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Ability, Not Diploma

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1. Sepcific Purpose: by introduce Provence’s lavender, spots, festivals t make others know more about the beautiful city.

2. Central Idea: because of lavender, ancient castle, many activities, Provence is a charming city.


1. When talk about France, most of us would think about Paris,for its elegant, romantic, charming.

2. But there is another city in France even more than Paris. It’s Provence.


1. The biggest reason that Provence is so charming is lavender. a. Provence is a word-famous hometown of lavender. b. The best scenic of lavender is Leburon Sault and Gordes.

c. Imagine such a scene, we stand in the fields, in front of us is a large lavender. The breeze blowing, the air filled with the fragrance of lavender.

d. The meaning of this flower is waiting for love.

2. There are many other scenic spots.

a. Lifite castle, and ancient buildings of Provence is famous. b. Their red wine is tasty, which is the oldest red wine in France.

3. There are many activities.

a. February Menton Lemon Festival.

b. July Arignon Festival, Ouhongji Opera festival.

c. August Lavender Festival.

d. All the festivals make the city filled with the scent of freedom.

e. So it attracted many artists to pilgrimage. And many writers writed beautiful article for this city.


The city is so charming that I want to go there to have a try one day.


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Provence ---the city in south eastern.

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