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Chapter 4 Man’s best friend

I. 听力(共20分)

A) 听句子,选择与图片意思相符的句子。(5分)

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________

B) 听句子,选择恰当的答语。(5分)

6. A. No, I don't like it. B. Yes, please. C. Neither, thanks.

7. A. Yes, she was. B.I taught myself. C. No, she didn't.

8. A. We built it. B. Americans helped us. C. It was built in Xi'an.

9. A. That's OK. B. I'm sorry to hear that. C. You are very kind.

10.A. I have gone to Canada. B.Yes, I have. C.I went there a moment ago.

C) 听对话和对话后面提出的问题,选择正确的答案。(5分)

11. They got there ________.

A.by bus B.by taxi C.by train

12. Kate thinks that Miss Gao is________.

A. a good teacher B. a terrible teacher C. a strange teacher

13. Mrs White wants to buy________.

A. a beautiful house B. a smaller house C. a small house

14. Mrs King wants to know________.

A. if there are enough apples and bananas B. if there is enough bread and bananas

C. if there is enough tea and apples

15. Miss Green means that ________.

A. she'd like to come B. she knows the way to the river

C. the weather is quite hot

D) 听短文, 选择正确的答案回答问题。(5分)

16. What did the farmer's friend grow?

A. Apples. B. Bananas. C. Oranges.

17. What present did the friend give the farmer?

A. A lot of apples. B. A big apple tree. C. A young apple tree.

18. How about the farmer’s tree-planting place?

A. Everybody could see the place. B. Nobody could see the place.

C. There were a lot of sunlight in that place.

19. What happened to the tree?

A. It grew quick. B. It died. C. The friend took it back.

20. What do you think of the rich English farmer?

A. He was kind-hearted. B. He was quite clever. C. He was very foolish.

II. 词汇。 (10分)

A ) 用下列括号内单词正确形式填空。(5分)

1. The scientist allowed the _______ (audiance) to ask some questions after his lecture.

(please) when they heard the good news.


4.The article ________ ( consist of ) three parts.

5. Peter’s Chinese is7. As soon as I smelt the smoke, the fire alarm ____________ (go) off .

9. The ________ (locate) of my new house is very good.

B) 根据汉(英)语写出下列词(组)。( 5 分)

视觉 __________ 保持平衡 ___________ 写作文 _____________ 小心 _________ 爬山 __________ fall down __________ mobile phone __________ show up___________ next to ___________ Mind the step ____________


( )1. All the people in the village could make shoes , but didn’t wear their own


B. oneself; one D. themselves; them A. himself; none C. themselves; they

( )2. Mary's ruler is much longer than_________ .

A. our B. their C. mine D. her

( )3. —Is________ ready for the journey?

—No. We haven't got a camera. A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

( )4.—Would you like some coffee?

—Yes, please. By the way,; do you have any milk? I prefer coffee ________milk.

A. from B. with C. to D. for

( )5. Which sentence is wrong?

A. It is two years since Li Lei joined the army.

B. Li Lei has been in the army for two years.

C. Li Lei joined the army two years ago.

D. Li Lei has joined the army for two years .

( )6.----Which sweater do you prefer, the yellow one or the pink one? ----- ____. I like a light blue one.

A. Either B. Both C. Any D. Neither

( )7. That’s very kind

A. of you to say so. C. to D. from B. for

( )8. —How long may I________ the book?

—For two weeks.

A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. buy

( )9. The old farmer was friendly to us and helped us a lot A. for B. since C. when D. during

( )10. We won’t cross the river our stay on the farm. we find a boat large enough.

A. then B. since C. until D. but

( )11. Which part of the body helps us_________ so we do not fall down.

A. hear clearly B. keep our balance C. smell something D. taste something ( )12. gathered in the theatre.

A.Thousand of old soldiers B.Thousands of old soldier

C.Thousands of old soldiers D.Thousands old soldiers

( )13.________your help, I can’t get the information about Hawaii easily.

A. With B. Without C. Under D. Below

( )14.—Excuse me, could you tell me the way to cafe?

— Go straight and take the second turning on the left. You'll see it. Which map is

right ?

( )15. —Which sense sometimes stops working when you have a cold ? —.

A. Hearing B. Smell C. Sight D. Taste

( )16.—How about the movie you saw yesterday?

—Some people think it’s boring; think it’s exciting.

A.others B.other C.each D.another ( )17.—Did the girls have a good time last night?

—No, I don’t think they themselves.

A.enjoyed B.enjoying C.will enjoy D.enjoy

( )18.I think if you’ve lost the library book, you must it.

A.pay for B.spend on C.take D.buy

( )19.He _________ what happened on his way to school this morning .

A.told B.said C.described D.asked

( )20.—I don’t know what subject I should choose.

— take the English history?

A.What about B.Why not C.Why don’t D.How about IV.完形填空:(共15小题,计15分)

A)阅读下面对话,根据上下文从所给的10个词语中选择7个并用其适当形式填入空中。 (impossible,make,minute,do,important,hour,understand,well, excuse,friend)

Keep Your Word

Do you keep your word?Keeping your word is very. In this way,people around you will get along with you.

In order to make friends and keep them,you have to keep your word,if you promise to meet someone at a certain time,you should be at the appointed(约定的)place and at the appointed

(3) .Of course there are times the unexpected(意外事)happens and you can't do what you have promised to do.Your friends will.

A person who is always makingfor breaking his word will soon be known as undependable(不可靠的).Would you like to have an undependable person as one of your best

(6) ?

One way to avoid(避免)breaking your word is to be more careful about

(7) promises.Don't have“Maybe”on your mind when you make promises about what you are going to do.


What is“good music”?No one can s.There are many iabout this.A few people think that few kinds of music are good music.They say that any music is good music if it says sMany people think that t.They fthrough the years.It is sto see that the same piece of music is a different thing to different people.But almost everyone bif they like it,then it is good music.



Kate Brown lives at 1120 Green Street, London. Her telephone number is 2100271. She is going to invite her best friends, Judy, Jeffery and Leo, to dinner on December 25. She is looking for a suitable place. Here is an article she got from the Internet.

Dine with Wine

If you choose our restaurant, you can choose between different menus. You may enjoy three courses and a glass of wine for $15 a person, or two courses and a half-bottle of wine for $20 a person. So whether you are ladies, a group of friends or a couple who love good food and wine, this offer is a good one. You may email us at when you want to book a table days before. You should pay 20% of the bill using your credit card when you make the reservation(预约;保留).

Mrs Brown liked the restaurant and the second choice on offer. She used a new email address() to book a table. She needs your help to fill in the table below. 根据以上短文内容填表格,请为Mrs Kate Brown预定一张桌子。(5分)

Dine with Wine

1. Address ________________ 2 . Day _____________

3. Tel _____________ 4 . Email address _____________

5. How much does she need to pay for booking a table?



hours. Its Fees are cheap. A fifteen-year-old child free.


My name is Ann Ward. I am fourteen years old .I live with my parents in Guangzhou now .We live at 18 Peace Garden .We are from America. I study at Guangzhou Junior High School .My father is Philip Ward .He is tall , thin with big blue eyes. I look like my father. I’ve got two big blue eyes. My father is a manager. He works for the Coca-Cola Company in China. My mother is Jane Ward .She is fat with long fair hair .She is kind to me .I love her. VI.看图填空。(10分)

It’s Sunday today. It’s a fine day. We don’t go to school .Some students (1) I go for an outing.

We’re very happy when we come to the countryside (农村) .There is a river in front of us.

We(4) nine students altogether(一共).Lin Tao and Zhang Hua want to boat .(5) !They are (6) now.

Liu Dong says to Han Mei,“Let’s(7) the kite.” Han Mei says ,“OK!” They begin to run .Now the kite like a bird is flying in the sky.(8) nice it looks!

The others and I like swimming .We (9) into the river and begin to swim .We are very (10) at swimming.



1. 书面表达应包含图片内所有内容。

2. 词数:80词左右。

3. 生词提示:拐杖 walking stick 香蕉皮 banana skin


A) 1. A. The girl likes spring. B. The girl likes skating. C. The girl likes winter.

2. A. Mr. Smith works in a hospital. B. Mr. Smith works on a farm.

C. Mr. Smith works in a school.

3. A. Mr. White is reading a newspaper. B. Mrs. White is reading a newspaper.

C. Mrs. White is reading a book.

4. A. The box is so heavy. B. The box is very small. C. The boy is so heavy.

5. A. It's snowing outside. B. It's raining outside. C. It's windy outside.

(1-5 CCBAB)

B) 6. Which would you like, a cup of tea or a cup of milk?

7. Who taught you English?

8. Where was the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors built?

9. Thank you for helping me with the housework.

10. Have you ever been to Canada?

(6-10 CBCAB)

C) 11.M: What did you do last Sunday?

W: We went to West Lake.

M: Did you go there by bus?

W: No. Mum doesn't like travelling by bus, so we took the train.

Q: How did they get to West Lake?

12.M: Is Miss Gao a good teacher, Kate?

W: Yes, she is a wonderful teacher.

M: Do you like her class?

W: Yes, I do. I like it a lot.

Q: What does Kate say about Miss Gao?

13.M: How long have you lived in the house, Mrs. White?

W: Twenty years.

M: Twenty years! That's a long time. Why do you want to sell it?

W: Because I want to buy a smaller one in the countryside.

Q: What kind of house does Mrs. White want to buy?

14.W: Are there enough apples for all of us?

M: No, there is only one apple, but there are enough bananas, Mrs. King.

W: Is there enough tea?

M: Yes, there is.

Q: What does Mrs King want to know?

15.M: Would you like to join us for a walk along the river, Miss Green?

W: What a nice way to spend a hot day!

Q: What does Miss Green mean?

(11-15 CABCA)

D) A rich farmer in England once had a friend who grew very good apples. One day this friend gave the farmer a young tree and told him to go home and plant it. The farmer was pleased with the present, but when he got home, he did not know where to plant the tree.

At last he planted the tree in a place where nobody could see it. But the tree could not grow without sunlight, and finally it died. When the farmer's friend heard about this, he got very angry and asked the farmer why he had planted the tree in such a bad place. "I was afraid that others would take the apples if I planted it in a place where everybody could see it." (16-20 ACBBC)

II.A ) audience, pleased, carefully, consists of, really, easier, went, best, location, dead

B ) ( 略)

III. 1-5 CCACD 6-10 DACDC 11-15 BCBCB 16-20 AAACC

IV. 1.important 2.well 3.hour 4.understand 5. excuses 6.friends 7.making

8.say 9.ideas 10.something 11.time 12.find 13.last 14.strange /surprising 15.believes

V. 1.1120 Green street, London 2. December 25 3.2100271 4.

5.$12 6.opens 7.Sunday 8.twelve 9.five 10.to C.略

VI.1.and 2.There 3.river 4.have 5.Look,

6.boating(rowing) 7.fly 8.How 9.jump 10 .good

VII.One possible version:

A blind man was walking slowly with a walking stick. Suddenly he heard a boy crying behind him. That boy feel on the ground because he stepped on a banana skin. The blind man turned to the boy and said: “Don’t cry. Let me help you.” Then he helped the boy up and carried him on his back. They boy, in his turn, began to tell the blind man the way. They helped each other happily.

The story shows that all of us should help each other.

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