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Unit 4 复习课

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I. 重点词组(汉译英) 1. 在抽屉里____________ in the drawer 2. 在椅子下面_____________ under the chair 3. 在沙发上__________ on the sofa 4. 在他的房间里_________ in his room 5. 在她的梳妆台上___________ on her dresser 6. 在地板上____________ on the floor on the bed 7. 在床上__________ 8. 把某物带走给某人____________ take sth. to sb. bring sth. to sb. 9. 把某物带来给某人_____________ need sth. 10.需要某物 ______

II. 单项填空。 1. This is ____alarm clock and _____ hat on the table. A. an, an B. a, a C. an, a D. a, an 2. –Is this _____ watch? -No, it’s not his watch. A. her B. Bob’s C. your D. Mary’s 3. -_______ the baseball and the basketball? -On the table. A. Where B. Where’s C. Is it D. Where are 4. I _____ know her name. A. not B. don’t C. no D.aren’t

5. -Can you take these things to your grandfather? -_________. A.Yes, I am B. No, I don’t C. Thank you D. Sorry 6. Please _______ the banana there(那儿) and _______ an apple here. A. take, bring B. take, take C. bring, take D.bring, bring 7. –Your watch is very nice. -__________. A.Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. Thank you D.Where?

8. I _______ my hat, my watch, my pen and my pencil sharpener. A.need B. needs C. am D. takes 9. –Where ______ my dictionaries? -Sorry, I don’t know. A. are B. is C. / D. isn’t 10.-______ you take your homework to school? -Yes, dad. I can do it. A. Do B. Is C. Are D. Can 11. My pencils _______ my pencil case. A. is in B. is of C. are of D. are in

12. Here _______ my family photos. A.is B. are C. am D. be 13. Thanks ______ the photo of your family. A.for B. on C. of D. in 14. –Is your book on the bookcase? -_______. It’s in the bookcase. A. No, it isn’t B. Yes, it is C. I don’t know D. Yes, it isn’t 15. This is your math book. Please _____ it ______ school. A.bring; to B. take; to C. take; at D. bring; in

III. 根据句意和首字母提示完成单词。 1.I don’t k____ his name. now 2. He n______ some notebooks. eeds oom 3. My pencil is in my r_____. 4. -Is this his m____ book? ath -No, it isn’t. 5. –What’s that on the t______? able -It’s a computer game. 6. -W_____ is my hat? -It’s on the chair. here 7. Can you take these t______ to your hings mother? She is at home now.

plant 8. Is the ________(植物)on the table? bookcase 9. Where’s the ___________(书柜)? 10. The book is _________(在...... 下面) under the table. 11. Li Lei sits on the ______(沙发). sofa 12. Please listen(听) to the _____(磁带) tape and write down(写下)the words. 13. C____ you take these things to an your parents? 14. I n______ my hat. eed keys 15. The ______ (钥匙)are in the drawer.

IV. 句型转换: 1.The CDs are on the desk. (改为一般疑问句) Are the CDs ______ _______ ________ on the desk? 2. Where are the baseball? (补全答句) don’t know Sorry, I _____ _____. 3. They are my watches. (改为否定句) They aren’

t my ____ _____ _____ watches. 4. Linda’s video tape is in the drawer. (提问) _____ ______ Linda’s video tape? Where is

5. That is a bag. (改为复数句) Those are bags ________ _______ _________. 6. The baseball is on the sofa. (改为否定句) The baseball ____ _____ on the sofa. is not 7. The cat is under the bed. (提问) _______ _______ the cat? Where is 8. Are the English books in the backpack? Yes, _____ are they _____.

9. These are English books. (改为单数句) _____ _____ ______ English book. This is an 10. My pen is in the pencil case. (改为一般疑问句) ____ ________ ______ in the pencil case? Is your pen 11. Are these math books? (改为单数句) ______ _____ ____ math book? Is this a 12.They are some English girls. (改为单数句) ______ _____ ___ English girl. She is an

13. Where is your photo? (改为复数句) photos are Where ______ your _______? 14. The things are under the table. ( 改为否定句) The things _____ _____ under the table. are not The things ________ under the table. aren’t 15. Can you bring the CD to me? (作否定回答) No, ____ _____. I can’t

V. 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。 1.打扰一下,我的橡皮在哪里? _______ ______, ________my eraser? Excuse me where’s 2. 她的钥匙在双肩背包里。 Her are in _____keys ______ ______ the backpack. 3. 我的棒球在桌子底下。 baseball My _________ is ________ the _____. under table 4. “你的课本在梳妆台上吗?” “不,它们不在。 -______ your books ______ the _________? dresser on Are -No, _______ aren’t they _______. 5. 我的钢笔不在沙发上。 My pen ________ _______ the sofa. isn’t on

6. 请把这些东西带给你的朋友。 Please ________ these ______to your friend. things take 7. 我需要一些红帽子。 I ________ ________ red hats. need some 8. 你能把我的钢笔带到学校来吗? Can you ________ my pen _____ school? to bring 9. 他的棒球在地上。 His baseball is _______ the _______. on floor 10. –你的录像带在桌子上吗? -不,不在。 -______your video tapes ______ _____ table? Are on the -No, _________ ________. they aren’t

VI. 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全单词。 Look, this is my backpack. It’s o__ the n sofa. That’s my computer game. It i__on s hey the desk. Those are my keys. T_____ are i__the drawer. These are my books and n pencil case. They are u______ the table. My nder baseball is under the chair. The p____ lant (植物)is on the table. Where a___ my re pencils? Oh, they are under the backpack.

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