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lesson57 help

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Studying aims:
? Discuss what makes students unique and build their confidence. ? Learn the language points in this lesson.

Study procedures:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Warming-up Lead in Listening and reading Talking Learning notes Testing Homework

? What’s your talents? ? Can you show them to us?

Talk about their hobbies
Li ming

Wang mei

Play computer

Play football


Play ping_ pang
Chen min

Read books

Han hong



Lead in:
? What do you think of yourself ? ? Are you proud of yourself? Why or why not ?

Listening and reading:
? What makes you unique? ? What suggestions does Jenny give to Li Ming?

? ? ? ? ? Do your classmates like you? How do you know they like you? What makes you a good student? Do you have special talents? Have you done anything that made you proud of yourself?

Learning notes:
1.I need your help with my English project this week. help sb. with sth.=help sb. (to) do sth. 2.we are supposed to describe ourselves in a report.
单数 第一人称 复数


myself yourself himself, herself, itself

ourselves yourselves themselves

Learning notes:
3.What are you proud of? be proud of 为……而骄傲 4.That make sense. make sense 有道理;有意义。
5.Thank you very much for your help. Thank you very much for sth. Thank you very much for doing sth.

with ? Tom helps me ____(介词) my English every day. ? Have you done anything that made proud of you____ ____ yourself? ? Make yourself (you) at home, Li Ming. ____ ? Thank you very much for your invitation _______(invite). inviting ? Thank you very much for _____(invite) me.

? Write a passage of your special talents and your personal strengths. ? Remember the language points in this lesson. ? Preview lesson 58

See you! My dear friends!

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