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Carnival (狂欢节)

What is Carnival?
no more meat Carnival means____________ . It originates from(comes from)___________ and was Europe forty days without meat preparing for celebrated before __________________ . Easter have fun, eating, drinking,and dressing At carnival, people _______________________. up

What’s your first impression of carnival?



The magic of the mask

Read the whole passage How Para The main idea How to did excitement Para1 crowds costumes confusion you people’s impression of Whichthe generalyouunderstand words do introduction think get the carnival of carnival para 1&2? are do eat drink dress up 1&2 important for Paras Para2 what funpeople do at carnival have main idea ? easily? Para3 the carnival in Venice the development Para4 laws about wearing masks order? of carnival in Venice Para5 the tradition was revived time Para6 how is carnival celebrated today’s in Venice today carnival

Wearing masks was limited by laws.



Why was How many Why was it limited stages(阶段) it revived by laws to limit it (复兴)? ? ?

become a problem


a link

Wearing masks was limited by laws.

Why was How many Why was What problem it limited stages(阶段) it revived by laws to limit it ? ? ? ? in the 14th century not allowed in later times put into prison at the end of the 18th century banned completely

Wearing masks was limited by laws.
Para3 Para4

Why was How many Why was What problem it limited stages(阶段) it revived by laws to limit it ? ? ? ?

carnival was good 话题线索:wearing masks for business 主题:the development of carnival in Venice

Read paragraph 6
What is the spirit of today’s carnival in Venice? What The key to Venice is is the mystery of the mask.? If the masks come off, have no idea the magic is lost. How what the faces behind them to guess look like the meaning of

a new word?

Paragraph 1
What’s your general impression of carnival?

Whenever you think of carnival, you crowds may think of ______, ________ and costumes confusion _________. The sights may differ in different countries, but the __________ is excitement the same everywhere.
想到狂欢节你就会想到群众、服装和混乱。随着国家的变化听到 的和看到的都是不同的,但是任何地方人们都是兴奋的。

Paragraph 2 What does carnival mean?
“Carnival” comes from two Latin words, meaning “no more meat”. ________
“狂欢节”是由俩个拉丁词演变而来的,它的意思是“不 要吃肉”。欧洲是狂欢节的发源地,在接近狂欢节的四十 天里是不能吃肉的,人们准备迎接基督教的“复活节’。 人们把狂欢节做为冬天结束前最后的一个玩乐机会,意味 着尽情的吃喝玩乐、打扮。

What do people do at carnival?

People saw Carnival

as a last chance have fun to ________ at the end of the winter dress up season. They eat, drink and ________.

Paragraph 3
Where does the writer say we can see the most famous carnival? What was it like at first?

The most famous carnival in Europe was Venice in ______. People ate, drank and wore masks _____. At the beginning, it lasted for just one day. As time passed, the carnival extended period was _________and people walked round the streets for weekson end ______doing what they wanted without being recognized _______________. Many crimes went __________. unpunished

Paragraph 4 What was the law about wearing masks?

The first of laws about wearing dates back to masks _____________ the 14th allowed century. Men were not _______to wear masks at night. In later times people who wore masks could not firearms carry ________. At the end of the 18th century masks were totally banned ______ and carnival became just a memory _______.

Paragraph 5 When and how was the tradition of celebrating carnival revived?

In the late 1970s the tradition___________ by students, was revived who began making masks and organizing parties and threw brightly-colored _______________ paper at tourists. The town council realized carnival ____________ business and the was good for festival _____________ for tourists. was developed

Paragraph 6 How is carnival celebrated in Venice today?

Today carnival in Venice is celebrated _____________ for five days in February. People arrive from all over Europe to enjoy the fun. booked Hotels are fully ______ and the are crowded with streets ______________ wonderful costumes.

What is the feature of the carnival in Venice?

1. The spirit of Venice carnival different from .
2. The key to Rio music and movement. 3. while in Venice the mystery of the masks. 4. you the streets , see masks. 5. show , elegant or frightening, sad or amusing, traditional or modern. 6. 7. takes off the magic lost if come off.

Summary What have we learnt in this class?

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