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牛津英语9A Unit3 Grammar 1

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9A Unit 3 Teenage problems

Grammar I

Subject(主语) It took me more than one hour to drive here. ‘to’-infinitives My problem was to get lost on the way.

Predicative (表语)

A : ‘To’-infinitives Subject (主语)
It’s necessary for us to work hard every day.

To work hard every day is necessary for us.

Can you change the sentences?
It’s necessary for us to work hard every day. It’s important for us to do morning exercises. It’s unhealthy for us to eat too many snacks.

Simon’s dream is to be a great football player .

Predicative (表语)

-What’s her dream?

-Her dream is to be a happy singer.

Duan Linxi

Talk about your life dream!

Make a dialogue Try to use ‘To-infinitives’
A: What’s your dream/aim/plan/duty…? B: My…is to…

What’s Millie’s problem? ? She always has so much homework to do.

Attributive(定语) ? Has she ever refused to do her homework? Object(宾语)

Attributive (定语)
Who is the first to come in our class?

… is always the first to come. Who is the last to leave in our class? … is always the last to leave.

He wants to play basketball every day.
want to do sth


? ? ? ? agree choose decide hope learn plan prepare want promise begin need wish forget remember refuse…

Adverbial to express purpose(目的状语)

I will work hard to catch up with my classmates.
Adverbial to express result(结果状语)

She opened the box to find some sweets in it.

Read and discuss the function of each ‘to’infinitive:
The baby has grown up to be a nice girl. She works in Nantong. On this National Day, she got up early to catch the first bus to go home. She saw many people standing around her house. She rushed there to see what was happening. What a pity! She came back home to find her house on fire!

Adverbial to express purpose(目的状语)

Adverbial to express result(结果状语)

The baby has grown up to be a nice girl. She works in Nantong. On this National Day, she got up early to catch the first bus to go home. She saw many people standing around her house. She rushed there to see what was happening. What a pity! She came back home to find her house on fire!

Simon’s parents don’t allow him to play basketball every day.

allow sb. to do sth

Object complement (宾补)

Can you give us more examples? ask sb. to do sth. tell … want… need… teach… advise… woud like… …

Can you help him find any mistakes?
1.Jim Carrey’s films always make me to laugh.
2. Someone saw him to walk into that building at about three this afternoon. 3. This can help us ( to )relax and make our lives more interesting. 4. Keep the secret for me. Don’t let anyone to know it.

Let’s practice:
laugh 1. Jim Carrey’s films always make me _________ (to laugh, laugh).

know 2. It’s good to let your parents _________ (to know, know) your feelings.
buy 3. The twins of

ten have their parents _________ (to buy, buy) a lot of snacks. 4. Someone saw him ________ (walk, to walk) into that walk building . go 5. Did you hear him ________ (go, to go) out? come 6. Did you notice him ________ (come, to come) in?

Infinitives without ‘to’ (bare infinitives)



二听 listen to
watch see



三让 make


半帮助 help

look at Object complement do sth 作_____________ notice


1.The students are often made to read (read) books in the morning. 2. Many people are seen to dance (dance) in the square every evening. Tips:

More problems
My home is always noisy. I cannot find a quiet place ________ (to study, studying). to study Ask your family to turn down the TV or turn it off while you are studying.
(attributive / object complement)


More problems
I have no courage _________ (to share, to share for sharing) with my friends my worries. Try to talk to your friends and share your worries with them.
(object / adverbial to express purpose)


More problems
To tell you the truth, sometimes I quarrel with my cousin Shirley. I hope she will not come __________ (to disturb, disturbing) me any to disturb more.

Be patient. Tell your cousin that it is important to leave you alone so you can study.
(adverbial to express result / subject)


More problems
I hope my parents can spare some time for me to talk every day. I need someone _______ (talking, to talk) to at home.

Write a note to tell your parents that you need them.
(adverbial to express purpose /adverbial to express result)


More problems
To learn _________ (Learning, To learn) dancing well, I need much more practice.

Plan your time carefully and make sure you have some time to dance every day.


More problems
My parents care only about marks after exams. They do not seem _________ (to notice, noticed) to notice that I have tried my best.

The best way is to let your parents see your progress after each exam.


Fill in the blanks:
true truly truth 1.I’m _______ sorry to hear that. truly

2.The man was so stubborn that he was not willing to tell the policeman the __________. truth 3. He is really a ________ friend. He true never tells others my secrets

1. They were quarrelling when I went into the room. 2. The twin sisters often quarrelled with each other when they were young.

Congratulations! You made great progress in this exam.

1. Simon likes staying out late to play football. 2. Simon likes staying out late to chat with his friends.

Simon likes staying out late to play football and chat with his friends.
Tips:当and连接两个动词不定式时,第 二个动词不定式的to 通常被省略。

B: ‘wh-’ words+to-infinitives
She doesn’t know what to wear.

My daughter doesn’t know which book to choose.

Have a try 1
1. Simon does not know what _____ (do). to do

2. Sandy wants to k

now where ______ to ask
(ask) for advice.

3. Millie does not know how _______ to solve
(solve) her problems.

4. Simon just forgot when to meet (meet) ______ his friends. 5. You should decide when to work _______ (work) and when to play (play). ______ 6. Paul knows who ______ (talk) to for to talk help. 7. Please tell me where _____ (get) help. to get

Have a try 2
1.Paul knows who he should talk to for help. who to talk to Paul knows _____ ____ ____ ____ for help.
2.Simon does not know what he should do. what to do Simon does not know _____ ____ _____ .

3.You should decide which you should do first.
which to do You should decide _____ _____ ____ first.

4.Simon forgot when he should meet his friends.
when to meet Simon forgot _____ _____ ______his friends.

5. Sandy wants to know where she can ask for advice. Sandy wants to know where ____ask _____ to ____ for advice. 6. Millie doesn’t know how she can solve her problem. Millie doesn’t know _____ ____ solve how to ____ her problem.

‘wh-’ word
? what -- content

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

when -- time why -- reason where --place who -- people how -- ways whose-- belong to whom -- people (object)

B ‘wh-’ words+to-infinitives
wh-特殊疑问词+to-infinitive相当于一个名 词,可以在句子中充当宾语或主语;做主语的 时候,谓语动词是单数;做宾语的时候,它的前 面动词常常有: ask, decide, explain, find out, forget, hear, know, learn, remember, see, tell, understand等

Miss Gu got lost!
1.Miss Xiao must know how
she cansolve her problem. to solve her problem.

2.Miss Xiao really didn’t know what
she should do . to do. 3.Miss Xiao didn’t know where she can find her friends. to find her friends. 4.Miss Xiao didn’t know who

she should for help.help. to ask ask for 5.Miss Xiao didn’t know where
she to find the police. . can find the police

An interview with Sigmund Friend

Sigmund Friend


Millie’s diary Mr. Friend is really kind and helpful. Many how to solve students ask him ___________ their what to do problems. He always tells them __________. when to work Most students can’t decide _____________ when to play and ____________. how to achieve I also do not know ______________ a balance. which to do I don’t know ___________ first. I want who to talk to where to get to know _______________ and ____________ help. He offered me some advice. They are really of great value.

Solve the problems
One of the youth workers is here to do something to help with the teenage problems.


‘wh-’ words+ ‘to’-infinitives

Hello! What can I help you with? Oh. What’s the first one? Hello! I have two problems.

My advice is … I…

1.Memorize the new words and phrases .
2.Share your worries with your friends.

Thank you! Game Goodbye!

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