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五年级上册重点句子复习 1、Who’s your math teacher ? Mr. Zhao is my math teacher.

2、What’s Mr. Zhao like? Mr. Zhao\He is thin and short.

3、Who’s your principal? Miss Lin is our principal.

4、What’s your principal like? 5、What’s your father like? My father is strict.

6、What are you like? I am tall and strong.

7、Is your math teacher quiet? No, she isn’’s very active.

7、Is your math teacher quiet? ’s active.

7、isn’t active.

7、 Yes, she is, but she’s very kind.

8、 Yes, we have a new math teacher.

9、 It’s Wednesday.

10、What do you have on Thursdays? 新|课|标| 第|一|网

We have English , math and science on Thursdays.

11、What do you do on Saturdays? I watch TV on Saturdays.

12、What about you?\How about you?\And you? I watch TV, too..

13、What classes do you like? I like English.

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14、What do you have for lunch on Mondays? We have tomatoes, tofu and fish.

15、What would you like for lunch? I’d like green beans and pork.

16、Would you like some grapes? No, they’re sour.\No, thank you!

16、Would you like some apples? Yes, they’re sweet . w W w.xK b 1. c om

17、What’s your favourite food?

17、What’s Mike’s favourite food?



18、Is fish your favourite food? 19、Are apples your favourite fruit? ’t.


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22、23、24、What can Sarah do? Sarah(She) can empty the trash.

25、What can Mike and Sarah do? Mike and Sarah (They) can empty the trash.

26、Can you cook the meals? Yes, I can .\ No, I can’t.

26、Can I use your computer? Yes, you can . \ No, you can’t.

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26、 Can Sarah do housework? Yes, she can . \ No, she can’t.

26、 Can Mike do housework? Yes, he can . \ No, he can’t.

26、 Can Sarah and Mike do housework? Yes, they can . \ No, they can’t.





26、26、 27、What’s your home(house/ flat) like?

28、What’s your room like? 28、What’s your room like? 29、Where is the trash bin? 30、 Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

31、’s room? w W w .xK b 1. c om

’s room.

32、Is there a forest in the park? Yes, there is.\No, there isn’t.

33、Is there a river? Yes, there is a river.

34、Is there a river? No, there isn’t a river.

35、Is there a river? No, there is a lake.

36、Are there any fish in the river? Yes, there are.\No, there aren’t.

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37、What’s your village like? There are many small houses in my village. 38、What’s the city like? There are tall buildings in the city.



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