump) on the bus while it _____(move) away.

14. What ___ you ___ (do) at that time? We _____ (watch) TV.

14.Was your father at home yesterday evening? Yes ,he was. He ___ (listen) to the radio.

15. They ___(not make) a model ship when I saw him.

16. _____ they ____ (have) a meeting at 4 yesterday afternoon? No, they _____. They _____ (clean) the classroom.

17. _____ it _____(rain) when you left school? Yes, it ____. (No, it ____)

18. What ___your father ___ (do) when he was your age?

D. 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. He________ TV every evening. (watch)



2. We always ________ to school on foot. (go)

3. Tom, with his classmates, often ______ football after school. (play)

4. Their classroom _________ four big windows. (have)

5. Your shoes _______ under the bed. (be)

6. She ______ for her friends at the bus stop now. (wait)

7. Sorry, I_______ no enough money with me now. (have)

8. The days _______ longer and longer now. (get)

9. ______ here and ______ by me. (come, stand)

10. Look, the bus _______. (come)

11. His uncle usually _________ to work by bus. (go)

12. Sorry, I’m busy. I ______to a friend of mine in Hangzhou. (write)

13. Lin Tao and his classmates ______ on a farm next week. (work)

15. Look at the cloud. I think it ________. (rain)

16. Mary _______thirteen next year. (be)

17. Today is Monday. Tomorrow ______ Tuesday. (be)

18. There _______ no hospitals here ten years ago. (be)

19. He _____you to the station tomorrow morning. (see)

20. It _____ very hard. We’d better stay at home. (rain)

21. I always ______ up at six in the morning, but I _____up a little later yesterday. (get )

22. She _______ swim very well when she was five years old. (can)

23. They ________ in Beijing in 1960. (be)

24. He always _______ to work by bike when he was in Shanghai. (go)

25. Be quiet. The baby ______.(sleep)

1. It (rain)for a week.

2. I don’t know this woman. I (meet, never)her.

4. We (finish, not)our homework yet. Will you wait a minute?

5. John (come, not)yet. He will be back in a minute.

6. Mr. Green often goes to America. In fact, he (be)there ten times.

7. -Where’s John? -He just (go)to the teachers’ office.

8. She (study)English since she was ten. She (begin)to study English when she was ten.

9. Jim isn’t here. He (go)to the library. He (go)there an hour ago.

10. He ___ _____ (travel, never)on a train in her life.

11. I (buy)the bike two weeks ago. I (have)this bike since the beginning of this month. I (have)it for two weeks.

12. Great changes (take place)in those villages in the last ten years, Great changes (take place, also)in my home-town in the last ten years.

13. How many times you (phone)me these days? you (phone)me this morning

14. Tom can’t get into the room because he (lose)the key to the door.

15. I (look)for the dictionary, but I (find not)it yet.

19. They can’t go with us. They (finish, not)the work yet.

20. You (change, not )your mind, haven’t you?

21.We must pay for the library book if we (lost)it.



22. He has already finished his homework.(改为否定句)

He finished his homework .

24. -When you (buy)the book?-I (have)it for two weeks.

25. Such a thing (happen, never)in the village before.

26. I think you never (hear) such a thing.

27. I (tell) you about the accident as soon as I (finish) the work.

28.You needn’t tell him about it. I already him about it.(tell)



1. _______ carefully the boy does his homework!

A. How B. How C. What D. What an

2. _______ well you sing but _______ badly he dances!

A. How, how B. What, what C. How, what D. What, how

3. ________ cheap these clothes are! I’d like to buy some for my son.

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

5. _______ difficult questions they are! I can’t answer them.

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

8. _______ lovely weather we are having these days!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

9. _______ delicious your supper is!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

10. _______ interesting work it is to teach children!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

11 _________clever girl she is!

A What a B What C How a D how

12 __________interesting story it is!

A What an B What a C How an D How

14 ____________flowers they are!

A What beautiful B What a beautiful C How beautiful D How a beautiful

15 ___________ it is today!

A How cold B What cold C How a cold D What a cold

16 ___________bad the weather is!

A How B What C What a D How a

17 ______________good news it is !

A How B What a C How a D What

18 ____ an interesting subject it is!

A. What B. How C. What


1. The old man walked very slowly.

_______ _______ the old man walked!

2. The film is very wonderful.

_______ _______ the film is!

3. Our school looks very beaufiful in spring.



_______ _______ our schools looks in spring!

4. It is a very useful dictionary.

_______ _______ _______ dicitonary it is!

_______ _______ _______ dictionary is!

5. The students are listening very carefully.

________ ________ the students are listening!

6.The fried fish tastes very delicious.

________ ________ the fried fish tastes!

7.New York is very beautiful.

________ ________ New York is!

8.The book is very useful.

________ ________ ________ book it is!

9.That's an interesting film.

________ ________ interesting film that is!

10.The babies are playing happily.

________ ________ the babies are playing!

11.The information is very important.

________ important information!


⒈ A: Jill is drawing a beautiful picture.

B: ___________________________

⒉ A: Mr Wang is a busy man.

B: ___________________________

⒊ A: The cat is very happy.

B: ___________________________

4. A: He is very lucky.


(1)These flowers are from Guangdong. He said.

He said _______ these flowers _______ from Guangdong.

(2)Light travels faster than sound. My teacher told me.

My teacher told me _____ light _______ faster than sound.

(3)There will be a meeting in five days. Jack didn’t know.

Jack didn’t know ______ there ______ ____ a meeting in five days.

(4)Can they speak French? I want to know.

I want to know ______ _______ _______ _______ French.

(5)Are the children playing games? Tell me.

Tell me ______ the children ______ ______ games.

(6)Have you finished your homework yet? Mr. Zhao asked Ma Chao

Mr. Zhao asked Ma Chao _______ _______ ______ _____ _____ homework yet.

(7)How many people can you see in the picture? Who knows?

Who knows _____ _____ ____ ____ _____ ______ in the picture?

(8)Where did she park her car? Do you know?

Do you know _____ _____ ____ her car?



(9)What does he often talk about? The girl wondered.

The girl wondered _____ _____ often ________ about.

(10)Who knocked at the door so loudly? I don’t know.

I don’ t know ____ _______ at the door so loudly.


( )(1)What did Mike say? He said ____________________.

A. if you were free the next week B. what colour was it

C. the weather is fine D. summer comes after spring

( )(2)Tom asked my friend ________________.

A. where was he from B. that the earth is bigger than the moon

C. when did he come back D. not to be so angry

( )(3)Let me tell you __________________.

A. how much is the car B. how much does the car cost

C. how much did I pay for the car D. how much I spent on the car

( )(4)Peter knew _______________.

A. whether he has finished reading the book B. why the boy had so many questions

C. there were 12 months in a year D. when they will leave for Paris

( )5.I don't know _________ he will come tomorrow._________ he comes,I'll tell you.

A.if;Whether B.whether;Whether

C.if;That D.if;If

( )6.I don't know _________ the day after tomorrow.

A.when does he come B.how will he come

C.if he comes D.whether he'll come

( )7.Could you tell me _________ the nearest hospital is?

A.what B.how C.whether D.where

( )8.Could you tell me _________ the radio without any help?

A.how did he mend B.what did he mend

C.how he mended D.what he mended

( )9.I want to know _________ .

A.whom is she looking after B.whom she is looking

C.whom is she looking D.whom she is looking after

( )10.Do you know where _________ now?

A.he lives B.does he live C.he lived D.did he live

( )11.Do you know what time _________ ?

A.the train leave B.does the train leave

C.will the train leave D.the train leaves

( )12.I don't know _________ .Can you tell me,please?

A.how the two players are old B.how old are the two players

C.the two players are how old D.how old the two players are

( )13.The small children don't know _________ .

A.what is their stockings in B.what is in their stockings

C.where is their stockings in D.what in their stockings

( )14.I can't understand _________ .

A.what does Christmas mean B.what Christmas does mean



C.what mean Christmas does D.what Christmas means

( )15. Tim says Dave is _______ good friend.

A. my B. she C. his D. he

( )16. Peter _______ he wants to be a teacher.

A. say B. saidC. will say D. says

( )17. He tells me Uncle Li _______ his radio now.

A. mending B. is mendingC. mended D. mind

( )18. He knows John _______ help him with his math.

A. is going B. wants C. want to D. may

( )19. She tells me she can take the message for _______

A. me B. I C. he D. himself

( )20. Please tell me __________ you hate smoking.

A. which B. why C. where D. when

( )21. Could you please tell me how __________ get to the post office?

A. I can B. I could C. can I D. could I

( )22. Maria __________ the little boy how old he was.

A. asks B. asked C. ask D. asking

( )23. Rose can’t forget __________.

A. what did her teacher sayB. what does her teacher say

C. her teacher said D. what her teacher said

( )24. __________ why he changed his mind.

A. Do you know B. Can you tell me

C. Could you answer my questionsD. I don’t know

( )25. Could you tell me how many birds __________ in the cage?

A. are there B. there wasC. there are D. were there

( )26. Can you tell me __________?

A. if it rain tomorrowB. if will it rain tomorrow

C. whether it will rain tomorrowD. whether will it rain

( )27. Betty __________ not sure whether she will get on well with Ruth.

A. be B. is C. was D. will be

( )28. Jack __________ to know if his friend __________ his birthday present.

A. want, liked B. wanted, likes C. wanted, liked D. wanted, will like ( )29. Please tell me __________ Susan has a brother.

A. whether B. weather C. what D. whom

( )30.He knew all the students ________ the exam already except him.

A. has passed B. have passed C. had passed D. would pass


1.Does Mr.Brown enjoy living in China?Could you tell us?(改写句子) →Could you tell us _________ Mr.Brown _________ living in China?

2.“Does the girl need any help?”he asked me.(变为复合句)

→He asked me _________ the girl _________ some help.

3.Jim is not a student.Tom is not a student,either.(合并为一个句子) _________ Jim _________ Tom is a student.

4.When does the train leave?I want to know.(改为含宾语从句的复合句)



I want to know _________ the train _________ .

5.They went home after they had finished their homework.(用not...until改写)

They _________ go home _________ they had finished their homework.

6.Did Peter come here yesterday?Li Lei wants to know.(改为含宾语从句的复合句) Li Lei wants to know _________ Peter _________ here yesterday.

7. The moon moves around the earth. My sister told me.(合并为复合句)

My sister told me _______ the moon _______ round the ear

8. I think he will come tomorrow. (改为否定句)

I _______ _______ he _______ come tomorrow.

9. 我原以为你今天会有空。(翻译句子)


10. 他认为明天不会下雨。(翻译句子)



I. 考查引导词

( )1. —Do you know________ I could pass the exam?

—Sorry, I’ve no idea. (山西省)

A. that B. whether C. what D. which

( )2. —Are you sure you have to? It’s been very late.

—I don’t know ________ I can do it if not now. (江西省)

A. where B. why C. when D. how

( )3. —I really want to know ________ Sun Yao is.

—It is said that he is much better these days. (安徽省)

A. what B. how C. where D. who

II. 考查宾语从句和主句时态的呼应及宾语从句的语序

( )4. —Would you please tell us what ________ on this subject?

—Yes, I’d like to. (无锡市)

A. you will say B. will you say C. you will speak D. will you speak

( )5. Does anybody know if _______ to Shenzhen in the morning next Saturday? (沈阳市)

A. is there a flight B. there is a flightC. there was a flight D. was there a flight

( )6. Miss Green didn’t tell us ________ in 2002. (北京市)

A. where does she live B. where she lives

C. where did she live D. where she lived

( )7. The teacher said that the earth ________ around the sun. (泰州市)

A. went B. goes C. will go D. going

( )8. —Do you know ________?

—Yes, I do. She came here on foot. (河南省)

A. where Kate came from B. how Kate came here

C. when Kate comes here D. why Kate didn’t come here

III. 考查if和when引导的是宾语从句还是状语从句

( )9. We’re not sure if it ________ tomorrow. If it ________, we won’t climb the South Hill. (西宁市)

A. will snow; snows B. will snow; will snow

C. snows; snows D. snows; will snow


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